Karamelle Spells Analysis

Karamelle is now in Wizard101’s Test Realm! As with any update, some of the more exciting features are the new spells. In this article I will analyze the current iterations of each and every Karamelle spell and provide my thoughts on how they will function in PvP and PvE. Since all these spells come with a spellement path, I will also discuss my recommendations for which branch you should choose.

How do I get my school spell?

Simply pick up the main questline quest from Librarian Fitzhume in the Arcanum and start questing. The spell will be rewarded to you 4 quests in during the “Mole Problems” quest. Also, you will need to have completed Empyrea in order to get access to this quest.

From where do I obtain spellements to upgrade my spell?

Not much is known at the moment about this, but there have been multiple reports of spellements dropping from Karamelle bosses. We will keep you posted on this one as more is revealed.


  • School: Balance
  • Accuracy: 80%
  • Pip Cost: 7 pips and 1 Shadow pip
  • Effect: 800-920 Balance damage to one target and apply a +25% blade to caster or -25% charm to target.

Balance Karamelle Spell 
Spellement Paths


This spell deals 800-920 (860 average) balance damage to a single target. It also will randomly apply either a +25% blade to the caster or a -25% charm to the target.


This spell finds its niche as a solid boss killer. It offers the strongest balance damage of any spell- being beaten only by 11+ pip judgement and a doubled Scion. This spell will certainly see use against non-balance bosses. Its utility is a little more niche and probably won’t see much use in a PvE environment.


This spell is a solid chunk of damage in the PvP arena. It is the strongest balance damage shadow hit and will likely see use as a finisher or burst damage option. It’s utility is more likely to be used in PvP as PvPers are more inclined to use the pre-requisite specific blades, especially in certain match-ups.

Which spellement path?

More damage is probably your best bet for both PvP and PvE.

Snack Attack

  • School: Death
  • Accuracy: 100%
  • Pip Cost: 7 pips and 1 Shadow pip
  • Effect: Shift negative charm to enemy and deal 530-650 Death damage to all enemies.

Death Karamelle Spell 
Spellement Paths


This spell pushes a negative charm from yourself to your opponent and then deals 530-650 (590 average) Death damage to all enemies


This spell is a niche AoE for situations when your Wizard has a pesky virulent plague or efreet weakness on them. This spell will reflect that negative charm back to your target of choice and then attack all enemies on the field. In cases without a weakness, Khurulu is clearly the better choice. However, this spell definitely has its worth(think trash mobs in the Abandoned House).


This spell will see limited use as an Efreet counter. Fire and Balance players will need to be careful playing against Death wizards as a shifted -40%-90% weakness coupled with solid damage is a massive tempo play and in some scenarios could outright decide the match.

Which spellement path?

I would choose the bottom spellement branch if you anticipate farming (especially if fighting in a group) or PvP as the stable number makes it easy to calculate damage while accounting for buffs.

S’More Machine

  • School: Fire
  • Accuracy: 70%
  • Pip Cost: 7 pips and 1 Shadow pip
  • Effect: Deal 960-1080 Fire damage to single target and apply 3 (+15%) Fire DOT traps.

Fire Karamelle Spell 
Spellement Paths


This spell deals 960-1080 Fire damage (1020 average) to a single target then leaves 3 +15% fire DoT damage traps. These traps are unique in that they will only trigger with a DoT, not a burst damage spell.


Another boss killer for the Fire school. This spell does stellar damage- outmuscling the likes of FFA, Sun Serpent and unboosted Scion. The DoT traps can support a teammate who is attacking the same round or can be used to set-up a follow up fire elf or dragon.


This spell is a great damage option that can be used in lieu of FFA if one has the pips. Its combo potential with fire elf and fire wyvern should not be overlooked. All in all, it’s a solid damage option for an offensive school that opens the way for a strong follow up.

Which spellement path?

In PvE, damage is king, and that doesn’t change here. The top branch is undoubtedly better for those who don’t PvP. On the other hand, PvPers may want to consider the bottom branch. A difference of 10% may not seem significant but this DoT fuel would likely end up adding more total damage when combined with a DoT, especially if said DoT is buffed or enchanted.


  • School: Ice
  • Accuracy: 75%
  • Pip Cost: 7 pips and 1 Shadow pip
  • Effect: 790-910 Ice damage to single target and Taunt caster for three rounds.

Ice Karamelle Spell 
Spellement Paths


This spell deals 790-910 Ice damage (850 average) and taunts the caster for three rounds. Due to the new mechanics of taunt- this spell effectively means that enemies can no longer attack any teammate that has less of a threat for 1 round.


