Wizard101 Elixirs
and Why to Use Them

“What is a Wizard101 Elixir?” you may ask. It is an item generally found in the Crown Shop that provides your wizard with a temporary, or less likely a permanent, benefit. Currently, there is a total of 47 different elixirs in Wizard101’s Crown Shop, all providing different and useful effects. Temporary elixirs, which are the majority of them as you’ll see below, last from a minimum of thirty minutes to a maximum of three hours.

Wizard101 Elixirs Doodle 1This system has just been changed with the recent Elixir system update. It is actually something that is still ongoing from Kingsisle’s end. This update eliminated most of the previously existing elixirs that lasted only 30 minutes and replaced them with ones that last three hours. Thus, the one hour lasting elixirs weren’t affected. However, the question remains, “Are the three hour elixirs worth using?“. Furthermore, one might even ask, “Is using any elixir worth it at all?“. This article will help you form an opinion for yourself, as you can observe anything elixir-related in Wizard101, including a list of all the available elixirs.


List of Wizard101 Crown Shop Elixirs

As you probably already know, Wizard101 has a wide variety of elixirs that provide different effects. I went ahead and categorized them as necessary. Thus, we have utility, permanent effect, gameplay, stats and damage elixirs. Stats and damage elixirs have been separated due to the large variety of elixirs they both contain. Additionally, do note that most elixirs can be used multiple times in a row, like the notorious Energy Elixir we all know and love. Other gameplay, stats and damage elixirs hang about till their timer is up, but they can also be deleted by right clicking on them. You will be able to notice an icon on your health and mana globes.

Utility Elixirs

Crafting Elixir

250 Crowns – Resets all crafting timers.

Hatching Elixir

150 Crowns – Immediately hatches any pet eggs in your backpack.

Energy Elixir

250 Crowns – Instantly refills your wizard’s energy. Unlimited use.

Purreau’s Potion #9

400 Crowns – Utilized for additional hatches. Unlimited uses.

Permanent Elixirs

Expand Backpack Elixir

2500 Crowns – Permanently increases backpack space by 50 slots on the selected wizard. This can be used up to a total of three times. Thus, a non-member can have up to 230 and a member 300 backpack space.


Additional Castle Elixir

3500 Crowns – Grants your wizard with an extra castle slot so you can then purchase or craft another castle on the selected wizard. Can be used multiple times and is usually awarded automatically when purchasing bundles that provide castles.


Bric-a-Brac Elixir

995 Crowns – Permanently increases the amount of items you can place in the castle you are in by 50.


Level 50 Elixir

30000 Crowns – The most expensive of them all. This elixir boosts any wizard below level 50 (including level 49) to level 50, skipping the first arc entirely. The affected wizard will receive several additional benefits besides the level boost, including an advanced gear set tailored to the wizard’s school, a pet and mount, and access to the first three areas of Celestia.

