Pirate101 Tartarus: Through Death’s Door

A strange call from Vadima all of a sudden to search for the spirit voices of our parents from the mysterious crystals in Kane’s machine. But is it only to figure that matter out? That’s what we’re going to find out.

Welcome to the biggest test realm of storyline contest for Pirate101 since Valencia II, pirates! It’s been a while.

This update a Pirate10 Tartarus version, new Hades gearsets and accessories along with Music Player feature to play your favorite world themes in your house. Full Update Notes can be found here.

You may think the update is small, but it isn’t. The main focus in this update is in the storyline content given and let me tell you, you’ll absolutely love it.. Without any further introductions, let’s get going.


Upon speaking to Vadima, she sends you to Aquila to investigate the truth behind seeing the spirits of your parents. And you get to have a great Aquila cliché (Yes.. One of these where you have to go do this and do that for a character to reach your goal like the old days of questing in Aquila). However.. It’s a bit interesting this time as soon as you meet Orpheus..

If you played Wizard101 before and have done Tartarus in Wizard101, Orpheus was looking in the fallen Tartarus city of Pompeii for his lover Eurydice:

Orpheus’s dialogue from Wizard101

However, no details further were mentioned and you don’t help him in Wizard’s story set of events when you meet him in Tartarus.

In Pirate101’s Tartarus, Orpheus escaped the underworld, his lover is trapped and you basically help him so he can help you towards summoning Hades to help you get to Tartarus (Which will require collecting an Obol, a horn and a plant called Thyme that you’ll deliver to his lover in Pompeii). You’ll be facing trolls, centurions and even Vultures like old days! But I won’t give any further details about that to keep it as a surprise.

General Arganon

General Arganon is the second boss you’ll encounter in the intro to Tartarus storyline. You need to defeat him for the Obol. This boss drops the pair of boots set for Hades’ gear. That’s the only important boss out of the 2 you’re going to fight. You first fight the Trollchief Brogos, who neither drops anything interesting nor has special cheats or mechanics. The fight against Arganon also has no cheats nor anything else particularly special beyond his drops, which will be discussed later.

On your way to Tartarus in Pirate101

After collecting all the requirements to help Orpheus and to summon Hades’ at the great temple, Hades’ refuses to let you into Tartarus after realizing that the son of Zeus, Hawkules, is with your company… He angered Hades’ too much by messing with his doggy guard, Cerberus!

At this case, you get to find another way which is basically meeting another poet friend of Orpheus to get you into Tartarus, his name is Virgle. Virgle helps in assisting you further to get there but this time, won’t be with giving an offering to Hades, but using the backdoor of Tartarus.. Charon, the loyal ferryman of Hades has a skiff that can help you travel to the underworld of Tartarus.


Going there won’t be easy as you might know or might not know, mortals can’t go to Tartarus just like that. Here, Old Scratch becomes useful to convince Charon in a way to let you in.

The Underworld of Tartarus

Tartarus is a part of Aquila, but this is no doubt the shadiest part of the underworld of Aquila that you can find, yes. It’s not the Vault of Mysteries in Delphos where you traded 5 years of your pirate’s childhood memories.. But Tartarus. A gloomy, dark place filled with sadness and empty filled with no sign of hope or life.

Once you enter to Tartarus you’ll have the main entrance guarded by a familiar face: Eagilles. Do you remember him? The triumphal feast to break into Troy? Yes it’s him! You’d think a lot hasn’t changed in 10 years but in fact.. Things have changed.

Apparently, Eagilles was defeated in battle and all what is left from him is his shade that Hades has put his hands on and recruited to be one of his cronies.

Eagilles Shade

Things to keep in mind:
  • Eagilles has Relentless 5 Second Chance 5 Bladestorm 5 (An insane combo where melee classes won’t have the best time fighting him)
  • Guards have Elusive 2 and packed with First Strike 3 and quite decent weapon damage
  • All enemies carry at least 1 copy of the power “Cloak and Dagger”

In this fight, we highly recommend using at least a Musketeer companion with you as ranged units are more suitable in such a fight. Melee might struggle as the stats these enemies carry are much higher than yours. Additionally, Blood flames and Old Scratch’s buffs works as a very viable option as well.

Stheno’s Hall

After defeating Eagilles, you get to proceed into the gates of Tartarus itself, where you’ll face Stheno the Medusa, in order to pass to the next entry gate, you need to pass her riddle test about the legs of Sphinx

The answer to this one is going to the maze hall with “III”, which means the Sphinx has never walked on 3 legs

Going into any of the other 3 mazes will result in summoning a Manticore with 20k health.

As annoying the fight may be, you may have a chance at being rewarded with Cerberus’ Collar, which comes with an interesting combo of talents that you’ll be seeing later on in the article.

Who’s a good boy? 

Like in Wizard101, Cerberus awaits after you proceed from Stheno’s Hall. Have no fear though, unlike in Wizard101 Tartarus, you’re not going to fight Hades’ loyal dog. Hawkules knows how to tame him well. Instead, you’ll proceed to Hades’ Hallway where Hades’ and Death himself will await you after defeating the guards of Hades.

