The Art of Stacking
Charms & Wards in Wizard101

Up against one of the Spiral’s toughest bosses? Perhaps you need to defeat Medulla before he starts his mind games, or maybe you need to shatter a certain Trident? This article will help with just that! If you aren’t familiar with those names I just mentioned, it is probably due to them being higher level bosses that you haven’t encountered yet. We already have created guides for each of them, but if you take a look at each, you’ll need to employ a certain tactic to ensure an efficient victory – charms & wards stacking.

This article, as you can imagine, is aimed more towards higher level encounters, as blade stacking isn’t that much of a requirement at lower levels. Let us delve deep into a particular example depicted in the above guides – the Trident. In Patrick’s strategy guide linked above, you need to defeat the boss by doing an attack that does overtime damage of around 40,000 damage per tick. This is achieved by putting around 13 charms (blades) on the hitter– an extremely daunting task, given that your foes know Earthquake and Glowbug Squall. Thus, you need to blade stack and you need to do it fast!

One might say, “how on earth will I get that many blades?” and we don’t blame you for thinking that. However, in this article we will learn how easy it actually is to get that many and perhaps even more! Let’s take a look…

Different Types of Charms and Wards

The idea discussed here works for both charm & ward stacking (blades and traps), but you will notice me pulling the focus more towards charms. The concept is very similar, so if you understand one, you will get the other. Below, I’ve illustrated an example with one of the most common charm spells – BalanceBlade. Keep in mind that what you are about to see below can be applied to almost any charm available to wizards and witches alike! This includes each and every school blade, Tri-Blades, Bladestorm, Dark Pact and more. Simply imagine the possibilities!


These are the charms we learn by default from our school. Thus, you will only have access to one – your main school’s blade.

Sharpened Blade & Potent Trap

These are amazing and life saving spells obtained from Azteca’s Sun School Trainer at level 86 upon completing the quest “Turn Up the Sun”. They can be used combined with your regular charms and wards. The end result is an enchanted version of the regular spell that does +10% more.


Pet Card

These are special item card variants of regular spells that are granted to you only through pets, as you can see below on the ever-so-useful Gobblerball.


Pet Sharpened Blade

Some pets also provide you with a Sharpened Blade card, which stacks on top of a regular Sharpened Blade. This results in in two different enchanted versions of the charm in question. Potent Trap is not available on pets as of now.

Item Card

Item cards, as the name suggests, are cards provided to you from gear (and not pets). Something one should note is that card giving jewels don’t stack with other item cards i.e. item cards and jewel cards are the same thing, provided they apply the same percent blade. The below jewels make it simply too easy to have another blade option.

Don’t forget about gear that gives DragonBlade instead of the regular BalanceBlade. While these spells may look the same, believe me, they are not!


Item Sharpened Blade & Potent Trap

Sharpened Blade and Potent Trap also come on gear, meaning yet another variation of an enhanced blade or trap. A very common and easy option for this is the Jewel of the Apiary.


Treasure Card

A very obvious variation that we haven’t gotten to yet! Additionally, they are also easy to get from TC vendors around the Spiral, although they may be a bit costly.


Treasure Card Sharpened Blade & Potent Trap

Yep! Sharpened Blade and Potent Trap also come as treasure cards. Be careful, though! They are currently very rare to get, as they are only available through creature drops and select plants.


Pack Treasure Card

This one is quite tricky, and perhaps lesser known, method. Charm and ward treasure cards obtained through packs will stack with all of the above listed options. The trick here is noticing the specific pack symbol on the left hand side of the spell image.



Pro Tips & Tricks:

  • When you need to stack charms and/or wards, always go for your school’s blades, tri-blades (Elemental and Spirit Blade), and feints as they are the easiest and most universally accessible. Combine them with Sharpened Blade and Potent Trap along with Treasure Cards and you have buffs for days!
  • Pack treasure cards from different packs stack together as well. For example, a Spirit Blade from the Elven Nightmare Pack and a Spirit Blade from the Nightmare Pack all stack with a trained spirit blade. Always check the symbols on the treasure cards!
  • Aegis, Indemnity and Cloak won’t stack with other charms and wards. They are considered a regular version of the charm/ward.
  • Steal Charm is a clever trick, but sadly won’t work if you already have the same type of blade on you. For instance, stealing a regular Storm Blade while having one already on you is no use.
  • If you are after a particular pet item card, don’t forget to check the Hatchmaking Kiosk. The Gobblerball and Enchanted Armament live there.


