Bastion Times - Edition #2

Summer Break!

I look up at my classroom’s clock and I tell myself, “I’m almost free”. I’ve spent long hours doing essays with almost no time to play the games I love. As I hop online with classrooms left behind, I’m greeted with a warm welcome: “We’ve missed you here at Ravenwood, Young Wizard!”. Our world may not believe in magic, but we know better as the Spiral is introduced into our lives. It’s more than a bippity boppity boo, it’s a woosh and reeeee with wa blamo! Our imagination has no limits thus even as we grow older, magic stays by our side. Summer is here, have fun and see you all in the spiral!


July 6th brought us one of personal favorite activity of mine…farming! If you were lucky enough to catch our staff at our Nautical XP event, you may have gotten the elusive horn drops from the Pretender. We only managed to get 1 of the possible 2 horns, however,that was still pretty awesome if you ask me! We’ll be hosting another farming event on August 17th. You can check out the details here.

Bastion Times - Edition #2

Bastion Times - Edition #2

Hopefully, we can host more events that include both Wizard101 and Pirate101, its always a pleasure to hang out and game on with other fellow gamers in this wonderful community!

Huuuge Tournament!

If you somehow missed it, Duelcircle hosted one of the biggest tournaments ever seen this summer. Prizes were massive and so was the amount of effort that went that into coordinating such an event. It was quite entertaining being able to watch and help promote the event to our amazing readers. For those curious, the grand winner of it all Jordan Hawk! Below you can watch a clip of the decisive spells used before the victory.

Community Video Spotlight

When it comes to PvP there are few wizards that can match the energy output of Awesome the Sauce ( a.k.a Thomas). Fellow writer, Jeremy Ravenhunter, wrote a very interesting article that addresses some of the most problematic spells to go against in ranked PvP. Thomas created his very own list with a couple of similarities, as well as spells I hadn’t considered myself! So far, the common idea is that Loremaster, Burning Rampage and Guardian Spirit all need changes! Jeremy created polls to gather data and the opinions on each spell are pretty split with no side having a majority amount of hate.

Community Art Spotlight

Mia is one of the MANY and I mean MANY talented artists in the Twizard community and to say that her art is good is a huge understatement. The works that she produces is enough to make one believe that they’re being taken out of the game. There are far too many pieces that she produces to fit in this section so I urge you to look her up on Twitter.  Our Final Bastion discord features a section for people to share their art, feel free to share and see if you can claim this spot!

Q: What motivates you to keep doing art? How long did it take you to become this good?
A: “My good friends and everyone’s support and encouragement is what keeps me going! I wouldn’t be where I am without so many amazing friends who have helped me along the way. I have been digitally painting/drawing since I was 14! Practicing every day has helped me get where I am with my art currently. It excites me to see how my paintings will improve by this time next year! I don’t ever plan on stopping since I absolutely love painting haha”


Kingsisle’s Continued Community Efforts

Chances are you may have found this edition of Bastion Times through the Wizard101 Message Board’s Community News section and if you did, awesome! Mathew Anderson, Kingsisle’s community manager, is working extra hard to make people have access to the information they need! This is an exciting opportunity for everyone to become more active on the forums and pitch their ideas to the game developers.

Speaking of ideas, if you haven’t heard so already, Wizard101 is changing the way deckathalons work! With the introduction of the fire event, leaderboards will be gone, thus making it a whole lot easier to obtain the top tier prizes! More information regarding this change can be found here which brings me to my next point, it seems that the next event will be based on the myth school. KI Live got to show off their myth tower but we never know if they’ll throw an oddball at us and choose a completely different school!

Fun Section

Bastion Times - Edition #2

Bastion Times - Edition #2

Q: What do you call a belt made of watches?
A: A waist of time.

This concludes the second edition of Bastion Times,
catch us on the next one!

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Alex Thunderstaff

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  • this forum is not what it used to be… is getting a nonsense massive posting and that urgence of no idea articles and willing to be somebody in the kingisle community is already becoming a problem.

    • We write a large variety of articles to cater to a wide audience. Not every article will cater to all audiences and that’s ok. Our authors work very hard on everything we post.

    • Hi rotterdam, while I appreciate and value your opinion, I urge you to take another look the work our talented and dedicated authors publish on the website for everyone to enjoy. If it is still not up to your standards I welcome you to look elsewhere in this wonderful community the game has cultivated. Many thanks!

  • John I completely disagree with you and find it rude to associate complaining with not knowing how to PvP. There’s a reason why you see Balance, Fire, Ice, and Life way beyond the other schools. Maybe you’re the one who lacks the understandment of how difficult it is to counter these spells with your over the top ranks? I could go on in detail why we think these spells are need changes but you can always find the article and give it a read. Don’t let the love for these spells warp your judgment into being bias. I would also like to add that Visionary is not an area of PVP that I’m familiar with; however, I am with Champion pvp and know the struggles.

    • Alex, you are completely ignoring the existence of scion (I know you said you aren’t familiar with visionary), but scion is insanely good for the three schools you didn’t mention, Death, Myth, and Storm. Myth has the easiest possible activation for double damage scion, just cast stun shield twice, and then you can one shot literally everyone. Shields won’t matter when you’re in shrike. Death has an easy to activate double damage as well, you can even use Juju to negate hits from your opponent and get yourself into the 33% health threshold to get the double damage bonus. Storm also has a very easy to activate double damage bonus. If someone lacks a blade they’re dead period. You can make an argument that you can play differently to avoid storm and death scion. And you’d be right (most of the time) as long as death doesn’t have juju. However by the mere existence of scion you’re forced to play unoptimally or face scion. Most people are not going to run spirit or elemental blade, because it’s a waste of a sideboard/deck slot, and you waste a round and a pip for a blade that is weaker than a lot of schools’ natural blade. But because of storm scion merely existing you have to run that and use it. With death you pretty much have to one shot them.

      The only school that can really be argued to be “way beyond” the other schools is balance. This is because mana burn is insanely op and can stop everyone from ever getting the pips to scion. But even this can be argued against because balance completely lacks the tools to one shot people. Instead balance is super predictable and always tries to chip people out and control the game. If you just outchip them or break their control you win because they’re so predictable.

      Overall, pvp at max is some of the most balanced pvp there’s ever been. Every school has the tools to compete at a high level and counter different spells (too many to list here so I just emphasized the strengths of the schools you neglected). I think it is definitely fair of John to say that those who complain about spells just don’t know how to pvp, because all the counters exist. If people can’t utilize them that’s on them.

      • So then wouldn’t the scion spells be unbalanced? You dont balance the game by adding overpowered spells or giving one school more utility than others.

  • To be honest, Thomas barely knows what he is talking about. Guardian spirit has been fairly downgraded from 25% already and it can be easily dampened by doom and gloom. Burning rampage can easily get countered by triage or shift. Although loremaster is a great spell, it is not a spell that makes it impossible to win, as it is unlikely to fizzle from a -35% mantle or a -20% weakness. I currently have a decently ranked warlord from every school at Visionary, and I do not have a problem with any of the aforementioned spells as everything can be countered. The only people that actually complain about certain spells have not yet learned how to PvP.

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