Empyrea Finale – Titan’s Trident

The race for the Spiral comes to an end with the most unexpected of battles, the battle against the Storm Titan’s Trident. Be prepared because anything can happen! Most importantly, keep an eye out for the Trident’s random shadow attacks. This Shadow Storm boss may seem impossible at first glance with its one million health bar and constant healing. However, fear not, we’ve uncovered the secrets of this battle as well as the rewards down below.

Since 2023, the Storm Titan Maelstrom instance has both Standard and Challenge Mode variations. This article primarily covers details of the Challenge Mode fight. Click here to see details of the Standard Mode fight.

Titan’s Trident cheats & notes – Challenge Mode

Titan's Trident

Titan’s Trident – Rank 18 Shadow Storm Boss – 1,000,000 HP

Shadow PIPS: 5 MAX

Natural Pierce: 20%

Spells observed: (-65%) Shadow Mass Infection + (6 PIP) Tempest (6 PIP) Shadow Tempest + Storm Lord + Shadow Enfeeble + Quicken (Aura) + Brace + Magnify + Shadow Queen Calypso + Storm Queen Calypso + (-85%) Myth Shield + (-85%) Storm Shield + Shadow Virulent Plague + Aegis Storm & Shadow Blade + Aegis Stormspear

On round 1, it will interrupt-cast Equalize (a global spell) that will cap any damage dealt to a maximum of 949,999. This is a problem and here is why… Every time the Titan’s Trident takes a significant hit, it immediately heals back up to full health. Initially, one might think that you either have to do smaller hits (spamming) to avoid triggering the healing, or do one massive hit to one shot the Trident. The latter is definitely not an option, since the damage is capped.

Titan's Trident cheats

The strategy to be followed here is to do 3 big separate hits of 20,000 damage each. After each of these hits the boss will heal back to full health, but that is actually what you want. Just ignore the fact that it keeps healing and the battle will be won after the third significant hit thanks to our dear companions, the Bat and Mellori.

Titan's Trident cheats

To clarify, these hits can be split into smaller hits, but make sure the Trident eventually heals back up and one of these speech lines is displayed on screen. That way you’ll know you’ve progressed onto the next stage / hit.

Titan's Trident cheats


The Minions

Titan's Trident

When the Storm Titan recharges to full health, 3 Myth Refraction minions will be added to the battle which must be dealt with right away. Mainly because their spell arsenal includes various tower shields and, the most terrifying of all, Earthquake.

Myth Refraction – Rank 17 Myth – 3,780HP (x3)

Spells observed: Athena Battlesight + Legion Shield + Mass Hex + Orthrus + Cleanse Ward + Blinding Light + Earthquake + Mass Tower Shield


The Cheats

Moving on to the more difficult aspects of this battle: the ‘cheats’. Now, these are not really cheats as they can be randomly cast at the Storm Titan’s desire. The below names are something we came up with and aren’t actually implemented in game.

Trident Stomp – Storm Titan pulls the Trident up and stomps it back down immediately. This will remove all hanging wards and charms on the Trident alone – both negative and positive unless protected with aegis or indemnity.

Ghastly Lasers – This will be triggered when you hear the Storm Titan laughing, so pay attention! At the end of the consecutive round, ghost-like figures of the Storm Titan will cast lasers that will do 1,375 shadow damage to all wizards.

Wizard Squeeze – Randomly casts a single target shadow attack spell that will do 2,250 damage. This spell — like any other spell — can critical, causing double the damage.

Tardiness – Being late to the battle (joining from round 3 onward) will trigger “Wizard Squeeze”, which will deal damage as detailed above, and also summon one Myth Refraction minion.

Trident Swipe – Trident is pulled up and removed from the duel circle and then placed back in 3 rounds dealing damage to all wizards. The damage will happen at the very end of the third round of this cheat cycle, which will do a devastating hit (5,500 damage) to all wizards in battle. Whilst this cycle is in process, you cannot target the Titan’s Trident as it is not technically in the duel circle. Also, you will notice that the Trident will keep passing for almost the entirety of the 3 rounds with exceptions at times.


Tips & Strategy

One thing I haven’t mentioned so far is the lack of ability to use any kind of feint on this boss. Believe me when I say that we’ve tried! What you want to do here is balance your strategy so that it’s both defensive and offensive. You will need to attack fast so you don’t lose your progress (earthquake or sudden death). In addition, you have to also defend and protect your wizards from the bigger hits. Luckily, when the Titan’s Trident is about to perform one of the bigger hits you’ll be notified – either with its demeaning laugh or when the Trident is pulled out of the duel circle.

