Renegade Druid Overview
Catacombs Finale Part 1

The final dungeon added with the Fall 2019 test realm introduces the spiteful Renegade Druid as one of the final bosses. One encounters this boss in the Lower Catacombs of the Wizard City Underground. There is quite a story as to how this Druid came to be so vengeful and why it wants revenge on our wizard in particular. So, if you haven’t checked out the update yet, don’t wait any longer and certainly don’t miss out on the story!

Rank 18 Storm Boss + 3 summoned minions

Renegade Druid Resistance

Renegade Druid

This boss first made me wonder, “Is this what a boss feels when it faces a storm wizard?” because the amount of power it has is unbelievable! The Renegade Druid is a Rank 18 Storm Boss with 175,000 HP and 27% pierce aka the ultimate battle machine! Furthermore, it has plenty of cheats and spells at its disposal. However, do not fear as it is NOT undefeatable. This guide will focus on covering the cheats and mechanics used in order to best prepare you for the fight. We will write a separate strategy article with a speed run guide included, if possible. The current spells we observed from this boss are as follows:

  • Aegis StormBlade
  • Aegis StormSpear
  • Supercharge
  • Cleanse Charm
  • Weakness (30%)
  • Tempest
  • Storm Lord
  • Sirens
  • Iron Sultan
  • Glowbug Squall
  • Rusalka’s Wrath
  • Dark Nova

Before fighting this boss, you will need to take down two sets of minions that stand in the way. The first fight will be with random school Mis-Assembled Skeletons (Rank 16 Death / Storm / Ice minions) and the second will be against Vine Monsters (Rank 17 Sun Elites).

Here comes the tough part… (yep, we still are getting to that). At the start of round one, he summons 3 Renegade Druid minions of Star, Shadow and Moon school. Each minion will only have 1 HP, however, you won’t be able to defeat them before taking out the boss himself due to a 100% Shadow Sentinel mechanic. Furthermore, each minion has quite the spell list!

Renegade Druid Minions

  • Stun
  • Ice Prism
  • Fire Trap
  • Ice Trap
  • Myth Trap
  • Legion Shield (-35%)
  • Tower Shield (-55%)
  • Frost Giant
  • Rain of Fire
  • Snowball Barrage

  • ShadowBlade
  • Brace
  • Infection
  • Curse (+25%)
  • Bladestorm (+25%)
  • Mass Feint
  • Virulent Plague
  • Death Scarab (Shadow)
  • Brimstone Revenant (Shadow)
  • Call of Khrulhu (Shadow)

  • BalanceBlade (+30%)
  • Ice Prism
  • Death Prism
  • Storm Prism
  • Bad Juju
  • Headless Horseman
  • Angry Snowpig
  • Tempest (Moon)
  • Wild Bolt (Moon)
  • Glowbug Squall

The Cheats

This battle certainly does not lack cheats. However, they are ones you can easily overcome if you simply communicate with your team before running straight into battle. For instance, using heals, shields and stacked non-feint traps tcan be really useful in this fight and won’t trigger or be affected by any of the below cheats. The cheats are as follows:

As soon as the first round starts, the Renegade Druid storm boss will summon 3 minions, highlighted above. The minions are of Star, Shadow and Moon schools. However, they have an expansive spell deck as you can see above. Additionally, they will always be summoned in a random order. However, one of each school will be summoned, that is for sure.

As soon as the minions are in the duel and round two begins, he will interrupt cast a unique form of Shadow Sentinel that will take 100% of the damage induced on the minions for as long as the Storm boss is still around. Thus, any attack cast, including AoE spells and DoT spells that attack the minions, will be 100% redirected on the boss, with the exception of any additional effects such as accuracy debuffs.

This one might enrage you! This cheat, which triggers approximately every four rounds, has the Star minion cast an AoE aura that will (most of the time) either be Brace or Quicken. If Quicken is cast, (double pip gain aura) be extremely careful, as you will be taking extra damage due to increased attack frequency.

This is a particularly scary one! The Shadow minion will cast an AoE shadow pip donate to the entire enemy team, including himself. Thus, the minions are able to cast more heavy hitting shadow spells including a very nasty Moon Glowbug Squall.

A fun one, but it can also be annoying. The Moon minion will interrupt with this phrase, proceeding to attack each and every wizard on your team. Thus, this might take some time! The attack will be any of the Moon Shift spells we can learn from Khrysalis’s Eclipse Tower in Moon Cliffs (Shift Greenoak, Shift Grendel, etc).

Casting a Feint? Nice try! If a Feint is cast at any time, it will cause the boss to cast an AoE spell that removes any other trap on the enemies. Indemnity Feint is the best solution here. However, be careful, as any other previous traps on the enemy will be removed.

Any tardiness will result in the latecomer having Impede cast on them. Impede is an aura that prohibits the player from gaining pips for 4 rounds. Additionally, if you try to cast another aura on yourself it will still result in your wizard not gaining any pips for the intended 4 rounds.


The Rewards

So far, we were able to deduce that the Vanguard Athames (Tier 2) drop from the Renegade Druid. These athames are only Tier 2 because they are a required reagent for the Tier 1 crafted set. Additionally, you can get Daybreaker and Nightbringer reagents, along with other Alchemical reagents. Finally, the badge for defeating this boss for the first time is “Renegade Wrangler“.

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  • So, I think I found a way around the impede cheat, although I don’t know for sure. If you cast an aura when LESS than 4 rounds remain, that will override the impede. I haven’t tested it recently though, so I can’t verify as to how well it works now.

  • I had wondered about the supernova idea, now I know, thanks.
    But has anyone tried using smoke screen plus black mantle (twice each by the team going first) to try and fizzle either his summoning or his sentinel (intercept)?

  • Super easy dungeon if you have a balance. Just supernova the minions and buff one or two hitters and one-shot him. Storm dispels make this fight extremely easy.

    • you cant do that anymore, they added a cheat cast sun school rebirth in yesterdays patch.

  • I hated this boss. Took me almost 4 hours to beat him.

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