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Arcane Deduction

Arcane DeductionWith the introduction of the Great Detective Bundle, a powerful may-cast spell called “Arcane Deduction” has been introduced into the game. “May cast” wands are extremely underrated due to their unpredictability and bad stats; however, I felt this one particular spell has potential.

Is Arcane Deduction Overpowered?

There have been some concerns if perhaps this may cast is a little too powerful and should be made no pvp but I don’t believe that’s the case. As a PvP enthusiast, I’ve seen many potential good wands come and go. A “may-cast” that I personally thought would be broken was Outlaw’s Courtesy on the Avalon Outlaw‘s bundle wand. It’s a spell that removed pips from the opponent and granted them back to the caster. Surprisingly enough, the wand hardly seems to be used and wizards have stuck to pack and crafted wands.

How Does Arcane Deduction Work?

As it stands now, Arcane Deduction works exactly like Beguile: you can see what spell is going to be cast.  With the power of this may-cast, wizards would be able to avoid many sticky situations of having to guess what their opponent is going to do. This wand could make it easier to Triage a Burning Rampage from second and strike at your opponent when they can’t find a shield. With the solid stats offered by this wand, you’re aren’t giving up that much to have access to such a convenient spell.


Who Benefits the Most?Arcane Deduction

The answer has to be: defensive and aggressive players alike, especially when going second. Your opponent will be forced to reconsider all their actions with the fear of them being countered. Even if your opponent plans to run down the timer to avoid having their spell seen, you’re mentally tormenting them.

It’s a surprise that this may cast isn’t being offered at all levels and hopefully this can be reconsidered. A may cast that does no damage should not be overpowered at low levels. Instead, it allows for more interesting and diverse set ups.


What other uses does it have?

On a more PvE perspective of this may-cast, it can be utilized to discover some of the Spiral’s bosses secret spells. Have you ever wondered what spell cards do monsters use? Are they the traditional spells us wizards use? Do they use sun school enchants on spells? Do they have unique spells not available to us?

Emancipator got his hands on this wand and started revisiting some of the game’s most renowned bosses/creatures to discover more on their unique spells. These are the results and there might be SPOILERS to those of you who have not reached Empyrea yet.



Overall, I’m pleased to say that this may-cast is extremely unique and useful enough to consider using in PvP. It’s a shame that it can’t be used to see your opponent’s entire hand, but it’s acceptable enough, considering it lasts for 3 turns!

Is this wand worth it?
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  • When I used the wand and did a cast the person in my group killed the creatures. On our next battle with different creature I received 3 wands I didn’t have loaded. Why.?

  • I was trying to hold off until Empyrea Pt.2 to buy any new bundles. Get any gear at max lvl 130. But, No, you totally just made me need to go get this bundle. Thank you :D. And shame on you. 😛

    • I really want it too xD

      • Would be great for testing bosses and their spells

  • Where can I get this spell??

    • It’s a maycast on the wand of the Great Detective Bundle. So you have to buy the bundle to get it!

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