Have a hitter focused on buffing for a massive hit and have another wizard ready for the minions that will come right after it heals back. Taking out those pesky minions is the reasonable thing to do. By our calculations, you will need a hitter with 120-150% damage and a hit that does 1100+ combined with 9 blades or traps. Do note that this boss resists Storm, but boosts to Myth.

Additionally, a member of your team should carry cleanse charm and pierce/shatter, as well as tower and legion shields. You will want to protect everyone from those significant shadow hits, down to the jade tank. Reshuffles are great to have to as this seems one of those longer battles. Finally, if you have a necromancer in your team, make use of those Bad Jujus!

Also check out Patrick’s Strategy and Speed run guide for another approach to this difficult battle!


Titan’s Trident – Standard Mode

If you are entering the Maelstrom for the first time, you will face the Standard Mode variation of the Titan’s Trident. This version of the boss has significantly reduced health and cheats.

Titan’s Trident – Rank 18 Shadow Storm Boss – 25,000 HP

Spells observed: (-65%) Shadow Mass Infection + (6 PIP) Tempest (6 PIP) Shadow Tempest + Storm Lord + Shadow Enfeeble + Magnify + Shadow Queen Calypso + (-85%) Storm Shield + Shadow Virulent Plague + Aegis Storm & Shadow Blade + Aegis Stormspear

On round 1, it will interrupt-cast Equalize (a global spell) that will cap any damage dealt to a maximum of 7,999. There are no nasty cheat attacks, and no minions summoned. The trick to this fight is to hit the Trident for 7,750 damage 3 times. After this, the Trident will be destroyed and you can progress the storyline.


Reap the Rewards

The main reward from the Challenge Mode variation of this battle is the ‘Paradox‘ set. You might notice it is similar to another set we’ve encountered before: the Alphoi crafted gear set from Nimbus. However, not only is it similar, it’s exactly the same, down to the last health point! Some Wizard101 players always desired to have multiple sources to obtain a particular gear. I strongly suspect that Kingsisle has listened to them by implementing this. Do note that you still need the Pure Aethyr reagent that supposedly only drops from this boss. Nevertheless, one big difference between the two sets remains. The appearance of the Paradox gear set is breathtaking to say the least!

If I may quote a friend, Jared Shadowbreaker, “a true endgame set!”.

Additionally, you should note that the drop sources have been verified to be different bosses in the Husk as marked below:

  • Astral Grove (Vigilant Sargun) – Hat and Boots
  • Elemental Grove (Arachna Magna Magus) – Deck and Athame
  • Spirit Grove (the Grim Brothers) – Amulets and Rings
  • Titan’s Trident – Robe and Wands