Gameplay Elixirs

Triple Animus Elixir

150 Crowns – Triples any animus obtained for an hour.

Major Fishing Luck Elixir

250 Crowns – Increases fishing luck by +50% for an hour.

Mega Fishing Luck Elixir

400 Crowns – Increases fishing luck by +50% for three hours.


Major XP Boost Elixir

500 Crowns – Increases XP gained by 10% for 1 hour.

Mega XP Boost Elixir

1300 Crowns – Increases XP gained by 10% for 3 hours.


Major Rejen Elixir

350 Crowns – Regenerates health when not in combat for 1 hour.

Mega Rejen Elixir

1000 Crowns – Regenerates health when not in combat for 3 hours.


Major Gold Elixir

425 Crowns – Increases gold gained by 10% for 1 hour.

Mega Gold Elixir

1200 Crowns – Increases gold gained by 10% for 3 hours.

Stats Elixirs

Major Health Elixir

225 Crowns – Increases HP limit by 500 for 1 hour.

Mega Health Elixir

625 Crowns– Increases HP limit by 500 for 3 hours.


Major Mana Elixir

175 Crowns – Increases mana limit by 500 for 1 hour.

Mega Mana Elixir

475 Crowns – Increases mana limit by 500 for 3 hours.


Major Accuracy Elixir

350 Crowns – Increases universal accuracy by 15% for 1 hour.

Mega Accuracy Elixir

1000 Crowns – Increases universal accuracy by 15% for 3 hours.


Major Power Elixir

350 Crowns – Increases power pip chance by 20% for 1 hour.

Mega Power Elixir

1000 Crowns – Increases power pip chance by 20% for 3 hours.


Vengeful Elixir

900 Crowns – Increases universal critical chance by 120 for 1 hour.

Major Vengeful Elixir

2000 Crowns – Increases universal critical chance by 120 for 3 hours.


Elixir of Fortification

500 Crowns – Increases universal critical block by 120 for 1 hour.

Major Fortification Elixir

1300 Crowns – Increases universal critical block by 120 for 3 hours.

Damage Elixirs

Major Damage Elixir

375 Crowns – Increases universal damage by 15% for 1 hour.

Mega Damage Elixir

1075 Crowns – Increases universal damage by 15% for 3 hours.


Major Battle Elixir

425 Crowns – Increases universal damage and accuracy by 10% for 1 hour.

Mega Battle Elixir

1200 Crowns – Increases universal damage and accuracy by 10% for 3 hours.


“X” Battle Elixir

300 Crowns – Increases school specific damage and accuracy for 30 mins.

Major “X” Battle Elixir

550 Crowns – Increases school specific damage and accuracy for 1 hour.


Destro-Uctor’s Elixir Shop

Apart from the Crown Shop, there are other sources to earn elixirs in Wizard101. One such source is Destro-Uctor. This is an NPC vendor found in the depths of Mirage’s Istanboa that is unlocked through the questline. Technically, Destro-Uctor is a faction vendor, a special type of NPC currently found only within Mirage. The elixirs he sells are bought by gold and no crowns are required, but don’t get too hyped up about this. Take a look at his elixir selection below and you determine whether it is worth it or not. But hey, every little drop counts, no?

Golden Gold Elixir

10,000 Gold – Increase gold gained from non-combat by 5% for 30 mins.


Golden “X” Elixir

25,000 Gold – Increase flat damage for X school for 30 mins.


Other Elixir Source Alternatives…

Nowadays, we’ve explored the Spiral long enough to know that there can be multiple sources for one thing and the same applies to Elixirs. In fact, Kingsisle seems to be showing some additional focus on them as can be evidenced by the recent update. Thus, there are bound to be additional sources for them eventually. As of now, we have the Crown Shop, Destro-Uctor in Mirage, and…Wizard101 Elixirs Doodle 2

  • Doctor Purreau’s crafting recipes in Pet Pavilion
  • Fantastic Voyage Expedition instance
  • Crowns Reward Events


Doctor Purreau’s crafting recipes in Wizard City’s Pet Pavilion

Ever since Hatchmaking was introduced in the Spiral, Doctor Purreau started offering up a couple new interesting recipes. Among them being three somewhat familiar elixirs. Below you can find a preview of each elixir recipe and what it does.

Clear Hatching Slot Elixir

A direct replica of Purreau’s Potion #9 that clears your hatching timers and allows one to hatch again with another pet. Requires a total amount of 100 Hatch Peppers which don’t… grow on trees.

Wizard101 Elixirs Recipe 1

Hatch all Eggs in Inventory

A reincarnation of the Hatching Elixir we previously discussed can be bought from the Crown Shop. Requires a total of 25 Hatch Peppers, which although isn’t a large amount, still is considerable when comparing to the worth and effect of the potion.

Wizard101 Elixirs Recipe 2

Next Hatch Free Elixir

Something new and unseen before (like Hades himself). This elixir does just as it says. No gold will be deducted if you hatch a pet within the next hour. Unfortunately, it comes at the steep price of 200 Hatch Peppers.

Wizard101 Elixirs Recipe 3


Fantastic Voyage Expedition Instance

In the Fantastic Voyage Expedition we face off against Dewey, a creature of the deep. After we defeat him and complete the quest, each wizard inside the instance will receive the Coosto’s Luck Elixir that increases the fishing luck by +33% for one hour. This elixir can easily be obtained again after completing the instance every time. This was introduced with the Fantastic Voyage Gauntlet.

Wizard101 Elixirs - Coosto Fishing Luck Elixir


Crowns Reward Events

Finally, we have the Crowns Reward Events which we have been seeing quite a lot of as of late. These events introduced several limited time event elixirs, such as the elusive Double Pet XP elixir, or the overpowered Hyper Elixir that lasts for 12 hours (click titles for previews). These elixirs require one to spend crowns on anything in Wizard101, so you can unlock the different tiers of the event. The prizes might seem a tad steep, but do keep in mind that these are EXTRA rewards and you are not actually buying them. Learn more about the Hyper Elixir here.

Wizard101 Elixirs - Hyper Elixir Event


Personally, I like the idea that Wizard101 offers elixirs because it offers more variety and gameplay options for everyone. On the other hand, some elixirs I don’t find worth buying, such as the Health and Mana elixirs. However, that is just my opinion and I’m sure you all have a different one. Thus, I went ahead and asked some of you on Twitter…

Wizard101 Elixirs Poll Results

Source: “https://twitter.com/TheRavenTamer/status/1107222580333854721”

The results were dangerously too close to one another. The elixirs I listed above are some of the most popularly used ones and the poll still got a 42% negative result. After the elixir update, some elixirs have become too good a bargain. For example, compare the Major and Mega Fishing Luck elixirs together. One lasts an hour and the other lasts three, still the price only varies by an additional 150 crowns. Perhaps it is a mistake? Seems too good to be true. My bad if it gets fixed 😛

Where do you stand on Wizard101’s elixir variety? Do you use them often?
Leave us your thoughts and opinions below!

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  • I would use the 30 minute accuracy elixir when farming Aphrodite II, and the Water Works Squid, and I used to use the major fishing luck elixir when fishing, however, since the cost of them has gone up, I will just no longer use any of them.

    • The accuracy elixir I would live without, but I think they made the fishing elixirs so much better! The crowns cost difference between each is just 150 which makes the 3hr potion quite the bargain.

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