Fishing for Code Wands
What They Look Like and How to Get Them

Code wands are legendary items that everyone aspires to obtain. These are items that used to be obtained from special codes that were given out by owners of Wizard101 fansites like this one! Unfortunately, many of those codes are no longer valid. The best way to obtain them now is to fish for them. But it’s not that easy. In this article, you will find out how to fish for these code wands, and how they look on a wizard. Special thanks to Cody, Sierra and Dese for allowing me to show off their code wands.

What do they look like, and what are their names?

There are eleven code wands available from fishing in the game. Listed below you can see what they look like on a wizard with a matching outfit, as well as, the particle effects on the wands.

Blue Raptor

Image from Gyazo

This is the Blue Raptor, and it is one of my favorite code wands. It was originally sent out by Valerian to the users of her website. Not only could it fit with a Myth or an Ice wizard, but the blue shine the blade has is just a perfect color. The grip and handle look great too.

Amaranthine Staff

Image from Gyazo

The Amaranthine Staff was a code wand given out by Paige Moonshade to users of her website. It works really well with Storm or Death Wizards because of its dark colors and pulsing lights. I really love the small gems circling the large gem also.

Galvanic Hammer

Image from Gyazo

This is the Galvanic Hammer, my favorite code wand. It could fit for a fire, death, and maybe even a myth. It was originally given out by The Friendly Necromancer to the users of his website. I love how there is a slight pulse of red on the sides of the hammer, and the occasional yellow sparkle, making it available to myth wizards if they so please.

Fog Staff

Image from Gyazo

The staff shown is the Fog Staff. It was originally given out by Mercanaries101 to their users. This is probably one of the most well known of the code wands, as everyone seems to know it by name. It is very similar to the Amaranthine Staff, but with different colors. It would look great on an ice wizard, and possibly a myth wizard.

Dragonclaw Blade

Image from Gyazo

This is the Dragonclaw Blade, and it was originally given out by… well… us! We used to go by Duelist101, but since then we’ve changed to Final Bastion. It’s a pretty nice item, with a beautiful red pulse blazing in the engraving. Red particles surround this blade. It’s truly great for any school.

Staff of the Querent

Image from Gyazo

This is the Staff of the Querent. Originally, it was given out by the person behind the Petnome Project to its users. It would look amazing for a storm wizard to use. You’ll notice the white rim on the inside of the curved part at the top makes it look like teeth.

Viridian Scepter

Image from Gyazo

This is the Viridian Scepter, given out by the Stars of the Spiral to their users. It looks great for life wizards. The top of the scepter reminds me of a plant or flower, and the pulsating orb is like the bulb of it.


Image from Gyazo

This is the Goldenbeak, a blade given out by Legends of the Spiral to their users. It is obviously perfect for a myth wizard, and maybe a balance or storm wizard. The shine on the sword looks great, and adds to the power it has.

Umbra Blade

Image from Gyazo

This is the Umbra Blade, a sword item given out by the people behind Wizard101 Central to their users. You probably know this website for their expansive Wizard101 wiki and forums page. This is my second favorite code wand, because of its purple glow and dark look, making it great for storm and death wizards alike. Maybe even a myth wizard could take advantage of the yellow glowing rim near the grip of the blade for their outfit.

Staff of the Imperator

Image from Gyazo

This is the Staff of the Imperator. It was originally given out by the people behind Spiral Radio 101 to their listeners. It looks a lot like a staff you can obtain from defeating Ra, a wooden skeleton key boss in Krokotopia, and, in my opinion, feels a bit less magnificent compared to the other code wands. This looks good on an outfit that is orange and yellow, and clearly fits a balance wizard.

Warpwood Wand

Image from Gyazo

The Warpwood Wand was originally given out by Ditto Monster to users of his website. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to add new content to his site. The wand is still pretty cool, though, with a nice wood design that reminds you of Zafaria.

So how do I fish for them?

There are multiple methods to fishing for code wands. The method I’m going to show you will require you to have done all the fishing quests through Wizard City to Dragonspyre. Be ready, because this next part is going to cost you some serious gold. Here are the spells you’ll need to buy from fishing trainers:

  • Train Summon Fish and Charm Fish from Frode Silverscale in Grizzleheim – Northguard.
  • Train Winnow Death Fish from Timor Flamecaster in Dragonspyre – The Necropolis – The Labyrinth.
  • Complete the fishing questCatch ‘Em if you Can from Yuri Smokesnare in Dragonspyre – The Atheneum and obtain the spell Banish Sentinels 1. This will also give you the badge “Dragonspyre Angler.”
  • Train the fishing spell Common Repose Lure (Rank 3 Death) from Yuri Smokesnare in Dragonspyre – The Atheneum.  

