Empyrea Part 2: Tumbler Dungeon

Throughout the main quest line of Empyrea Part 2, you will get a chance to revisit Zanadu and go through the Beacon of Hope dungeon. What’s so special about this dungeon? Waiting in the second level of this dungeon you will encounter a Moon boss like no other, Tumbler. The cheats displayed from this creature are compelling to say the least. Additionally, you will have Captain Thuria accompanying you, granting +3% universal resist throughout the 3 battles within the dungeon.

In this dungeon you will encounter the following creatures:


First Battle

This is a regular mob battle, however, be prepared for the worst, as these pesky minions like their defensive strategies. It will be extremely hard to defeat them when the tank spams shields.

BatBot Tank – Rank 16 Ice Elite – 5,225hp
Spells observed:
 -45% universal shield to all + -55% universal shield to all + Frozen Armor (Absorb) + Fire Shield + Frost Giant + -20% Fortify

Bat Bot – Rank 15 Storm Elite – 4,525hp
Spells observed:
Storm Lord + Thermic Shield + Catalan + Infallible


Second Battle

Quite the mean fighting machine! Tumbler is well versed in all 3 schools of the Moon school of magic. Also, note that the amount of wizards present in the duel circle will affect some of the cheats recorded below.

Tumbler – Rank 17 Moon (Death / Myth / Ice) Boss – 13,075hp
Spells observed: Arcticzilla + Wraith + 20% Balance Blade + Orthrus + Mystic Colossus + Mass Moon Tri-traps + Mass Indemnity Feint + Frozen Armor (Absorb)

Bat Bot – Rank 15 Storm Elite – 4,525hp
Spells observed: Storm Lord + Thermic Shield + Catalan + Infallible



Tumbler Cheat Line 1

At the very start of the battle, Tumbler will cast an aura that provides him with outgoing damage. The amount of outgoing damage will vary depending on how many wizards are present inside the duel circle.

  • One wizard: +100% outgoing damage
  • Two wizards: +200% outgoing damage
  • Three wizards: +300% outgoing damage
  • Four wizards: +400% outgoing damage

The more wizards there are, the faster you’ll die, so make sure you are the ones to strike first.


Tumbler Cheat Line 2

Joining the battle late will trigger a mana burn cheat, which is becoming quite the trend among cheating bosses nowadays. Make sure that if you have to join late, you join when Tumbler engages ‘Defense Mode,’ as this will reduce the amount of damage you get. Our very own misthead had the wonderful experience of being hit with a mana burn on her storm wizard (with 38% resist) that did 12,285 damage. RIP!


Tumbler Cheat Line 3

The wonderful defense mode will give you a temporary sanctuary from Tumbler’s brutal hits. Defense mode casts a resist aura that again varies depending on the amount of wizards. Every four rounds the aura will be switched between defense and offense mode.

  • One wizard: 100% incoming damage
  • Two wizards: 105% incoming damage
  • Three wizards: 110% incoming damage
  • Four wizards: 120% incoming damage


Tumbler Cheat Line 4

The weird cheat… The aura is re-cast when in defense mode and this is triggered when particular spells are cast. Observed when blading, healing and most of all when using shadow self spells like Shadow Shrike and Seraph. It just went haywire when using those!


How to defeat Tumbler?

If you are in a full team, then a fast approach is required. Stack blades on one wizard, cast double feints, and hit as soon as wizardly possible. This is how I defeated it the first time around. In fact I didn’t even realize he had such complex cheats back then, as it was defeated in a quick two round battle.

On the other hand, if you are soloing, take a more defensive approach. Make sure you can survive the initial offensive phase and start boosting up your wizard for one big hit. Once Tumbler reverts back to offense mode on the seventh…ish round you know when to go for the big hit.


Third Battle

Tumbler Battle 3

The dynamic duo! Airfred and Bat Bot are the only thing left standing between you and the Bat! They remind me of someone, but cannot remember who…

Airfred – Rank 16 Life Elite – 4,750hp

Bat Bot – Rank 15 Storm Elite – 4,525hp
Spells observed: Storm Lord + Thermic Shield + Catalan + Infallible

Note that previously the Bat Bot minion used to be immune to all damage just like the minions in the Temple of Light instance, however that was changed in the latest patch to test realm.

Will you take on Tumbler and his little robotic friends?

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  • Thanks to the one who made this!!!! because of you i beat it finally solo!!!!!

  • Ive noticed (not jut in this dungeon) that Shriek makes fights much faster. Some of the people we talk to actually say, “so your the wizard fighting shadow with shadow”. There are several dungeons that I have done that Shriek was completely necessary, and in my opinion, most wizards will need it in these three fights, depending on their statsx

    • You’re right, yes 🙂 Shrike and infallible together works great!

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