Wizard101 Satharilith
Strategy and Speed Run

Satharilith is a boss located in the Valencia dungeon in the Lower Catacombs. Unlike the previous article on Satharilith, I will focus more on a speed run strategy. However, if you’re not interested in always employing this strategy, the concepts discussed will still prove useful when farming Satharilith. This article will lay out:

Satharilith Strategy

  1. How to speed run this boss (6-7 rounds)
  2. Helpful items/pets for this strategy

Satharilith Strategy – Speed Run

When farming with a well coordinated team, this strategy should take between 6-7 rounds (taking into account the “wizard” minions he summons). There are two ways to do this particular strategy: one using Shadow Shrike and one using Infallible treasure cards. In this piece, I will focus on the TC infallible variant Thus, Rain of Fire is needed for this strategy, since it’s the only known spell to do the DoT despite an active Shadow Sentinel. This interaction between sentinel and DoTs only works with Rain of Fire

Satharilith Strategy Rain of FireTo successfully employ this strategy, you will need 14 blades on your hitter (since we are using a DoT and Satharilith removes feints, traps aren’t optimal). To be more detailed, your support wizards will provide 12 buffs, while the hitter will blade themselves two times, thereby reaching a total of 14 buffs. As discussed above, the school you must have to successfully run this strategy is FIRE.

On the other hand, the three other support wizards can be of any school, although they should all have high resist gear on. However, having Death and/or Balance wizards as support is really helpful! This is due to the fact they can give blades that other schools don’t have access to. Finally, you should have one wizard that has access to Pigsie to heal off any annoying burst damage Satharilith and friends do.

The hitter must have 120+ damage and 20+ pierce. If your wizard has less damage, check out of guide on the Best Level 130 Fire Gear for opportunities to increase it! Or, if you need more 6% pierce jewels to get to 20%+ pierce and have plenty of gold, check out how to get Polished Piercing Jewels for Gold.

Ideal Deck Setups for the Team

Satharilith Strategy Deck 1

Support #1

  • 2x Elemental Blade
  • 1x Sharpened Blade
  • 1x Pigsie
  • 1x Item Sharpened Blade
  • 1x Item BalanceBlade
  • 1x Radical

Satharilith Strategy Deck 2

Support #2 (Death)

  • 1x Sharpened Blade
  • 3x Dark Pact
  • 1x BalanceBlade
  • 1x Item Sharpened Blade

Satharilith Strategy Deck 3

Support #3

  • 1x FireBlade TC
  • 1x Wyldfire TC
  • 1x Dark Pact TC
  • 1x BalanceBlade TC
  • 1x Elemental Blade TC

Satharilith Strategy Deck 4

Hitter (Fire)

  • 2x Epic
  • 1x Sharpened Blade
  • 2x Fire Blade
  • 1x Meteor Strike
  • 1x Rain of Fire
  • 1x Infallible TC

Turn-by-turn spells for the team
(death support and fire hitter)

Round Support 1 (any) support 2 (death) Support 3 (any) Hitter (fire)
1 Normal Elemental Blade Normal Dark Pact TC Dark Pact Normal fire blade
2 Item balance blade Sharp Dark Pact TC Fire Blade Sharp fire blade
3 Item Sharp Elemental blade TC Elemental Blade TC Fire Bubble TC infallible
4 Sharp Elemental blade Item Dark Pact TC Balanceblade Rain of Fire (with epic)
Backup Heal Blade Blade Meteor Strike


Satharilith Speed Run FAQ

What struggles did you have during this fight?

Things can go wrong and you need to prepare for these contingencies! In my experience, I’ve had fights where the enemies cast a plethora of weaknesses, stuns, shields, and even a Shadow Glowbug Squall that removes 3 blades.

Shield casts are only a minor annoyance, as they will be removed by the initial hit of rain of fire. This isn’t a big deal as the damage it does isn’t very relevant. However, if you really want to be cautious, you can put a shatter in your TC deck, as it could be helpful at times.  About the weaknesses… there is a chance Satharilith will cast a weakness on you. Thus, if you want to be as safe as possible, put Cleanse Charm TC in your deck.