Divine Paradox Conical

Divine Paradox Vestment

Titan's Trident gear

Divine Paradox Boots

Divine Paradox Defenders

Titan's Trident gear

Divine Paradox Dagger

Divine Paradox Amulet

Divine Paradox Ring

Divine Paradox Deck


Balanced Paradox Conical

Balanced Paradox Vestment

Balanced Paradox Boots

Balanced Paradox Defenders

Titan's Trident gear

Balanced Paradox Dagger

Balanced Paradox Amulet

Titan's Trident gear

Balanced Paradox Ring

Balanced Paradox Deck


Deathly Paradox Conical

Deathly Paradox Vestment

Deathly Paradox Boots

Deathly Paradox Defenders

Titan's Trident gear

Deathly Paradox Dagger

Deathly Paradox Amulet

Deathly Paradox Ring

Deathly Paradox Deck


Fiery Paradox Conical

Fiery Paradox Vestment

Fiery Paradox Boots

Fiery Paradox Defenders

Fiery Paradox Dagger

Fiery Paradox Amulet

Fiery Paradox Ring

Fiery Paradox Deck


Icy Paradox Conical

Icy Paradox Vestment

Icy Paradox Boots

Icy Paradox Defenders

Icy Paradox Dagger

Icy Paradox Amulet

Icy Paradox Ring

Icy Paradox Deck


Lively Paradox Conical

Lively Paradox Vestment

Lively Paradox Boots

Lively Paradox Defenders

Lively Paradox Dagger

Lively Paradox Amulet

Lively Paradox Ring

Lively Paradox Deck


Mythic Paradox Conical

Mythic Paradox Vestment

Mythic Paradox Boots

Mythic Paradox Defenders

Mythic Paradox Dagger

Mythic Paradox Amulet

Mythic Paradox Ring

Mythic Paradox Deck


Stormy Paradox Conical

Stormy Paradox Vestment

Stormy Paradox Boots

Stormy Paradox Defenders

Stormy Paradox Dagger

Stormy Paradox Amulet

Stormy Paradox Ring

Stormy Paradox Deck


A couple noteworthy drops are the Pure Aethyr and Amber reagents. Another reward that peaked my interest are the treasure card variations of Forest Lord for the other schools. Is Kingsisle trying to increase spell variety in the Spiral?

To conclude, at the end of the battle after defeating the Titan’s Trident for the first time, you will be awarded the title ‘Stormbreaker‘. However, that’s not all! There is also a badge for defeating it 100 times…

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  • Does he receive damage after a fire hits with heck hound and then he leaves.

  • Could you include some deck set ups? Especially for death, life, hitter?

  • The Triton’s late-comer cheat costs him 1 shadow pip.

  • Triton squeeze is 2 shadow pips, Triton Drop is 1 shadow pip, again credit goes to Alex DragonBloom, great run!

  • Regarding Xer0o0, you can use Unbalance followed by sanctuary to get rid of the bubble and he can’t recast it. Also, when his shadow pips are full, the Triton is taken, THAT is the trigger!!! Special thanks to Alex DragonBloom for pointing out the cheats

  • Ooof, broke the damage barrier of “560,000” damage and went straight for 1,000,000 damage on round 4. Void Squad BWAHHH

    Proof of video is on my channel for “Xer0o0 Hassan Chop” and also in #content on the /r/wizard101 discord server bwah

  • Good thing I have a Myth with 144% Damage, I’ll be Ready to take down this boss

  • I like the LOOK of the gear a lot, but after farming the boss a little bit I noticed that the school variant conicals aren’t the same as the one you get by becoming the Divine Paradox when you fight the Aether Titan. Does anyone know if the Divine Paradox Conical is the same thing you wear as the Divine Paradox?

  • I don’t like this boss. Really, 50,000 3 times, do you have any idea how much his natural attacks do. This battle will just keep making us flee and return, thats too hard. This boss needs to be toned down, a lot like reduce the damage, reduce the health by a lot, take out a cheat or 2 like the minions. Less complications should do the trick

  • I have a picture of the life robe

  • nice guide but the cheats were updated. trident swipe has been upgraded to do 10-12k damage. and during the trident swipe stage he will use ghastly lasers and trident stomp. so have those indemnitys handy. a lot of wizards do not have those trained or do not use them.

    currently he does resist storm and boosts on myth. but he currently also boosts on life attacks as well. he does resist death and balance attacks. not sure on the rest of the schools.

  • The gear from the Titan and the crafted gear are the same?!?! What a way to ruin the game, but defeating the titan is pretty cool!

    • Its not ruining it. Its giving ppl an option to choose which to do. But dont forget the crafting gear is very hard to make.

  • The badge for defeating this boss might just become one of the rarest badges on Wizard101. People are going to have trouble killing this boss at its current stage (it’s most likely going to be nerfed) at least once, let alone 100 times.

    • I honestly hope there will some sort of nerf. I quad-box every battle without difficulty, but KI got me with this one. Doing 50k is easy, but the shadow attacks are too random.

      • Doing 50k is NOT easy :/

        • yes it is, use dots
          best Team for this would be
          Myth/Life,Death, balance,storm
          Myth or Life are the main hitter since they both boost and have dots.

  • Nice guide! It is SO noteworthy that this gear is the same as the crafted option and really close to a dropped option at a boss that’s actually reasonable to farm. They sort of did it in Part 1, but not to this extent. There have been complaints about Darkmoor being too difficult and they’ve been using this model of having end-of-world bosses that are WAY out of line with everything else.

    What a fantastic compromise. Get really cool looking gear for a tougher battle, or stick with stats from gear available elsewhere. And now we’ve got crafted gear that is seriously viable. Love it.

    • Thanks Swordroll! However, an issue remains. The Pure Aether reagent is supposedly dropping from the final boss so you can get the gear from different sources, but not avoid the final battle altogether.

  • 100 times…..heavy breathing but i do like the gear

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