Wizard City Underground Farming Guide

Wizard 101’s newest farming nexus is here. The Underground offers some of the best in new gear, as well as exclusive access to two new spells: Daybreaker and Nightbringer. This underground farming guide will show you where to farm for the reagents, gear pieces, and spellement you need. Happy Hunting!

Alchemical Reagents

Alchemical Extract

The easiest to acquire reagent is also the one you need the most of, possessing a small chance of dropping from mobs, a high chance of dropping from elites, and a guaranteed chance of dropping from bosses. Some great places to farm for extract include:

  • Viggor’s Drake
  • King Detritus
  • Lorekeeper

Alchemical Salts

The second reagent we need in high volume, alchemical salts are slightly harder to obtain. They have a moderate chance of dropping from elites and a high chance of dropping from bosses. Thus, some great places to farm for salt are:

  • King Detritus
  • Viggor’s Drake (Community Selection)

Alchemical Crystals

The rarest reagent and the hardest to obtain, Alchemical Crystals often require concentrated effort to acquire. They are an extremely rare drop from elites, a low drop chance from weaker bosses (such as King Detritus), and a moderate chance of dropping from the “Big Three” bosses- The Devourer, Renegade Druid and Satharilith. As such, the best place to farm these reagents are:

Catacombs Gear

While it is no longer necessary to directly farm this gear due to the recipes now available (for both vanguard and dragoon gear), farming these gear pieces directly on the way to crafting can potentially save you a lot of time, reagents, and sanity. Thus, here are the drop locations for each piece of the Catacombs gear. Remember, the dropped gear is the Tier 2 version-you will still need to craft the Tier 1 gear.

Vanguard’s Hat

Dropped from King Detritus– A fairly easy boss and thus a popular farming location. King Detritus is in the “Abandoned Backyard” instance.

King Detritus Location

Vanguard’s Robe

The Vanguard’s robes drop from the Greggors, a moderately challenging boss fight. This enemy is located in the “Foetid Crypt” instance.

Greggors Location

Vanguard’s Boots

Prince Viggor is the man (or corrupted soul recording-your pick) that you need to see for the boots. He is a moderately difficult boss, about on par with the Greggors. However, he isn’t too difficult with a full team and some planning. Prince Viggor is located in the “Viggor’s Tomb” instance.

Prince Viggor Location

Vanguard’s Athame

This is one of the hardest items to farm and is therefore a top candidate for crafting instead of farming. Why, you may ask? Well the Renegade Druid, the boss who drops it, happens to be one of the toughest fights in the game. Like a challenge? Then he is the one you need to farm for a chance to get the Vanguard’s athame.

Vanguard’s Amulet

Another one of the big three, Satharilith is the boss you want to see if you want a shot at getting the dropped Tier 2 amulet. Thankfully, despite having the hardest name to pronounce, he happens to be the easiest of the Big Three bosses.

Vanguard’s Ring and Vanguard’s Wand

We finally wrap up the Catacombs gear drops at the final boss of the Big Three. Living at the edge of the spiral, it seems the Devourer has ingested both the ring and wand that you need. It’s up to you to make him cough it out. Be warned though, the Devourer is a challenging fight, on par with the Renegade Druid.

Renegade Druid, Satharilith, Devourer Location


Spellements for the spells Daybreaker and Nightbringer are acquired exclusively from the creatures present in the Wizard City Underground. Spellements seem to drop the most from bosses and certain elites. When farming spellements, it is best to look for a creature that is easy to farm so that you can get in as many repetitions as quickly as possible. Keeping this in mind, the best place to farm these reagents is:

  • King Detritus

My Recommendations

Now that we know where to farm for the materials we require, here are my top underground farming locations. Remember, to acquire a specific piece of gear you will need to farm the locations listed above. My recommendation list will simply provide locations I find most efficient generally. Happy Hunting!

General Greyflame(OUTDATED)

As of 1/21/2020-General Greyflame no longer drops spellements, alchemical reagents or the Vanguard’s robe.

King Detritus

Why I farm him:

  • An easy Boss with mostly inconsequential cheats
  • Many players at team up at any given time means you often farm him with a full team
  • Drops Alchemical Reagents
  • Drops Spellements
  • Drops Vanguard’s Hat

King Detritus is arguably the easiest mainline boss in the Wizard City Underground. As such, he is a popular farming location, making it is easy to find a team-up in record time. King Detritus comes with 2 pre-requisite fights. With a random team, he typically takes only about 5 rounds while with a structured team he can be taken out on round 2.


Why I farm it:

  • Has cheats that are more easily dealt with than Renegade Druid or Devourer
  • Frequently drops the rarer Alchemical Crystals reagent
  • Drops Alchemical Reagents
  • Drops Spellements
  • Drops Vanguard’s Amulet

Satharilith is the easiest of the Big Three underground bosses for farming. Therefore, it’s my go-to when I need to farm Alchemical crystals. He also drops spellements and has a chance to drop the Vanguard amulet. We have a guide to a Satharilith speed run right here, so check it out if you want to speed up your runs.

Will you be farming the Underground? Have your own go to spots? Let us know in the comments below

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  • Thanks so much for this! I just got my first ever Max and am having so much trouble finding where to farm! Thanks a million!

  • Total bummer about Greyflame especially since double reagents weekend is here. Farming for Dragoon gear was insane with Greyflame in play. Now it’s just ridiculous.

  • As of the 1/21 update, General Greyflame no longer drops any crafting reagents…

    • I can comfirm this, much to my own chagrin.

    • Oof, thanks for the info

  • Might also be worth noting that you can by transmutes for salts a cystals making getting the extracts the hardest part due to needing so many per piece

  • Whats the best place to farm for alchemical crystals

    • I find Satharilith is an easy farm for crystals. However, if you are bulk farming then even General Greyflame can be a good source(her crystal drop rate is low but when bulk farming you will get some by chance due to sheer volume)

  • Nice! Very helpful article

  • May I add – whispering sepulcher (Drake) is also a pretty neat place for salts. Take that with the impressive amount of extracts you get from that also.

    • Agreed, the Drake is, in my opinion, the best place for salts and extract.

    • Druid is hard? Oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize that at all since I’m using a (word removed by editor) strategy on him and never have a hard time beating him. All you need is 3 hitters, 1 tanks and hitter spam aoe, fees, port to tank, repeat, 7-9 rounds later its gg. Just make sure on the final round before you kill the druid all members are there.

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