Summer Spellwrighting Contest: Summer 2020 Winners

The Summer 2020 Spellwrighting Contest has come to a close and the winners have been decided. After careful consultation with other Final Bastion members, I’ve narrowed down the field to the best spells we received. Congrats to the winners and we look forward to seeing more awesome spellwrighting ideas in future contests!

Grand Prize

Submitted By: Mark Dragonhaven

Winning Characteristics: This spell combines creative new mechanics with stunning artwork, well balanced effects and diverse spell choices that could each easily be viable choices for a player. The thematic progression of the spell is also top-notch leading to a well deserved grand prize.

Second Place

Submitted By: Rebecca Firewalker

Winning Characteristics: Taking a more traditional approach to spellwrighting with a progressively better spell sequence- this enchantment offers both versatility and solid utility while remaining well balanced.

Third Place

Submitted By: Justin Dragonrunner

Winning Characteristics: A very creative concept- allowing the caster to reveal cloaked spells. This spell’s progression sequence feels natural and would be an excellent albeit low impact spell in any Wizard’s arsenal.

Runner Up #1

Submitted By: Mark Willowleaf

Winning Characteristics: An excellent update to scald that uses conditional mechanics to make this spell a potent burst damage AoE with team support or a DoT spell that offers some team defensive capability.

Runner Up#2

Submitted By: Keller Anvilhorn

Winning Characteristics: A bubble that adds flat damage and accuracy rather than the traditional percentage buffs. As a 6 pip sun spell this one is still a bit too costly to justify but it’s a neat concept nonetheless.

Runner Up #3

Submitted By: Kiernan Stormrider

Winning Characteristics: A very interesting utility from a conceptual standpoint. How this spell works is that it detonates a DoT that is on the caster but limits it’s total damage to a certain percentage. This works very well with Ice’s natural bulk and is uniquely creative.

Runner Up #4

Submitted By: Carolus

Winning Characteristics: A coveted heal for fire that also summons minions, this spell offers excellent role compression. There is an argument to be made that this spell is conceptually better suited for myth, but the spell remains balanced even in fire’s expansive repertoire.

Which of these spells would you love to be able to train on your wizard? Let us know in the comments below!

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