Through the Spiral Door

Truth be told, I wasn’t quite sure how to start this article. Final Bastion and its predecessor, Duelist101, have been an important part of my life for many years. These sites have given me the opportunity to explore dozens of different topics, share ideas and have fun with staff and readers alike. I’ve made a lot of friends as a result of my time here and I have so many treasured memories. That’s why it’s a bit surreal that I find myself typing a farewell.

Through the Spiral Door - Eric StormbringerI would like to thank all the current and former staff of Final Bastion who made my time here an integral part of who I am. A big shout-out to all the current staff including: Dawny whose leadership saw us through a major transition and made the site bigger and better than ever before. Charlie, my partner in crime and someone who I can trust to do the math. Cody and Matthew for putting up with my constant typos and less than aesthetic chunks of text. Patrick and Sierra- the strategic geniuses of the house without whom many of our guides simply would not be possible. Termangent, who I’m fairly sure is Batman. James Earthwalker and Immortal Slayer- my fellow lore aficionados. Jigglypuff for always making me laugh and Jeremy and Ravino for when I need well-thought through analysis of different systems. Logan has helped keep my passion for Pirate101 alive with his passion for the game and I’ve enjoyed NinjaPikmin’s Pirate PvP insights. Finally, I know I’m leaving Final Bastion in good hands with Blaze, Stormbreaker, Tor and Nightwraith and I look forward to seeing them take Final Bastion to new heights.

Through the Spiral Door - Eric StormbringerThrough the Spiral Door?

Not to worry though, I’m not leaving the Spiral scene. In fact, my new role has me working backstage! I am incredibly grateful to be able to announce that I have accepted a position at Kingsisle/Gamigo as a Systems Design Intern. I’ll be working closely with Leah, Kayly, Ratbeard, Mattnetic and the rest of the team as Wizard101 continues its revamp. There are a ton of exciting possibilities in the future, and I look forward to playing an active role in the game’s future.

I’ll see you around the Spiral!

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Eric Stormbringer

A Wizard101 player since 2009, Eric has always enjoyed PvP at the level cap. Known for his contributions to Storm PvP, Eric is nonetheless knowledgeable about all max level schools, tactics and gameplay styles. Eric loves analyzing the nitty gritty of spell and game mechanics, particularly as they apply to 1v1 PvP and can often be found offering feedback and suggestions on a variety of platforms.


  • awesome news Congratulations!

    • Maybe you can share something with us.

      Sneaky Boy.

  • Nice work, Eric! We’re sorry to see you go, but I can’t think of a better reason! Duelist and FinalBastion are eternally grateful for all your excellent contributions. I’m confidant that soon enough, KI will be similarly appreciative. Best of luck!

  • Woah, an internship at KingsIsle?! That’s awesome! I remember when I would read your articles over and over again years ago when I was in my computer classes in high school. Your articles really helped me gain so much interest in Wizard101 and at the time, Duelist101. I’ll never forget them and more importantly, I never forget you. It was such a fun journey meeting you and working with you on articles and just talking to you in general. I’m excited to see what you do next and I personally can tell you that no one will forget your legacy on Final Bastion and even Duelist101. Thanks for paving the way for newer staff members and contributors to this wonderful site and I hope that whatever path that your life takes you on, it’ll be glorious.

  • Congratulations Eric! Thank you for everything, including trying to teach me how to PvP, teaching me how to mess with stuff on the website, and for being a great friend. I can’t wait to see what you do, and best of luck for the future!


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