Death of a Titan:
A Death Solo of the Storm Titan’s Trident

Boss Breakdown

Ah the Storm Titan, the final major boss fight of Empyrea Part 2 and boy is he a doozy. Sporting some of the most damaging cheats in the game along with some unique mechanics- this boss certainly was a challenge to solo. For a complete breakdown of this boss check out the Storm Titan’s Trident Guide. Here are the mechanics most relevant to my solo fight.


Storm Titan’s Trident

Health: 1,000,000

School: Storm & Shadow

Pierce: 20%

High Damage, Critical and Shadow Pip Chance

Myth Refraction

Health: 4,725

School: Myth

Spells: Access to an annoying variety of support spells including- Mass Tower Shield, Legion Shield, Earthquake and Blinding Light along with attack spells such as Athena and Orthrus

Summoned by the Titan anytime he recharges or after a late entry.


Storm Titan’s Trident battle notes and cheats:

  • Damage Cap Bubble– This bubble prevents an OHKO by capping the max damage that can be dealt
  • Shadow Enfeeble– Removes all blades unless protected and cannot be dispelled
  • Trident Slam– Removes all charms and wards from the trident unless protected
  • Triton Grab– A 5+ pip shadow enhanced attack that deals around 4k-5k damage
  • Triton Lasers– An AoE shadow attack that deals around 2k-3k damage and removes a Shadow Pip
  • Trident Swing– A 5 shadow pip AoE attack that removes the Trident from the battle circle for 3 rounds then hits for around 8k damage


The Stats and Gear

Hat: Jade Hood of Mystery

Robe: Spooky Carnival Suit

Boots: Rockstar Kicks

Wand: Nimbari Praetor Scimitar

Athame: Lord of Death’s Razor

Amulet: Jawniak’s Torc of Deceit

Ring: Insignia of the Dark Woman

Pet: Ultra Shadow Beast with Sharp-Shot, Pain-Giver, Spell- Proof, Spell Defying, Death-Giver, Death-Dealer

Mount: Vulpine Avenger

The Deck


The Strategy

How I Survived

Any team who has completed the Titan knows that surviving the fight is the hardest part of the battle. The Triton’s Trident utilizes a number of powerful Storm attacks and Shadow versions of said Storm attacks. In addition, the Titan utilizes a number of unique Shadow based hits that deal a massive amount of damage. Coupled with 20% base pierce and even Jade wizards can have a hard time surviving. As such, a death wizard spamming bad juju has become a pre-requisite for team fights in the Triton. As a death wizard myself, I have access to juju. However, you will notice I have no juju’s in my deck. Why not and how did I survive?

Bad Juju, while a great spell in a team scenario is hard to utilize when solo in this fight. It costs 3 pips while also dealing damage to me and removing my blade set-up. Since I am relying on myself to deal damage in this battle- the pip cost and set-up destruction is counterproductive. Juju is also subject to removal via Trident slam and packing indemnity would fill my deck with even more cards. Finally if the Juju does not stay during the Trident swing- I would be completely defenseless and likely lose the battle as Juju cannot be placed when the Trident leaves the battle circle. Thus, I replaced juju with tower shield. Tower shield is a 0 cost spell that does not interfere with my set up and can be played during Trident Swing prep rounds. I could also stack tower if needed with tc tower or bolstered ward tower shield.

In addition to tower shield, Brace was a key component of my defense. Brace negates the Trident’s pierce for 4 rounds- allowing me to comfortably tank most attacks even without a tower shield. It also protected my tower shields from the Trident’s pierce- ensuring they would provide their full defensive value.

Finally, you will notice I have no heals packed for this battle. The reasons for this are multifaceted as well. Heals cost a number of pips and each round I chose a heal would also be a round spent not attacking or defending. The Triton also has access to a -65% mass infection which would completely neuter a heal. Finally, death’s natural heal: sacrifice would also sacrifice my blades and using a mastery amulet for off school healing would lower my total resist. As such, my healing was covered entirely by drains. Drains have the advantage in that they are buffed with my blades, are unaffected by infection and deal significant damage while also healing me. A win/win all around!

How I Attacked

It became obvious early on in my testing for this battle that I would not be able to set up a 40k+ hit with just one wizard. Between Shadow Enfeeble and Trident Slam, by the time I stacked enough buffs to deal the requisite 40k damage, they would almost always be removed before said attack could be initiated. As a result I changed my tactics from trying to deal one large chunk of damage to chipping away slowly at the Triton’s health. 2-3 stacked blades and a powerful drain would deal a decent amount of damage while giving me back some health.

However, I realized I would need help dealing damage unless I wanted to stay in the battle all day. That’s where the Pill Ghosts came in. These ghosts are undead creatures that can be acquired via Monstrology from a Pac Man themed side quest in Mirage. They are unique in that they are completely immune to damage- meaning they would stay in the battle until the very end as long as I could survive. They also sport an impressive amount of damage and assistive spell repertoire that include Morganthe AoEs and different Efreet versions. Once summoned this minion was instrumental in providing a constant stream of damage on the Trident and with helping to defeat the myth refraction minions.

The 2 attacks I packed in my deck served different functions. Khurulu allowed me to deal with the minions while also giving me a cheap option for a heal when needed. The Scion of Death acted as my main attack and heal. Once conditions are met, the Scion could do 7k+ damage fully buffed while simultaneously healing me for 3.5k. With these 2 spells I was able to deal solid damage to the Titan and maintain my health at the same time.

Finally, keeping a relatively small deck with a lot of reshuffles helped me to quickly cycle through my cards. This ensured that I would pull the required offensive or defensive answers when needed and reduce “deck fails” which could be lethal in a fight such as this.

How I Won

Once I figured out how to survive and how to attack, the battle became a war of attrition. I defended myself from the more damaging moves, summoned my Pill Ghost minion and used drains to attack and heal. When the myth refraction minions were summoned, khurulu and my minion handily took care of them before they could cause too much havoc. Using these attrition tactics allowed me to complete the battle in a little over 2 hours. For a quicker takedown using a team of wizards: check out our Trident Strategy Guide!


The Battle

Important moments:

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