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Mount Olympus
Level 30 Dropped Gear Guide

Mount Olympus remains to date one of the most popular farming spots in Wizard101. Within you will find a tough challenge that could potentially reap great rewards – defeating Zeus Sky Father! The reward is the level 30 Mount Olympus gear including hats, robes, boots and wands. If you want to check out the Crafted Gear available at this level, see our Aquila Level 30 Crafted Gear Guide!

Sky Iron Hasta Wand

Before we give you a closer look at all the Level 30 gear dropped in Aquila, take a look at this beast:


  • +10% Universal Damage
  • +1 Power Pip at onset of battle
  • Gives 5 cards: Minor Fire Scorch. 85 Fire Damage.

Received by Defeating: Ares Savage Spear – It will be obtained by everyone every time he is defeated even if not all players are in the battle.

Mount Olympus Dropped Senator & Zeus Gear

Senator gear can be obtained from all over the Mount Olympus dungeon and you can get off school gear pieces. This means that a wizard can get any piece of gear from any school. As for Zeus’ gear set it is sadly not the same. The gear only drops from the final fight in Olympus – Zeus Sky Father – and you can only obtain your school gear which actually increases your odds of getting something useful. Check out the gear sets below laid next to each other. You may notice that they are remarkably similar to one another except for the fact that Zeus’ is slightly superior in stats.




Balance Senator’s Set

Senator’s Judicial Laurel

Senator’s Judicial Toga

Senator’s Judicial Shoes

Ares Spear of Destiny




Balance Zeus’ Set

Zeus’ Helm of Authority

Zeus’ Robes of Judgment

Zeus’ Cloudstriders

Zeus’ Bolt of Arbitration




Death Senator’s Set

Senator’s Devious Mantle

Senator’s Devious Toga

Senator’s Devious Sandals

Ares Spear of Havoc




Death Zeus’ Set

Cowl of Zeus’ Ire

Zeus’ Cloak of Fate

Zeus’ Boots of Rancor

Zeus’ Bolt of Gravity




Fire Senator’s Set

Senator’s Radiant Laurel

Senator’s Radiant Toga

Senator’s Radiant Sandals

Ares Charred Spear




Fire Zeus’ Set

Helm of Heavenly Gaze

Zeus’ Blazing Sun Raiment

Zeus’ Boots of Skyfire

Zeus’ Staff of Wildfires




Ice Senator’s Set

Senator’s Mantle of Winter

Senator’s Wintry Toga

Senator’s Wintry Sandals

Ares Spear of Bitter Cold




Ice Zeus’ Set

Zeus’ Veil of Snowfall

Zeus’ Raiment of Flurries

Zeus’ Blustering Footwraps

Zeus’ Staff of Hailstones




Life Senator’s Set

Senator’s Laurel of Truth

Senator’s Stirring Toga

Senator’s Guiding Sandals

Ares Spear of Destiny




Life Zeus’ Set

Zeus’ Galea of Vitality

Vestment of Zeus’ Aegis

Boots of Zeus’ Alacrity

Staff of Zeus’ Immortality




Myth Senator’s Set

Senator’s Poetic Laurel

Senator’s Poetic Toga

Senator’s Poetic Boots

Ares Spear of Valor




Myth Zeus’ Set

Helmet of Zeus’ Will

Zeus’ Armor of Supremacy

Boots of Zeus’ Lore

Zeus’ Falling Skies Staff




Storm Senator’s Set

Senator’s Raincloud Mantle

Senator’s Raincloud Toga

Senator’s Raincloud Shoes

Ares Windstorm Spear




Storm Zeus’ Set

Zeus’ Helm of Tumult

Zeus’ Thunderclap Drape

Zeus’ Thunderstomp Boots

Zeus’ Lightning Striker

Keep in mind that a second chance chest is NOT available after you defeat Zeus, so you simply need to repeat the entire dungeon all over. Having a higher level wizard aid you in farming this level 30 gear will surely speed things up. Good luck in your quest at obtaining the above gear sets!

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  • Yo, which pieces are recommend mixing and matching for fire wizards?

    • There’s not really much to choose from, you have Senator’s and Zeus’ gear, Senator is easier to get while Zeus gear drops only from the last boss but it has better stats.

      • So, full Zeus set is recommended if I can get all three pieces, but if I want to supplement one or two pieces with Senator gear or bazaar gear, that should suffice?

        • That should be enough! I had a similar set up at level 30. Don’t forget the Sky Iron Hasta!

  • Just started the grind and so far all I got was sides thunderbolt which I’m gonna stick with Spear I got from Ares since it’s also really good

  • quick question. im thinking of farming fo the zeus gear with a higher level wizard for my lower level. but i seem to only get gear for my school instead of the school my other wizard is. does the zues gear only drop for your specific school? or am i just unlucky?

    • Can confirm. You can only get the Zeus gear for the school you are playing with. However, Senator gear is dropped for any school.

  • Do you know why there is no chest at the end? I never collected it and every time it’s not there.

  • The Storm Boots feel impossible to get. 18 runs, still no boots.

    • Is it your last piece to collect? Sadly, it is always like that for the last piece. My fire struggled so much to get the robe that I had to over 20 runs for sure. You can do it, good luck!

    • I am having the same issue but with the Storm hood. The drop rate is bad…

    • I got the boots but nothing else. I just finished my 20th run and all I get are Zeus wands and crafting materials.

  • Keep in mind that a second chance chest is NOT available after you defeat Zeus, so you simply need to repeat the entire dungeon all over. Having a higher level wizard aid you in farming this level 30 gear will surely speed things up. Good luck in your quest at obtaining the above gear sets!

  • I even solo it. that is way I spend 30k crowns. sometimes 40k

    • Well it did say there is no 2 chance for level 30< you are thinking about level 90< dungeon I I thought that if I solo mount Olympus < and I I buyed the henchman and I buyed storm I thought it will increase the chances to get the boots.

  • Way can I get Zeus’ Thunderstomp Boots I have spend 30k crowns and I never get it. Can you fix the drop rate for storm plz? the Zeus’ Thunderstomp Boots it’s like 1% or 2% for storm can you make it 50% plz?

    • Hi Stanley,
      while we appreciate you engaging with our articles we do need to point out that we are NOT Kingsisle. Thus, we have no control on any of that. How did you manage to spend so many crowns for that? Last I checked there wasn’t a second chance chest in Mount Olympus.

      • Looks like henchmen

  • Thanks for this information for Zeus’s Gear for all the Schools! very beneficial for me!It’s probably help new players! 🙂

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