Mustang Wrangler’s Pack

If there’s one thing we all know about the wild wild west, we know that there’s only one sheriff in town. Otherwise there’s no law in town! We welcome you at Final Bastion into the first article related to Pirate101 in a loooong while. This is also the first Pirate101 exclusive pack in an even longer time (nearly 4 years since the Pirate Nightmare Pack and 7 since the Ashes of the Armada Pack)!

Sheesh, it’s been a while since I’ve made a Pirate article myself too. Without any further adieu, Kingsisle has surprised all of us with this little bit of new Pirate101 content. Although we haven’t seen “full production”, at least not yet), they’re fortunately able to offer the occasional nugget. We’ve seen some crown shop items, some small adventures like Sinbad, and packs like this one! The Mustang Wrangler’s Pack is the first of these unique Pirate packs with hopefully more to come later this year.

As the pack’s title and idea are showing up, this is a Cool Ranch western themed pack. And it’s not like your ordinary pack as the items this pack brings are full o’ surprises and packed with lots of dancing and.. Perhaps shall I say.. Music using guitars?

That’s right! The Dos Amigos y Uno mariachi band is the inspiration for the weapons  (Make sure to do their side quests if you haven’t to get to know them well!). The rest of the pack’s items including outfit, mount, pet and housing items take a cowboy theme. Excited to see how they all look? You should be.. This is our first exclusive game pack after all after from a long while! Below you can find the pack’s items that are including, but not limited to:


Mustang’s Gearset

Mustang’s Gearset

Stats (Level 70)

For the gear, we only managed to get our hands on the Musketeer gearset. However, the gearset is stats-only, so it shouldn’t look all that different for other classes. (Have any other sets for the other classes? Provide them in the comments and we’ll add them into the article and give you the credit for it!)

Also, it is noteworthy that the gearset is dyeable. You can change the color scheme to anything you like.


The weapons are the most interesting part in this pack. They don’t offer your usual set of powers or talents. They introduce a unique summon this time as well as a strong Swashbuckler power card that might catch your interest:

Mustang Skeans

Mustang Guitar

Mustang Guitar and Skillet

Mustang Guitar & Paperbox

Mustang Guitar & Skean

Mustang Repeater

Mustang Guitar and Shield

Mustang Staff

(Currently bugged and is displayed as a strength based weapon with no range despite being a Witchdoctor weapon. Ratbeard has confirmed this will be fixed at a later date)

Mustang Paperbox

The powers included with these weapons are something from another league. As you can see, all classes now have their hands on the powerful Grand Shadowdance, giving Musketeers and Buccaneers a powerful critical boost in addition to their already existing stat buffs (Especially Buccaneers with Turn the Tide 5).

Guitar Solo creates a very decent summon as well, a toreador that has its own unique attack animations. Let me tell you, this summon is as annoying as the legendary Faunfaun that is summoned by Yohr, the infamous Grizzly Beast Pack companion. His dodge rating, talents (riposte 3), and his damage are good enough to give your enemies a seriously hard time. In particular, his accuracy and dodge are roughly comparable to a max level companion that hasn’t been given any talents, while his health and damage are around half of a max level companion. This means that any melee units engaging with this summon are likely to take pretty significant damage. Similar to other summons from gear, this summon’s level cannot be boosted by spell power buffs.

Other Items

Dappled Mustang Mount

You can’t ride like a man in law without a Dappled Mustang mount! Available at Very Fast speed, it’ll help you in chasing any wanted criminals or dangerous banditoads and won’t require anything aside from a decent stable and some water to take care o’ em. This is available as a temporary and permanent mount.

Tumbling Tumbleweed Pet

This cute ball shaped pet will be more than willing to assist you in distracting your enemies in need of a distraction. As small as it looks like, it offers a lot out for you to help aid you in your tough battles, thanks to the stats it could provide to it’s owner. Make sure not to finish opening your packs unless you manage to get one of these. Make sure to take care of it so it doesn’t escape away!

Now for the part we all know you were perhaps waiting for..


Sadly this pack doesn’t offer any sort of companions, just like the previous pack we were offered last Yuletide. We’re hoping Kingsisle will change this trend eventually in future packs and get to see unique companions in packs like the game used to not from far ago.

Should I Buy This Pack? 

I’m no financial advisor here, but I will tell you this, I’m a Pirate just like you, and I will tell you what’ll help you decide if you should or not..

  • New set of interesting weapons that look unique and offer a powerful arsenal of abilities that’ll definitely assist you in combat
  • Unique gearset if you’re a stitching fanatic like myself that is dyeable too
  • Amazingly great new pet and mount being offered to fit in the style and theme of the Cool Ranch lawman and western lifestyle in general
  • Decent *new* portrait housing items being offered in the pack that shows more of Cool Ranch’s characters and skyways in depth
  • Not enough items that could make the pack look really worth your money, only the weapons are usable in combat, everything else is aesthetic
  • A lot, and by a lot, I mean LOTS of repetitive housing items in this pack, just like Ashes of Armada Pack. So make sure to stay near the housing vendor while opening this pack as you’ll be selling plenty back and forth (compare this to the Grizzly Bear Pack where the “filler” items are good pet snacks and training items)
  • The Mustang gearset outfit doesn’t offer any interesting powers at all, only stats, which makes a core element of this pack mediocre
  • You’ll need to burn a decent 15k – 20k crowns at least to get the pack’s main items (weapons, gear, mount, and pet)
  • No companions at all included in this pack, which is shockingly becoming a trend now with pack releases for Pirate101

If you’d like to support the game to see more packs in the future, and are also in love with the west style of Cool Ranch, definitely grab your cash and spend it towards this pack. If you’d rather keep your cash for a pack that has companions or a better gearset that gives decent powers to use, definitely this pack might be something you’d want to skip.

Until next time.. If we are destined to cross paths again, stranger. Or shall I say, partner?

 Have you purchased the Mustang Wrangler Pack yet? What’s your favorite item from this great Cool Ranch themed Pack? Let us know in the comments below!

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