The Fishing Spot

After you get what you need, you must go to the optimal fishing spot for code wands, which is the Elephant Graveyard in Zafaria. For some reason or another, you are more likely to get chests from fishing in the Elephant Graveyard in Zafaria then other places. These chests are our source of code wands. So, now that you have everything you need, how exactly do you fish for them?

Magical Fishing!

There are multiple methods to fishing for code wands. One includes fishing for ice sentinels, but we’ve decided to go for the one below since it doesn’t require access to Azteca.

For our fishing strategy, you’ll want to cast your spells in this order:

  1. Use Winnow Death Fish, since there are so many in these waters.
  2. Cast Banish Sentinels 1 to eliminate pesky Sentinel fish trying to ruin your catch.
  3. Use Charm Fish to bring all the fish in the area towards you, so they get out of unreachable spots and so you don’t have to walk around everywhere and waste time.
  4. Catch the fish with your Common Repose Lure. These fish are not low level, so you need a powerful lure like this one to catch them.
  5. When all the fish are gone, use Summon Fish to reset the fishing area. Trust me, they’ll disappear fast, and you’ll need this spell.

An alternative technique is casting Buoy Chests 1, then catching the Sentinel fish in the same pond. These are Ice, Rank 1.

When should I fish?

Because of the fact that your energy will deplete very quickly when fishing for code wands, it’s recommended to wait until fishing member benefits to fish for code wands. Of course, if you have a lot of crowns to spare or got some free energy elixirs using Grub Guardian, then energy won’t be much of a problem, but for most of us who don’t have the crowns to pay for energy gear, waiting for these member benefits is your best bet.

This is my wizard, wearing gear from the Mystic Fishing Bundle.


But my fishing level is too low! How do I gain levels quickly?

You will get the most exp when you catch a fish for the first time. So your best bet to level up quickly is to start catching fish in areas you’ve never fished before, so you’ll get fish you’ve never caught. Additionally, if you or a friend has the Private Fishing Retreat, it has fish from all over the Spiral, making it great for leveling up, since you’ll be getting so many new kinds of fish.

I wish you the best of luck for getting code wands, and for getting the spells required for code wands! Happy Fishing!

What code wands do you own?
Is there a code wand that escapes your grasp?
Let us know in the comments!

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  • Loved your work. I was fishing on these locations EG (Elephant Graveyard), BC (Baobab crown) and even BM(Baobab market) in ZF and was having luck on getting the wands I wanted minus umbra blade as of yet. I seem to have better luck in BC or BM yet general to normal luck in EG when fishing for these wands. Once you get the code wands of whichever type, they seem to drop at least 2 or 3 times over. I would recommend hopping into a perfect realm (crowded realms works too) if you in EG, fishing either death fishes only which is slower process or only ice sentinels which is faster. If you are fishing BM, I would just fish for the ice sentinels. If fishing in BC, I would recommend fishing only life fish. I’m a death wizard so I was in vampire realm when I got my fist code wand which was amaranthine staff in EG, no fishing gear or fishing elixir included for a first timer.

    • Also, do the fishing quests to get buoy chest. Fish during free membership time and good luck 😊. Finally got umbra blade in BC under the realm of ambrose which was crowded.

  • I used buoy chest and attract fish and then fished the sentinels this previous weekend when there was no energy fishing. I got all of the wands but 2: golden beak and staff of the imperator. I even got duplicates of some. I was going for the umbra blade to complete my gear stitch so I’m super happy.

  • Has anyone had any success with this method?

  • i farmed it for a while and i think sentinel fishes (Ice) have the highest chance of dropping a chest.

  • Great guide! But one correction though:

    Death fish are not more likely to get chests, it’s completely random.

    The reason most people use winnow death fish is because most of the fish in the area are death fish (since it’s in a graveyard) and you’d remove not too many fish in the area while also not having to search what school the fish is.

    This is a great guide for when there is no member thing out.

    I’ve found that the best time to fish for code wands is during the unlimited thing. This is because you can just use an ice lure and pull sentinels. Because the fish schools don’t determine whether or not you get a chest, that’s the fastest way since sentinels don’t spend time “finding your life” and also get caught with just one tap on the fishing spell.

    Great guide nevertheless!

    • Thank you for the correction, Farrukh! I’ve edited the article to fix what is incorrect.

  • Would the buoy chests spell help?

    • Yes, very much so. Buoy chests also serves as a way to reset the fish in that location as well.

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