Ultimate Pirate101 Scrip Farming Guide

Whenever you’re asked “what’s every pirate’s favorite currency?”, you may first thing of gold, but the answer is incorrect. It’s Scrip and Scrip items. Previously, Matthew introduced a Gold Farming Locations Guide. And now is the time to give you all the tips and tricks for the best ways to farm for the game’s other major currency, Scrip! Without any further introductions, let’s be off!

A History of Scrip

The scrip system was introduced to Pirate101 in the Fall 2014 update to prepare for a larger update (which was 2015’s Ranked PvP update). And ever since it was introduced, it was taken well, albeit with some constructive criticism. Many players (Including myself) loved it.

In 2014, scrip was first introduced with a Black Market that sold cool items for scrip (notable items included class banners, stitch gear, and eyepatches that provide a minor stat buff). However, this was the only use for scrip. Some players (rightly) assumed that this currency would be the Pirate101 equivalent of arena tickets, and they were proven correct the following summer. The Ranked PvP update introduced vendors in the Brawlin’ Hall that sell Weapons and Gear, Pets and Mounts, and Housing Items, respectively. These 3 vendors have been the primary vessels for new scrip items over the years. How to collect and stack scrip easily you may ask? We got the answer!

 #1 Ships and Turrets

Without a doubt, one of the most common ways to gain scrip is fighting Turrets (found in Cool Ranch and onward) and other ships in the skyways, especially with a large party of friends. Later world ships provide the most scrip (up to 10). The same is true for turrets (up to 12).

This method of farming was one of the original methods, and since there was little to no need to farm in the aforementioned locations, it was rather unpopular. Furthermore, waiting for the most desirable targets, turrets and boss ships, to respawn is time consuming. So you had to jump realms and see if it has one, and of course you needed a group of at least 10 ships or so to destroy them quickly. However, nautical based farming became more popular when the Haywire Dreadnaught was introduced fall 2016’s update.

The Dreadnaught’s escorts and scouts drop up to 15 Scrip per ship, at a reasonable rate too! This makes farming them much better and more efficient compared to turrets and normal ships. If you’re a Naval Combatant, Haywire Ships are the best for you!

However, if you’re more into land fights, the ground is much much bigger and better..


 #2 Smugglers Arena

The arena is one of my favorite Housing Gauntlets and one of the most rewarding places for scrip! You get to fight in a cycle of 10 bosses, If you manage to survive and live until the 10th and final round, you’ll be leaving victorious with up to 550 Scrip! luck and high rolls and low rolls aside, the amount of scrip you receive is also based on your performance during the 10 rounds, the more tense your fights are, the better the chance at getting a 500 scrip toss.

Better show off what you truly are made of to the Ol’ Scriptop if you want that big stack of scrip!*

*If you’re defeated in the middle of the dungeon, you will receive a lower amount of scrip.

#3 Dreadnaught and Pirate’s Regatta

Say no more to regular Ship or land fights, It’s time for hybrid gauntlets! (Nautical and Land combined together gauntlets), This is what Pirate’s Regatta and Dreadnaught are offering on the table for you. Both gauntlets aren’t just dropping the regular gold and loot, but also drop a decent amount of scrip per runs.

You can get between 40 – 60 Scrip per run on each of these gauntlets, leaving you with a good amount of scrip by the end of the day if you’re farming them continuously!

What makes these fights are nicely efficient for scrip farming is the transition when it comes to involving the use of your ships and charging forward into a land fight, which is a fun experience for all! Make sure to try them out, especially Pirate’s Regatta.

#4 Skeleton Key Bosses

Safe to say we’re all thankful for this wonderful addition! Asking why? Because it has most of the elements any scrip farmer is looking for: excellent scrip drops per run (either 10 and 100 scrip per run for each boss), and unique loot for each boss in there. My favorite places for scrip are Obsidian English Bill, Blightbeard, and Obsidian Blood! How about you? Have you gotten your Obsidian Blood Jacket? Dandy Duck? Pirate night-.. Oh my bad. I forgot this is an article for scrip farming! Don’t mind me. I love farming for loot.

