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It’s time to be the envy of all the Spiral and snag this amazing shirt. Over the months since the launch of our new site, the number of fans and readers has grown to unbelievable heights! If you’re reading this and want to help support our site and the amazing artist, Launie Spiral, who helped create the artwork click here. (Link expired)

The shirts are available for only 2 weeks, but will most likely return in the future. Don’t feel pressured to get one, as we might provide a couple of chances to win a free one in future contests! 🙂

There will various colors to choose from, and if you do decide to purchase one, you can show us how it looks on social media using the hashtag #FinalB!

Article Spotlight

In Bastion Times – Edition #1, I want to share Final Bastion’s most visited article. I’m doing this mostly for curiosity’s sake but also to have a general idea of what the community enjoys reading! It’s not that shocking to find out that the 2 most visited pages on our website are our home screen page and our full spell list so let us move on to a very surprising third place spot. Our Khrysalis Main Quest Line Guide comes in third place with 15.1k visits! This article was made by our very own Nora misthead and features all 277 quests needed in order to fully complete Khrysalis! It makes sense why so many people are prone to getting lost in this massive world and want to follow along. If you need a very clear and organized way of keeping track of your quests, you can check all the other main quests misthead made as well. Share your favorite article down below and I’ll share its statistics!

Bastion Times Edition #1 Stats
Interactions to our Khrysalis guide from March 4th to May 6th.

New Players?

Whether it’s 2013 or 2019, Wizard101 never seems to be short on new players. With the addition of new Wizard City revamps, it’s clear to me that the game wants to improve its appeal to beginners. A part of the game that I would love new players to experience would no doubt be the Arena. Investing time in the arena means that you’ll also have to focus on many of Wizard101’s other side systems. For instance, you’ll spend time fishing, crafting, farming, gardening, and pet training to obtain the items needed. Thus, PvP is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with all of the game’s major side activities. Hardly anyone can claim they went into the arena and got to warlord without putting in the hard work. One of our greatest PvP champions, Eric Stormbringer, wrote an in-depth article over why Newbies are Skipping PvP. I hope someone from the KI development team can take another look and make PvP easier to participate in. The constant membership benefits are extremely helpful in closing gaps between established and new players. For example, the current double pet xp benefit, allows players to obtain a perfect pet rapidly.

Community Events & Fansite Festival

Bastion Times Edition #1 Event

It was a pleasure meeting everyone at our event! We hope everyone had fun doing PvP and participating in our hide & seek amd fashion contests. Everyone had amazing looks and we hope to see you all again next year! This year, we gave away multiple bundles as our top prize thanks to Fansite Festival and Kingsisle. Make sure to come out next time for a chance to win equally awesome prizes. If you’re stuck on choosing a look for our fashion show, you can take inspiration from the great ones shown above.

A quick shot of the host alongside our amazing Community Manager Mathew Anderson and Autumn Dreamwalker from the Spiral Vision

Right after all the fun events that the other fansites hosted were over, there was a huge after party that many attended! The talented Iridian Willowglen made an amazing house for PvP and decorating lovers! Thanks again for inviting us. If you took a picture of any of the events, feel free to tweet them at us @finalbastion . We’d love to see all the fun you had!

Upcoming Community Events

It’s no secret that I love Final Bastion; it’s a huge part of my life that took many days worth of thought to make it into a reality. I love our team and I know that there are many other dedicated teams out there that also work hard to pump out content. Without further ado, here are some other events that I’d like to feature in Bastion Times – Edition #1. From the bottom of my heart, I hope you have time to go cheer them on! For more information, make sure to find them on their social media platforms or on their websites.

Fun Section

A Frog Joke

Q: What happens when a frog’s car breaks?
A: It gets toad

Bastion Times Edition #1 Staff:
Editor in Chief: Alex Thunderstaff
Editors: Jeremy Ravenhunter & Cody RavenTamer

Haiku Contest Winner

Meme of the Month

The Chonky Cat

This concludes the first edition,
catch us on the next one!

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