Summer Spellwrighting Contest 2021

It’s been a while since we had a Spellwrighting contest, but now that summer is here and Lemuria has been announced it’s time to get creative again! Join our contest to win some exciting prizes!


Create one spell that could be featured in the brand new world Lemuria. 

  • It should have 3 or 4 tiers and 2 branches
  • Your spell must have a utility as a secondary or tertiary effect.

The Contest will run from August 14th until August 21st at 11:59 PM Eastern time.

Winners will be announced the next day on August 22nd.

Your entry should be sent to

Judging Criteria

  • Stick to the Theme – Spells should fit the Lemuria theme, so avoid creating spellwrighting paths for already exisiting spells!
  • Creativity – Be creative, don’t copy someone else’s ideas and don’t reuse already in-game concepts
  • Usefulness – Your spell should find a use within the game, it can’t be clearly outclassed by already existing spell in its school.
  • Graphics – Create your spells either yourself in a graphics software. You can also use our new SpellMaker tool!
  • Balance – Your spell must be balanced, you can read more about spell balancing in this article, our SpellMaker tool also offers a balancing tool to use.


First Place

Blacksmith’s Fjord Bundle

Second Place

10,000 Crowns

Third Place

5,000 Crowns

Four Runner-ups

Marleybone Motorist Pack


Let the Summer Spellwrighting contest begin!

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Wizard101 player since 2012. Stormbreaker is mainly interested in PvE and game’s storyline. Even though he’s not really into PvP, he likes doing tournaments once in a while. Other interest include crafting and fishing for rare items across the Spiral.


  • I tried to click on Image Tab but nothing happened

  • @Stormbreaker. I’m sorry but this imgur system doesn’t work. I have tried for 4 days to get it to work and I can’t get it load ANY images. It’s not very user friendly. It would be preferred if we could upload a picture from computer, but if we have to go the imgur route at the very least let us copy and paste the link. Because you can’t even do that. I also wonder if it’s something to do with the text boxes because I went to write this comment on the Spellmaker page and you can’t click on any field apart from those in the spellmaker. Great idea, and some interesting features, but a tutorial/more detailed instructions on how to operate it would be very appreciated! (No idea how the balance thing is supposed to work).

    • Sorry about that. I know the current way it works is a bit tedious, but it seems to work according to most of the contest entries. I’m working on a better solution for uploading the artworks, copy-paste button is actually something that I made, but due to the security restriction of the browsers it didn’t work. There’s also gonna be a detailed guide for the tool released in near future.

      But for now, are you doing everything correctly? I tried it myself and it works:

  • can i enter this with an european account? (not linked to the US-Wizard)

    • Well the prizes work only on the US server, if you win you won’t be able to redeem them on EU account. But you can still join if you want.

  • Some corrections to the SpellMaker tool’s “balance spell” calculator:

    – AoE is a 1 pip reduction
    – Drain is a 1 pip reduction
    – Shadow Enchanted spells have a different DPP than the regular spells (ex. Death=85, Death Shadow=105)

    Some example calculations

    Call of Khrulhu:
    – 105 DPP
    – 5 pip cost
    – ~ +3.4 damage pip bonus
    – 1 pip reduction (Drain)
    – 1 pip reduction (AoE)
    Damage = 105*(5+3.4-1-1) = 672 (675 actual)

    Winged Sorrow:
    – 105 DPP
    – 6 pip cost
    – ~ +3.4 damage pip bonus
    – 1 pip reduction (Utility)
    Damage = 105*(6+3.4-1) = 882 (890 actual)

    Scion of Death:
    – 85 DPP
    – 11 pip cost
    – 1 pip reduction (Drain)
    – 0 pip reduction (condition)
    Damage = 85*(11-1-0) = 850 (850 actual)

    Dr. Von’s Monster:
    – 85 DPP
    – 9 pip cost
    – 1 pip reduction (Drain)
    – 0 pip reduction (somewhat useless utility)
    Damage = 85*(9-1-0) = 680 (was 680 before players complained due to King Artorius comparison; most 8 & 9 pip spells were boosted due to King Artorius)

    King Artorius (very overpowered):
    – 85 DPP
    – 8 pip cost
    – 0 pip reduction (free pierce utility)
    – 0 pip reduction (free second utility)
    – 0.25 pip reduction (double utility)
    Damage = 85*(8-0-0-0.25) = 659 (was 665 before KI boosted damage due to somewhat useless utility)
    *Works for all school’s DPP (check the first change in the 3rd patch of 2020 test realm)

    • – AOE is 25% reduction not 1 pip
      – Drains don’t have a reduction, they have different base DPP (75)
      – You can enable the shadow enchanted / lore spells’ DPP by clicking the ADV DPP (Advanced Dpp) button
      – Shadow pip equals 3.6 pips not 3.4

      Try enabling the ADV DPP, the numbers should add up to actual spells.

  • If you’re struggling with the theme make sure to check out Lemuria prequests starting with the quest “Old Is New Again”. The spell can be anything related to the world, Old One or Nothing.

  • Hi there excited to participate in this event, when it comes to sticking to the theme of Lemuria, what does that entail as there is not much to really go by. Good luck everyone!

    • I think we’ll be fairly flexible with this given the dearth of Lemuria info compared to other worlds, so as long as one could reasonably argue it’s Lemuria themed, you’ll be fine (ex: don’t make a clearly Krokotopia themed spell)

  • The spell maker won’t let me add my own pictures

    • First you need to make sure the link starts with by opening the image in the new tab. Then type the text after to the spellmaker and press the button.

      • I know that but it won’t let me

        • Do you mean that it won’t let you type?

          • Yes

            • Click on the IMAGE LINK tab first and then try typing.

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