Pirate101 Sinbad Part 2: The Iron Lotus

The continuation of the Sinbad story is here!  Sinbad Part 2 has just arrived to the Pirate101 live servers with the name of “The Iron Lotus”. And we at Final Bastion cannot express how excited we are to go through the continuation of the storyline of the game in this article with you!

The content for this update doesn’t just come with Sinbad Part 2, It also comes with a Dreadnaught dungeon, adjustments to Blood flames and bug fixes that can all be found here.

Without any further introductions, let’s get to the main content!

The Iron Lotus

The adventure continues as you head to the world of MooShu to find Sinbad. Albano, looking to take revenge on his former captain, managed to find out more news about Sinbad’s ship, The Chimera. He found that it crashed in Ravaged Valley in a tower nearby called “Tamagoyaki Tower” (The one in the picture above). To be able to go there, you need to talk to Albano in Avery’s court (You can find him between Jolly Roger and the Commodore’s Garrison).

Please note that due to a game bug, some player characters are unable to find Albano in Avery’s Court. Kingsisle is aware of it and working on a fix for this issue. The exact cause of this bug is unknown and will not affect all characters on a single impacted account.

Recruiting Albano

Before you enter the tower, there’s a surprise awaiting you, that’s right.. You recruit Albano to your crew! Here’s the powers and talents he can get:

Interestingly enough, he comes with Soul Shroud by default with Repel 1, Valor Shield, Refresh and a Vulture’s Gift. However, he’s not that good of a companion, as his current powers and epics are a little underwhelming in his tier 1 version.

As you can see, you can give him only 3 epics. Assuming that it’s a bug. If this gets fixed, he might potentially be a good mix of a Gracie-Ratbeard combo companion if we can give him Repel and Hold the Line together. So we don’t recommend using him.

Tower of Tamagoyaki

Tower of Tamagoyaki is a 7 floor tower that has 2 bosses and a set of 5 mob fights that are packed with a lot of action. It’s not difficult unless you’re playing your moves wrong. Here are the 7 fights to expect to find inside that tower:

  • Iron Lotus Samoorais
  • Iron Lotus Monks
  • Tetsukado
  • Spirit of the Iron Lotus
  • Iron Lotus Shinobis
  • Iron Lotus Musketeers
  • Kharonchi Khan

Things to be aware of: 

  • You can’t, under any circumstance, leave the tower to revive a companion at Miracle Mitch and come back as there’s no “Teleport back to Gauntlet” option for this dungeon (Assuming that it’s a bug and will get fixed, but we’re letting you know in advance to avoid falling for it)
  • There’s no “Team up” option for this dungeon’s sigils. Meaning you either go inside by yourself or you can go with other players by hopping on the sigils


Iron Lotus Monks


First fight in the tower would be against The Iron Lotus Samoorais. This chapter doesn’t only introduce us to Sinbad face to face, but also introduces us to a new dark side of MooShu that we haven’t seen. A new faction, that is. The Iron Lotus faction. These Swashbuckler Samoorais await you to halt your progress from finding and reaching Sinbad.

Skills and Powers:

  • These enemies come with Elusive 1 and 2
  • These enemies can use Assassin Strike and Backstab
  • Some other enemies could potentially spawn such as Tengu Sorcerers and Samoorai Musketeers

Iron Lotus Monks

The Iron Lotus Monks are the second to be awaiting you after the Samoorais. They’re Buccaneer class type of Monks with a decent amount of talents that could easily take down a companion. You’ll need to take them down as soon as possible to prevent that from happening.

Skills and Powers:

  • The Monks can reach you by using Brutal and Vicious Charge
  • Possible spawns of Tengu and Samoorai Musketeers are expected to show up


The first boss to appear in the gauntlet. You’ll need to be careful as he comes packed with great set of powers and same applies for Amber hoardes. A new type of powers that they can use to stop you and to deal some good damage to kill you or your companions at a faster pace.

Skills and Powers:

  • Tetsukado can use a new type of power that can hit several enemies adjacent at once
  • Tetsukado has Sneaky Sneaky that could help him hide for 1 round
  • Tetsukado uses Assassin Strike
  • Amber Hoarde Crossbowmen can use a type of a ranged power that can hit several enemies at their range at once.

Spirit of The Iron Lotus

The next boss enemy to await you. A Witchdoctor enemy that won’t be as easy you think it might be if you’re one of these Scratch users (Oh boy, I’m so looking forward and can’t wait for Mojo Flow to get nerfed next as promised in the patch notes) However, the fight is not that difficult or hard.

Skills and Powers:

  • Spirit of Iron Lotus carries a Mojo Burn that will use at any Pirate character
  • He also carries Mojo Storm
  • Breaking any of the 2 Foo Lion statues showing at the picture above spawns corrupted foo lion mobs (Yes! Just like how they work in the 3rd floor fight in Tower of Moo Manchu.)
  • There’s a chance for Melee enemies to spawn among with Tengu sorcerers.