This spell deals solid damage, being the most damaging burst hit in Ice’s arsenal outside of 11+ pip snowball barrage. This makes it an ideal spell to use as a boss killer. The added utility means that the Ice Wizard will almost certainly be the target in a team scenario for at least one round, offering passive team protection.


Weaver is back-well at least its damage. This spell deals almost as much damage as the unnerfed weaver-making it a potent damage spike for the Ice school and offering some welcome pip diversity to a school that typically revolves around 5 and 10 pip hits. The taunt effect is situational at best but can save your minion (or a friend in group PvP) for at least one round- enabling some interesting shenanigans if timed well.

Which spellement path?

Ice would most likely benefit from the top branch. While the bottom branch’s 3 turns of taunt is nice- a tanky wizard would likely use their trained taunt rather than such a costly spell. As this spell is one of Ice’s only “big hitter” spells- I believe it is important to maximize its damage.


  • School: Life
  • Accuracy: 85%
  • Pip Cost: 7 pips and 1 Shadow pip
  • Effect: 790-910 Life damage to single target and Pacify on self for three round.

Life Karamelle Spell 
Spellement Paths


This spell deals 790-910 Life damage (850 average) and then pacifies the caster for three round. Due to the new mechanics of pacify- this spell makes the enemy unable to target the caster for 1 round if another target is on the field. This spell serves to protect the Life wizard allowing it at least 1 free round of set-up or recovery if it fails to kill.


This spell offers the largest burst damage potential in a Life Wizard’s arsenal…period. This makes it a potent boss killer that can also serve to protect the life wizard for a round. In a team scenario this spell effectively offers a one round immunity to the caster- allowing them to either pivot back into a support role or to ready a finishing blow.


As Life’s best option for burst damage, this spell will likely see heavy use- competing with the likes of Hungry caterpillar in Ranked PvP. If the Life has a minion on the field, this spell could potentially buy the life at least one round where they cannot be attacked. This hinders some set ups and has some potential to disrupt shrike. Overall, a very solid offensive and defensive option for the school.

Which spellement path?

As with Ice- I believe the right choice here is the top branch. This spell is Life’s heaviest hitter and as such I believe it is important to maximize it’s damage. The pacify path is nice and could see some PvP use with a minion but it is unlikely the opponent will leave a minion alive for 3 rounds while you remain pacified. In PvE, Life is better off using it’s trained pacify rather than one attached to a 7 pip shadow hit.

Tatzlewurm Terror

  • School: Myth
  • Accuracy: 75%
  • Pip Cost: 7 pips and 1 Shadow pip
  • Effect: 465-605 Myth damage to all enemies and 50% chance to confuse enemy for one round.

Myth Karamelle Spell 
Spellement Paths


This spell Deals 465-605 Myth damage (535 Average) to all targets. In addition it has a 50% chance to confuse the target. Confusion works by forcing any spell cast by a confused wizard to assist the opponent (For example if a confused wizard casts a damage spell it may hit the caster or an ally). If a confused wizard attempts to circumvent this by passing- they will nonetheless cast a random spell.


This spell is overshadowed in PvE by Orthrus, but does deal more than Mystic Colossus. The Confuse mechanic is interesting and is unresisted (as far as we know) but it is not a guaranteed trigger. As such this spell will likely see niche use in PvE until it’s spellement path is upgraded.


The spell is much more interesting from a PvP perspective. The fact that it’s an AoE and as such does not deal high damage is a drawback, but the chance to confuse the opponent is definitely a plus. At the very least a confusion acts as an unblockable stun (with upside) which can buy myth some tempo. Yes 30% chance is a bit low but it’s about the same rate as hitting a max wild bolt. If anecdotal evidence of max bolts is any indication then this spell may be more viable than it appears.

Which spellement path?

In PvE- damage is the name of the game and as such I would choose the top branch. This would enable the spell to deal more damage than both Orthrus and Mystic Colossus, making it significantly better than it’s base form. However for PvP I would definitely choose the bottom branch. The chance to confuse has the potential to be an absolute game changer in PvP and the more chance to trigger it-the better for Myth.

Sound of Musicology

  • School: Storm
  • Accuracy: 65%
  • Pip Cost: 7 pips and 1 Shadow pip
  • Effect: 865-1055 Storm damage to all enemies and +45% Storm blade to self.

Storm Karamelle Spell 
Spellement Paths


This spell deals 865-1055 Storm damage to all enemies (960 average) and adds a +455 Storm blade to the caster.