Item Card & Pet Card Sources

There are too many sources for Item Cards available to us wizards, which makes this next part way too complicated! Thus, I will need all of your help! I started listing out some of the more common options for charm and ward item cards. The aim is to turn this into a community project, where anyone with info can pitch in and provide their findings. Leave a comment or send an email with some good item card options, and we will listen and credit you below!


Dworgyn’s Havoc Hood

Source: Professor’s Hoard Pack

Grizzleheim Crafted Hats

Crafted from Carax Strongthread in Sudrilund, Grizzleheim

Thanks to The Gaming Zeuz

Shard Warrior’s Helm

Source: Jewel Crafter’s Bundle




Wizard City Underground Boots

Dropped & Crafted from WC Underground


Zeus Exalted Scepters

Dropped from Zeus Exalted Ultra Dungeon

Thanks to AviusFaust

Trickster’s Lying Bow

Dropped from Raven’s Hoard Pack or Eirikur Axebreaker in Winterbane

Thanks to AviusFaust

Hammer of the Stone Sky

Crafted from Ingulf the Growler in Vestrilund, Grizzleheim

Thanks to AviusFaust

Hands of Fate Weapons

Obtained from Deckathalon Events

Thanks to AviusFaust


Moon’s Glow Jewel

Source: Quest rewards from Khrysalis’ finale

Last Wood Defender’s Jewel

Source: Dropped from Ghost Dog in Shadow Palace, Khrysalis

Jewel of the Apiary

Source: Dropped from several creatures in Khrysalis & Available at the Bazaar

Jewel of the Feint

Source: Available in the Bazaar

Shango’s Amulets

Source: Sold by Marwa Jadetusk in Baobab Market

Charm of the Black Pearl

Source: Available in the Bazaar

House of Scales Amulets

Source: Lower Zigazag Wooden Chest

Brood Mother’s Lavalliere

Source: Balor the Broken Fang (Galleries)

Great Wild Wood Pendant

Source: Major Avalon bosses (Black Annie, Young Morganthe)

Morganthe’s School Amulets

Source: Morganthe in the Shadow Palace, Khrysalis

Omen’s School Mastery Amulets

Source: Omen Stribog in River of the Frozen Tears, Polaris

Witch’s Star Necklace

Source: Last two fights in Nastrond, Wintertusk


Dual XBlade Jewel

Source: Various major bosses in Polaris & Jewel Packs

XBlade Jewel

Source: Jewel Triangle Blossom & Jewel Packs


Enchanted Armament

Source: Gladiator Dimachaerus in Mount Olympus, Aquila


Source: Babbling Meints in Caterwaul Canyons, Mirage

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  • The Universal and Balance Vanguard/Dragoon Hats give a Mass Hex card

  • I actually figured this one out on my own: Daybreaker and Nightbringer enchanted blades and traps stack! This applies to literally everything – not only blades and traps, but also guiding light, brilliant light, all debuff spells (bad juju, weakness, plague, etc.), shields, and even attacks that have added effects! The shield from Athena Battle Sight, the windstorm from Queen Calypso, the Juju from Efreet, the debuffs from Loremaster, and the list goes on!

  • Seal team robes give “cloaked” blades, you could add those to the bottom-most item list

    • and for the wands:
      Zeus exalted challenge drops wands that give hex and elemental/spirit traps
      lvl 56 crafted wintertusk wand has bladestorm (useful for bosses that remove blades from receiver)
      And the hands of fate wand(s) from deckathlon event, those give variety of blades
      +Wand from raven’s hoard pack (or dropped winterbane) gives iceblade

      • Lvl 56 hats also give a school blade

      • Updated with your suggestions. Many thanks for the info!
        Also, cloaked blades sadly don’t stack with others :/

  • Ha not bad; most people have the 1 in a One Million Badge. I got mines years ago using Judgement //

  • There are also the school blade and the dual school blade jewels. This article is outdated but it still have some relevant information:

    • Those fall with “item card blades” and I listed them in the Jewels section in the bottom part 😉

  • another pet i’d recommend are the school class pets as they not only give a blade but also an item sharpened (and a shield for good measure)

    as far as wands the first the comes to mind is the sword of kings with the +10% school traps

    you can’t forget about the fatesailor’s exalted steel (athame) that gives an item feint as well ^ – will update if anymore come to mind

    • also item card feints from pets such as spring chicken, the sinbad gryphons etc
      feinting spell jewel & talent (pet only)

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