Pirate101 Membership Benefits


Pirate101 turned 6 years old and to celebrate, new exciting benefits were introduced into the game. There are quite a few, so lets take a quick look at what we have to look forward to. Let’s also discuss how useful they are.

As of now the current benefits listed on Pirate101 are:

  • Free Miracle Mitch Services
  • Free Player and Companion Respec Reset
  • Double the rewards from Companion Orders
  • Double Experience from Pet Games & Pet Snacks

Free Miracle Mitch Services

If you’ve ever done Moo Manchu, smugglers or the new key bosses, you must have had this problem. Companions just always seem to die! Reviving them costs around 30k gold. Because of that, it’s really hard to have to constantly revive them, especially at lower levels. Thankfully, during this benefit, Old Mitch feels generous and all his services are free of charge 😀

I personally score this benefit 4/4

pirate101 member benefits

Free Player and Companion Reset

Pirate101 players experience the same problems as wizards. We tend to learn everything without really knowing how useful something may be. Resetting training points is pretty costly and resetting companions also tends to be pricey. You’ll most likely only use this benefit once or twice but none the less it’s pretty helpful 🙂

Personal Score 2/4


Double the rewards from Companion Orders

This benefit is godly in its own way. Without the ability to farm mega snacks like in wiz, pirates have to resort to sending their companions to find snacks. Alternatively, you can open packs. Being able to double the amount of snacks is straight-out awesome. This benefit also applies to other orders such as obtaining nautical xp but, as of now, pet snack finding remains a favorite.

Personal Score 3/4

pirate101 member benefits


Double Experience from Pet Games & Pet Snacks

Undoubtedly the BEST benefit, pirates will be able to pump out pets faster at rates never imagined. Since morphing is a lot trickier than hatching, the main strategy used in pirate101 is to repetitively hatch over and over again in mass until a decent pet is produced.  Thanks to this benefit, players will be able to quickly rush their pets to adult and not have to wait hours to see them fail.

My personal score is 5/4!

pirate101 member benefits

Future Benefits??

Pirate101 has promised more benefits are on the way. It’s exciting to think what they could be! Maybe refilling our mojo potions will be free, or maybe using our ship boost will remain free? There are so many possibilities, I’d really like to know what you think!


What’s your favorite benefit? 

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