This spell’s high damage means it does have some use in PvE, although bugs is probably still the better option in most scenarios, due to its cheaper cost and stable damage value. The blade utility is mostly irrelevant but does add just a smidge of extra damage to help storm finish off a weakened enemy.


Unfortunately this spell is probably nonviable in PvP. Rusalka’s wrath deals about 400 damage more for one less pip and as such will remain the go to shadow spell for most storm wizards. The utility is very weak and will likely see no use in a 1v1 scenario(the most popular form of Ranked PvP). It will be interesting to see if this spell undergoes further changes as test progresses.

Which spellement path?

I would definitely choose the top spellement branch in both cases. More damage is what you want for an AoE and the utility is so slight that it is mostly irrelevant in both PvP and PvE even when upgraded to 7%.

What do you think of these spells?
Which Karamelle spell is your favorite?
Let us know in the comments below!

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Eric Stormbringer

A Wizard101 player since 2009, Eric has always enjoyed PvP at the level cap. Known for his contributions to Storm PvP, Eric is nonetheless knowledgeable about all max level schools, tactics and gameplay styles. Eric loves analyzing the nitty gritty of spell and game mechanics, particularly as they apply to 1v1 PvP and can often be found offering feedback and suggestions on a variety of platforms.


  • I found this really helpful, however, you may wish to update this guide, since some is no longer true to how the spells work and pip cost. Thanks!

  • This needs to be updated like myth spell starts with 50 percent confuse now

  • I’m depressed about snack attack even lulu still better could of been like a x pip drain or something like ki that lazy asf

  • I would love to see the updated version of this, since several have changed now in Live realm.

    • Keep your eyes peeled 😉

  • I guess the spellement drops will be a part of the endgame farming. It seems more fun than the extract and stuff since you are actually changing spells rather than gear. Fun how it changed so soon after I had to go back to college, but eh.

  • kingsisle needs some new employees if this is what they come up with. most of these spells are terrible period, and the ones that are nice require being upgraded which considering the way they are upgraded, is an option only for 1% of the 1% of the 1% of players who can afford to waste money on packs.

    • Fair enough. I would suggest providing a more constructive opinion if you want to see actual change. Also, till now there is no indication that the spellements for these will be in packs. They are dropping from Karamelle bosses and the devs advised publicly that they increased the drop rates.

  • Is it possible that all spells are aoes based on what the card says? They dont specify if it’s one target or all.

    • They don’t have to specify. We can tell from the symbol opposite to the accuracy. If it is a yellow circle it means it is an AOE.

      That and we tested the spells 😉

  • storm one needs a buff asap.

    • scuse me? storm is the most powerful class in the game, has been since game came out.

    • I got Shatterhorn spellements from Beastmoon hunt event on my storm and when I try to put it in a shared bank it’s say “trade was unsuccessful”. 🙁 So I am stuck with that. 🙁 Spiritual Tribunal had no problem putting in shared bank but this one always say it was unsuccessful after I try to move it ( one by one or entire amount ). So it’s kinda useless getting them from events if this trends continues, only grinding would pay off.

  • 1. Is the Accuracy on the death spell correct? If so 100 base accuracy is op and none of my friends with death wizards are currently on test realm.

    2. Regarding the life spell, pacify doesn’t stop aoes at least currently after trying it in test realm.

    3. The confusion of the myth spell does not work on daybreaker and nightbringer if you are hit with confusion using either one of those spells then you cast a delayed spell it completely nullifies the effect of confusion. Also for some reason confusion stacks with confusion, in turn based pvp if three myth wizards used wurm then when it’s that opponent’s turn they have a 90% chance of confusion at least it shows up that way when you hover the cursor onto them and they are getting confused seemingly a lot more than if it was 30% so we are assuming it’s stacking (please correct me if i am wrong).

    4. The fire spell traps are currently bugged, if you used detonate or a pet may casted incindiate then all 3 traps get used for that dot. In a pvp scenario if you have 7 pips and 1 shadow pip and you casted s’more machine that is potently trapped and the following turn you used a 2 pip heckhound, then that heckhound dot will break all 3 +25% traps if someone used detonate or a pet may casted incindiate which is actually really insane especially with incindiate a 2 pip epic enchanted heckhound without crit did 5797 damage on a 0 resist wizard using a fire wizard with 165dmg. I hope this doesn’t go into live realm.

    • 1) That accuracy is probably a bug

      2)Correct- AoEs will still hit

      3)The confusion mechanics makes sense with daybreaker/nightbringer since you are confused for one round and those spells essentially delay your cast one round. I haven’t tested it but the stacking seems pretty cool.

      4)All of the traps being used for a detonated DoT sounds bugged- I would definitely report that in test.

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