For the guards fight, it was a regular walk in the park, a regular mob fight with nothing of note. However, after this fight, you get to meet Death himself in his special office in the underworld of Tartarus to learn more about the truth of the spirits of your parents that you’ve encountered..

You learn eventually that the work of such thing is from someone that knows Death.. But in order to know where they are and what type of such character are they, you need to do a favor for Death (Who, mind you, wasn’t so pleased to know that you figured out where he’s staying) in order to do so, which leads to defeating 2 bosses in Pompeii and destroying 6 Snake alters.

2 of the alters are guarded by a boss, the first one you meet is The Wild Hunter and the second is Alecto the Harpy.


The Wild Hunter

This boss doesn’t have anything special in regards of cheats or difficulties, it’s the normal fight that you can think of and imagine. Note that these witchdoctor enemies have basic attacks that cover a 3×3 area, which will give you a headache. In the video above, I’ve attempted to do it with a team of Buccaneer units to kill them asap.

This boss is known for dropping an accessory that I’ll be placing in the drops section later on in the article.


Alecto is a Harpy boss fight that comes with 3 Swashbuckler enemies along with Alecto that is a Buccaneer boss and it’s a little bit as annoying as Shade Eagilles.

Keep in mind:

  • Alecto carries a Reckless Frenzy
  • Swashbuckler mobs of Alecto are packed with high weapon power and dodge, making it annoying for melee classes and units to defeat them

Ranged classes are able to finish this fight with no issues most time and we recommend carrying ranged units with you for this fight. Even easier, you can run Blood flames and Scratch buffs which are much more efficient because of how small the battleboard is.

Alecto drops a set of Hades’ gear outfits that I’ll be showcasing in the drops section.


Upon defeating Alecto, you’ll find out that you had an old friend from the old days trapped in Pompeii with you, which is Theseus! That’s right. He helped us defeat the angry Minotaur in Labyrinth. Turns out he was helping a friend to meet Zeus who was in Tartarus back in the time to propose to his daughter. Guess Tartarus isn’t just for immortals after all, heh?


After doing the favor Death has asked for.. He spills more beans about what we were here for, the character or the person that has more power beyond Death himself and made you see the ghost of your parents was a Necromancer. A powerful Wizard.. From a dead world not far away. Could this be our Wizard character? Someone else with a giant staff and looks shady that wanted to wake the Dragon Titan of Dragonspyre? Who knows..

But after this, you’d need to know where your next spot is but before leaving.. There’s one last thing you needed to do. A favor that Orpheus asks you to do, which is giving the Thyme you collected earlier to his lover, Eurydice!

This was such a great touch from Blind Mew (Pirate story writer) to the love story reference from Wizard’s story events of Tartarus. You deliver her the Thyme as part of the story quest and she takes it, telling you to remind Orpheus that she loves him so much and that she’ll never find a great man as good as him for her. One of the amazing true love triumphs moments that we came across in Pirate101 in my opinion.

Back to Vadima

With this, you take your leave to Vadima again however, not all is unknown. We managed to get a hint on where we are going next. And it’s not any place.. It’s a world. We’re going to Krokotopia next update!

That’s right! You heard it loud and clear, Kingsisle has decided to continue the storyline of this game, and the 2nd arc world starts off with a banger. We’re going to Krokotopia next update and specifically to Anubis’ House!

Personally I’m super excited about this as I LOVE Krokotopia as it’s my Pirate character’s homeland and I’ve been in love with Ancient Egyptian civilization, myths, and an Egyptology myself.

With this, the quest line to Tartarus ends and you get to earn something special for such progress completion which is a cool badge named “The Orpheus Club”. You earn this badge for ascending Tartarus and comes with a very cool badge effect that shows burning flames from the legs of your Pirate character.

Now that we had enough of storyline content let’s get to the part y’all are mostly excited about.. Drops!


For hats, they drop from the Shade Eagilles fight.


Outfits drop from Alecta The Harpy.


Boots are dropped from General Arganon

Accessories are dropped from The Wild Hunter

Totem is dropped from General Arganon

It is said that it’s dropped from General Arganon however, it’s not confirmed yet.

The amulet is dropped from the Manticore in Stheno’ Hall if you solve the riddle incorrectly.

Irontooth Ortherus (Unknown to where it is being dropped as of now).


As a bonus, we’d like to keep you informed that there’s also a new set of housing items as well as Musical scrolls that drop for the Music Player (The bosses mentioned above have dropped Aquila themed scrolls so far).


With the conclusion of this article and also the first week of Test Realm, have you played the new content so far? Which part of it was your favorite?  Have you gotten any drops aside from what is mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • To clarify some missing knowledge, there is also a weapon set obtainable via 2 objectives, 1: dropped by the beast. 2:kill 200 of the tartarus minion of whatever class and obtain the badge allowing they’re purchase in the crown shop

  • Can confirm Irontooth Orthrus drops from The Beast. Just got it.

  • Correction: the answer to the puzzle is 1 not 3!

    • found that one out the hard way

  • I was farming the wild hunter for the mask and got the pet egg from him!

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