The Iron Lotus Shinobis

You thought they don’t talk? Too bad. They actually are given lines of dialogues in this dungeon. What If I told you they’re Privateers, you wouldn’t believe me? Ha! Thought so. But really. They’re Privateer Ninja Pigs that carry an interesting set of Powers.

Skills and Powers:

  • They come packed with Valor Fortress
  • These enemies have The Big Guns
  • The leader comes with Vengeance Strike 3 so be careful if you’re a Buccaneer trying to chain them out!
  • Musketeer Samoorais are possible to spawn and come packed with Bomb traps

The Iron Lotus Musketeers

Hang in there, we’re almost reaching the final battle! This one is an annoying fight and without any further explanation, we both know why.. You got it right. Spam of bombs and Tengu sorcerers that attack you in squares. Make sure to kill them as quick as possible and they’ll never know what happened to them!

Skills and Powers:

  • Musketeers have access to full set of Bomb traps
  • They come packed with True Grit 3, some of them at least. If you’re bringing Nausica or any Musketeer companion, be careful!
  • Tengu Sorcerers are expected to spawn and they come packed with slowing movement debuffs and Great Juju.

Kharonchi Khan

The final boss in the dungeon that has Sinbad trapped to take something from him that Sinbad has.. Something that can destroy the whole spiral.. What could that item be… Oh well! I’ll leave that for you to find out!


  • In the start of round 2, Kharonchi Khan will interrupt and say “Useless Iron lotus mercenaries! Must I always do everything by myself!?” And will join the combat against you.

Skills and Powers:

  • Kharonchi comes with Flanking 5 and First Strike 5
  • Khaonchi is packed with Assassin’s Strike
  • Kharonchi has “Poisonus” talent, dealing 1 hp damage per round
  • Enemies from all kinds are expected to join the battle with their talents and powers mentioned above such as Iron Lotus Samoorais, Musketeers or Tengu sorcerers.

Recruiting Sinbad

And with his defeat.. You go out of the tower to speak and recruit the 2nd surprise to your crew.. Sinbad himself!

Currently, he might not seem to be in good shape to be useful in combat, but once he gets a promotion in the future he’ll become an interesting and powerful companion. In fact, he’s already interesting as is! He comes with Bleeding Strikes by default when recruited with Assassin Mist and Mighty Charge and Cheap Shot!

Currently he’s not standing at his own league but let me tell you that Bleeding Strike is in general a talent you don’t want to deal with due to the damage it deals per target for 3 rounds. Until the promotion he’ll be getting somewhere in the future..


In regards of that, we couldn’t manage to put our hands on the weapons that Sinbad drops however.. We managed to put our hands on some items that you might find interesting enough

Rings, Necklaces and Trinkets

There are 3 tiers of Trinkets and Rings that drop from all the 7 floors. Tier 3 which is the lowest is called “Copper”, Tier 2 is called “Silver”. And tier 1 which is considered to be the best, is called “Gold”. They also have their own unique art model! Here’s what we managed to get our hands on below:


Sinbad’s Copper Ring


Sinbad’s Silver Ring


Sinbad’s Gold Ring


Sinbad’s Copper Necklace


Sinbad’s Silver Necklace

Sinbad’s Copper Trinket

Sinbad’s Silver Trinket

Sinbad’s Gold Trinket


Sinbad’s Dashing Stripes

Sinbad’s Gallant Stripes

Sinbad’s Heroic Stripes


Sinbad’s Bold Stripes


For weapons, we haven’t had our hands on many yet as the drop rates are not very generous. However, we’ve managed to find a bit with the help of some community members:

Sinbad’s Long Gun
Sinbad’s Shooters- Credit to Bruno
Sinbad’s Mojo Stabber- Credit to Bruno and Stormy Cody
Sinbad’s Mojo Wand- Credit to Bruno
Sinbad’s Scimitar and Steel- Credit to Merciful Colin Capstan
Sinbad’s Scimitar and Shooters- Credit to Merciful Colin Capstan
Sinbad’s Steel and Scimitar- Credit to Shy Matthew


If you managed to get anything other equipment that isn’t seen here from Sinbad part 2, you can provide pictures of their stats and appearance to us and we’ll surely credit you for it!

There’s also Sinbad gear that await us but Kingsisle has stated that’s for Chapter 3. We can’t wait to put our hands on them!

Now that Sinbad Part 2 is out, what is your favorite part about the content? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Hi, I got some items that you dont have on here.
    Sinbad’s Gold Necklace gives +11 Armor, Assassins strike, and Flanking
    Sinbad’s Gold Trinket gives +11 Magic Resist, Mojo Reaver, and Readied Spell

    • If you have screenshots, send them to our email.

  • I like how every time you guys always say it’s not hard. It IS hard for most of us normal players so get off your elitist high horse and try to understand that regular players can’t solo anything and everything

  • there is also sindbad’s silver trinket gives 11 magic resistance and +1 readied spell 😀

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