How much did things that slow down runs like deaths, stuns, and Glowbug Squall affect you?

It will mostly be a smooth ride, but sometimes you can die. Therefore, you have the aforementioned heal to save a potentially doomed run. However, it may just be better to restart and cut your losses. For me, part of why I had consistently smooth runs was that my pets have may cast Legion Shield and Mass Tower Shield. I highly recommend  these talents for this dungeon as a whole, as it does a great job at sponging up damage with  no effort!

Sometimes I did get stunned, but it’s not a big deal since it’s only going to delay you by 1 round.

As for the bugs removing blades, your jades/support wizards all have an extra blade in their deck, which is generally sufficient to save your run from disaster. Note that since glowbugs removes 3 blades, if an elemental blade is hit, you’ll only have to recast a single blade. However, if it was on 3 unique blades, I recommend first trying to replace them. If you can’t, only then should you restart the battle. However, this situation is very unlikely, so there is no real need to worry.

You’ve done this boss a lot, did you have many failed runs?

Out of the 52 runs I did, I’d say there was maybe 1 time I had to restart or even heal, and even then it was because I forgot to make sure I had full HP on all of my wizards. This is a remarkably consistent strategy.

How were the drops?

Do not expect to get the amulet fast. You could get lucky, but the drop chance is low. Out of 52 runs I got 2 amulets, but since I used 4 accounts simultaneously, the chance of me getting an amulet was x4. That means that out of 208 drops, I got 2 amulets- a REALLY low drop chance.

Helpful Items & Pets

Below are some items you will want to take with you to optimize your runs. Most of the items are pretty easy to get and won’t cost a lot of gold in the Bazaar, but some will cost you more then 10K gold. The pets are mostly non-crown pets and are pretty easy to get in the Hatchmaking Kiosk (such as Ice Wartle, Sun Serpent, Enchanted Armament…). There is at least one pet in the kiosk for every kind of blade/sharpen mentioned in this article below.

FireBlade Pets

  • Blaze Beast
  • Crimsonzilla
  • Fennec Fox
  • Fire Class Pet
  • Ornery Kookaburra
  • Raging Bull
  • Sun Serpent

Sharpen Blade Pets

  • Enchanted Armament
  • Party Corgi

Elemental Blade Pets

  • Bolt Demon
  • Frostfang
  • GobblerBall
  • Ice Wartle

Dark Pact Pets

  • Bunny Mallow
  • Charred Fossil
  • Deathdactyl
  • Regal Skeleton

Other Noteworthy Gear…

  • Jewel of the Apiary (Sharpen Blade & BalanceBlade Item Cards)
  • Shango’s FireBlade Amulet (FireBlade Item Card)
  • Amulet of the Mouse Scout (Elemental Blade Item Card)

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Wizard101 player who greatly enjoys training pets, doing 4v4 PvP battles with friends, questing and making strategies for bosses. Frost can be found running around the game as Adam Jade or Courtney Jade while Quad-boxing and finding new interesting ways to defeat bosses and speed quest through the Spiral.


  • My friends and I found a glitch in this fight. We haven’t seen it posted anywhere else and we’re not sure of the exact parameters.
    We accidentally had the last of our group of 3 join the fight at under 10 sec left on the first round and the intercepts never formed. We have since incorporated this glitch into our farming. Though, if a minion dies the intercepts form.

  • Wouldn’t it be better to do this fight using the Sun Serpent spell? If you target the sentinel minion it kills it and the backend damage will kill the rest. You don’t have to deal with the wizard aspect minions and since it’s not a DoT spell traps like Backdraft could be used and speed up the fight.

  • “Rain of Fire is needed for this strategy, since it’s the only known spell to do the DoT despite an active Shadow Sentinel.” Why is that? Is it a bug or will it stay that way?

    • it is unknown at this time.

    • Rain of fire deals damages even with active sentinel because the minion that cast sentinel dies before it able to intercept the overtime damages. If, in an unlikely events where the minion did not die for some reason, it will then intercept all the DoT. I learn that the hard way 😩

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