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Do you have what it takes to join the Polarian revolutionaries? Have the expertise to fight side by side along with Napoleguin? Well wish no more.. Because Kingsisle has made it all come true and guess what? That’s right IN YOUR FAVORITE GAME OF ALL TIME . . . Pirate101! The card you’re seeing above with the Pirate101 logo is 100% right. This is a bundle made for Pirate101. We haven’t seen any Pirate101 bundles in nearly 10 years since the release of Hoodoo Bundle in March 2014. The Polarian Revolutionary bundle is the first of what is hopefully many to come. Anyways let’s get to it!

New Redemption Mechanism

While this bundle comes packed with a load of items that await you in Pirate101, Kingsisle has added a new feature to this bundle, as you can see below:

As you redeem the bundle items, you get to receive it not just in Pirate101, but also in Wizard101! Meaning you get upwards of an $80 value of bundle items for just 40 dollars (only 1 month of membership or 5k crowns though)! How cool is that to have 1 bundle that can be redeemed and provide all items for both games? We sure love that mechanism and wish to see it present for more future Kingsisle bundles for both games. Look forward to an article showcasing the Wizard side of the bundle very soon!

The bundle comes with the following items:

It also comes with an Additional House Elixir to redeem the house in case you don’t have any free housing slots in your backpack.


Revolutionary’s Fort House


The Revolutionary Fort is the perfect safe heaven for every Polarian soldier, Napoleguin couldn’t agree more with us! Thanks to the cannons placed all around the fortress to keep it protected. The outside of the fort has a large space that is good enough for a walk or even to make a parrrrrty with your fellow comrades from the Polarian Navy!


If you’re the type that prefers indoor activities, the fortress has a huge spacious inside, cozy enough to decorate, rest along with your crew or even do some ol’ fashioned PvP! That’s right. There’s a PvP arena inside the house in the cell block. Have no fear. . Ivan the Great won’t be waiting for you inside, he already escaped with the rest of the revolution members!

To access it, just go inside the house, go to your left and go to the door in that left room. That or simply go all the way straight to the fortress walls once you go to your home and go to one of these doors (Yes, they do work) and you’ll find yourself inside the cell block that has the PvP arena!

Secret places

If you go to this small dog house that you can find inside the fortress, it’ll teleport you to the Fort’s backyard! It’s a large open space with a dock that allows you to place your ships! You read it right. The house does support the shipyards system that allows you to showcase your ships as part of the housing decor! You can have your own Polarian Navy!

Kingsisle has done some outstanding work for a house bundle for Pirate101 and as of now, this is my new favorite house next to the Empire Bundle’s!

Hugo Victor Companion

Straight from Walruskberg comes this fierce soldier to be your first mate He’s not only good at combat, but also being your bodyguard as you can see. He comes packed with a melee “Fix Bayonets!” power, along with an Icy Barricade power that creates frozen barricades around himself.

Although this might seem to be decent, sadly the line of epics he has is average at best and he lacks any guaranteed ranged attacks (for example, a Super Shot or Sniper Shot). You can’t give him burst fire. So I decided to give my companion Overwatch 5. He comes with Parting Shot by default. He does get a whopping 9 epics, the most available to a companion in the current game! Nonetheless, he’s a very fun addition to your crew in combat!

Revolutionary’s Cannon Mount

This beauty will help you strike your enemies and put fear into all of them as you charge through their territory, all thanks to the bombarding penguin soldier that is born ready to prepare the guns of Polaris in that cannon to blow up your enemies to bits! At a very fast speed, you’ll strike your way to victory! This mount is a standard +40%, single person permanent mount.

Fancy Water Dog Pet

He’s no guard dog like Cereberus or a Hound but he sure is patriotic to the Polarian Revolution and good enough to fight for you! Having such pet in combat is a must especially that one cannot resist that cute tattoo or fluffy tail or face expression that he has. Feed him well and he shall assist you nicely like the good doggy he is! (I totally didn’t place him in the magic entrance dog house I show cased above).

Revolutionary’s Outfit

The perfect outfit to join the Polarian revolution,! This awesome gearset is ready and good enough for you to fit and impress Napoleguin and your friends and allies in Polaris not just with it’s appearance, but also with what it gives from power sets. It comes packed and handy with some great powers! Pvpers should take special notice of the boots! Note that all levels of the gear give the same powers, which means a level 0 Pirate can get their hands on powerful protection buffs or a Whale’s might

Revoutionary’s Weapons

Weapons for this bundle are actually different from other Pirate101 bundles. This time you get an entire set of 8 weapons, tailor made for different classes and strategies! They each come with an interesting power as well. Here’s how it looks below when you redeem them for the 70 tier:


To save your reading time for the weapons, we included the max tier for you with the powers they come with included as the other tiers provide exactly same powers and everything but with appropriately scaled stats for the level you redeem them at. Again, this can allow low level pirates to get high level powers. Finally.. All this beautiful and bounteous loot comes with the option of 1 month of membership or 5000 crowns to use in either game.

Will you be buying the Polarian Revolutionary Bundle for your Pirate? Which item is your favorite? What do you think of the crossover gear? Let us know in the comments below!

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