That was everything when it comes to farming! Wondering what else can you do to get scrip? I see..

#5 Seasonal Ranked PvP Pets

Working on pets? Make sure you’re working with a Scrip Exclusive pet. Why? The answer is simple: Pets tend to fail a lot as they progress in their training. So once you’re morphing again to improve your pet and your chances to manifest the talents you want, make sure to sell some of your failed pets to the Ranked PvP Pet & Mount Vendor! Furthermore, sell value increases for higher rank pets.

Paragon and Champion pets are the best to sell and gain more of scrip value as you can see!

#6 Packs

Who doesn’t know the infamous Pirate Nightmare Pack that was introduced last year? It has quite the reputation and is famous for its chances to drop Skull Safes. This is a scrip housing item in the Black Market which costs 20k scrip to buy, and sells for 3,000 scrip. Quite the method to earn scrip easily, don’t you think? I also did the math for it! Selling 10 of it can give you 30k Scrip. Selling 25 of it? You’re getting 75k scrip in return. 50 Skull Safes? 150k scrip is what you’re going to receive in return.

But if you’re a wealthy pirate that is willing to get to the max scrip balance (The same as gold: 250,000), You can get 249k Scrip just from selling 83 Skull Safes! Pretty insane to think about, don’t you think? Not to mention the odds of getting the housing item itself from the pack are quite reasonable. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll put your hand on quite a few skull safes to sell!

#7 Smuggler’s Cove’s Wishing Well

Not as good or efficient as the rest but it deserves to be mentioned. The Smuggler Cove house’s wishing well is one of the many ways to get scrip, but it’s pretty rare to get scrip from it. It has a 90% chance of giving you gold and around 10% chance to get scrip. Furthermore, the high roll of scrip from that you can see in my screenshot is super rare. I haven’t gotten this much scrip from this well in 5 years (Literally, not kidding or exaggerating), as most of the rolls I was getting over the years were between 20 – 35 scrip.

But which methods are the best and worst?

Based on my experience, as I’ve been farming scrip for years I’ll place them in the following tiers:


  • First of the worst methods is definitely the Smuggler Cove’s Wishing Well. It has higher chance to receive gold over scrip from the well and if you’re lucky to get scrip, it’ll be a low roll amount of scrip and rarely will give you a decently high roll. However, it’s something that you can hit once a day and requires very little effort.
  • Second worst goes to Ships and Turrets, as it is one of the more time-consuming methods and offers minimal rewards. You’ll have to pray for a lucky “high” roll of 10+ scrip. Sure, it adds up with time, but it’s incredibly slow. Furthermore, you’ll need a party to sink these efficiently, which is hard to find sometimes.

 Not great, not terrible 

  • Not the best but also not the worst, are Dreadnaught and Regatta, same reason with ships and turrets. You’ll need to depend on high rolls from the treasure chests in battle. However, the odds aren’t as bad as they are with the Wishing Well, but it’s safe to say it can be around a 50 – 50 chance, at least from what I’ve noticed.
  • Selling your Seasonal Ranked PvP Pets (The ones that fail you mostly when training) seem to be an okay method to earn scrip quickly. Not as good as other methods but much better compared to the 3 mentioned methods above, especially if the pet’s rank tier is a Paragon or a Champion pet. If you want to farm the scrip rapidly, this will cost a lot of gold (~20,000 gold per morph = 100 scrip per sold pet)


  • Getting Skull Safes from the Pirate Nightmare Pack to sell them is one of the easiest scrip farming methods. It’s especially great if you dislike farming, but the biggest downfall is that you need to spend crowns and get some good luck, which isn’t the best to depend on.
  • Best method to get scrip is definitely Smugglers Arena! You can get up to 550 Scrip per run (with 400+ being a near guarantee), and to be able to redo it again for scrip, it just requires a few hours to reset. What makes it even more better and most efficient is that you don’t have to buy it, if you have a friend that has the gauntlet bought, you can ask them to use theirs and farm for as much as you want!
  • The Obsidian bosses are also excellent choices if you have an excess of skeleton keys

Kong is raging for more Scrip!!!

 Which one of these scrip farming methods are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 

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