Floating Lands Resort Bundle


Know what time of the year it is? That’s right, it’s summertime. Where do you usually go to in summer? The Bahamas? Hawaii? Maldives? Punta Cana? Well not this year definitely as Kingsisle has you covered to spend the summer in Wizard101 in The Floating Lands Resort Bundle and that’s not all.. They got you covered to go in style!

Bundle Items*:

  • Floating Lands Resort House
  • Outrigger Canoe Mount
  • Pineapple Pal Pet
  • Arcane Beachwear Outfit
  • Arcane Smoothie Wand
  • 5,000 Crowns or one month membership

* The bundle is simultaneously redeemed on both Wizard101 and Pirate101. However, the bundle comes with the Pet, house and mount only in Pirate101. It’s a bundle that comes with the items for both games, just like Revolutionary Bundle.

Enough with Introductions.. Let’s get to the Bundle Items!


Floating Lands Resort House

This getaway is the best place to spend summer and escape the spicy heat of the Spiral to enjoy a cozy vacation! It’s not just a large island, but a tropical house to enjoy indoor activities with other friends or even on your own! (We see you, introvert Wizards.) The house comes with an interactable watermole that gives you daily rewards, his name is Izik! So make sure to walk by his drink area on the left side of the island dock to get your daily reward.

Thought that was all? How about walking to the right side of the beach? You’ll find a teleporting canoe that’ll take you to a very cool side of the resort with a great view for your photomancy skills! A house that has so much to offer for a decent value, don’t you think?



Outrigger Canoe Mount

This amazing Canoe won’t just help you with traveling to your quests and journeys alone on your own, it also has a place for a friend and uh.. a pineapple pal in it to accompany you as well! Yes, it’s a 2 passenger mount which means you can take a friend to accompany you in your quests around the Spiral.

As for the pineapple.. Don’t worry, he’s just chilling there, think of it as a bodyguard or a protector for your canoe from the thieves and bandits of Marleybone and Mirage.. You know.


Pineapple Pal Pet

He’s not just cool or funky, but he’s got the moves rollin’ to make sure you’ll be impressed not just for being a companion, but for giving you some great vibes!

This amazing pet being at your side, you’ll surely be at great hands when you need his assistance.. Have I mentioned that he’s a great dancer too?


Arcane Beachwear Outfit

In order to enjoy your stay in the luxurious Floating Lands Resort, you must wear to fit in style. And what attire could fit for such stay in a great place than the Arcane Beachwear set? Coming in more than 17 tiers from Level 1 to 170 (Sheesh, i’m not prepared for that as a Pirate with 70 levels only!) Find the stats for each tier below:


Arcane Smoothie Wand

Thirsty after a long battle? The Arcane Smoothie got you covered! It’s not just a wand.. It is a mixture of great drink crafted and made with love by Izik the Barista of your Floating Island Resort that gives you the daily reward. It’s always good to drink it after the heat of long battles! It comes with the following tiers below:

But wait, that’s not all of it.. You thought it just comes with these? Duh, don’t let the excitement to stay at your own resort take you away from what holds a great value to this bundle! It comes with the options of choosing between 5000 Crowns to do with as you please for any Kingsisle game, or the option of 1 month of membership for Wizard101 or Pirate101.


Now that you’ve known what this bundle comes with and the great items it has, what is your favorite item from this bundle? Is it the resort? Could it be the Pineapple Pal pet? The fancy canoe? Or perhaps a cool smoothie that you can use to drink and also at the same time use it as a wand? Let us know in the comments below.

Until then, I’ll leave you for now while I enjoy my stay in the resort and play some limbo with the watermoles for the summer!

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