Satharilith Overview
Catacombs Finale Part 2

The final dungeon added with the Fall 2019 test realm introduces the mesmerizing Satharilith as one of the final bosses. One encounters this boss in the Lower Catacombs of the Wizard City Underground. This creature remains shrouded in mystery, as we learn about it at the very end of the quest line. If you haven’t checked out the update yet, don’t wait any longer and certainly don’t miss out on the story!

Satharilith Overview

Rank 18 Shadow Boss + 3 minions

Satharilith Resistance

Satharilith Resist


This one is a little odd… and I don’t just mean the name! The boss is a Rank 18 Shadow Boss with 52,580 HP. This battle will start with the creatures you can see in the above screenshot – one boss and 3 Valencian minions. However, you’ll encounter additional complications. The first minion will cast a Shadow Sentinel that intercepts 100% of the damage taken for the entire team. This process repeats for each minion. They will all take their turns casting sentinel until they all fall, one after the other. It is an interesting battle overall, full of interesting shadow spells  and minion replica of our wizards. We observed these spells from the boss:

  • Aegis ShadowBlade
  • Vengeance
  • Empowerment
  • Quicken
  • Krampus (Shadow)
  • Lord of Night (Shadow)
  • Death Ninja Pigs (Shadow)
  • Call of Khrulhu (Shadow)
  • Supercharge (Shadow)
  • Tempest (Shadow)
  • Queen Calypso (Shadow)
  • Glowbug Squall (Shadow)

The Cheats

There aren’t that many cheats in this battle outside of the weird minion mechanics. You and your team won’t need to go too out of your way to defeat this boss. For instance, the Glowbug Squall spell that the boss uses only takes away three charms from each player, rather than wiping them all away. However, you should still be aware of these cheats before heading in.

Satharilith Minion Cheat

As soon as a minion is defeated, Satharilith will interrupt and summon another minion. This particular minion won’t be subject to the same rules as the original Valencian minions. Thus, they won’t cast Shadow Sentinel; they are simply regular minions. You should note one thing about these minions: Their school is always that of the wizard opposite them in the duel circle. For instance, when you defeat the first minion (that stands in the second position, after the boss), then the minion will be the same school as the wizard in the second position.

Satharilith Feint Cheat

This cheat triggers after casting Feint. This boss has no tolerance towards Feints of any kind. This includes Indemnity Feint. If you cast a Feint, the boss will proceed to remove every trap on all enemies twice.

Satharilith Late Cheat

As you can imagine, there is also a late cheat. If any wizard joins the battle late, including after fleeing and coming back, Satharilith will interrupt cast a Mana Burn that does shadow damage on the latecomer, as well as eat away all their pips. The damage is not that overwhelming like we’ve seen in previous instances, such as Rattlebones Exalted.


The Rewards

So far, we were able to deduce that the Vanguard Amulets (Tier 2) drop from Satharilith. These amulets are only Tier 2 because they are required for the Tier 1 crafted set as a reagent. Additionally, you can get Daybreaker and Nightbringer reagents along with other Alchemical reagents. The badge for defeating this boss for the first time is “Smasharilith“.

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