Shadow Creatures: How They Work

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 Shadow Creature Mechanics


They Resolve in Two Rounds

Shadow Creatures resolve themselves in only 2 rounds, making you much less vulnerable in max level PvP and giving your opponent less time to react. Previously Shadow Creatures took 3 rounds to fully resolve.

They Start at their Maximum Damage

Shadow Spells start out at their max potential damage with the likes adding the buffs. This means that even with no buffs the current shadow spell’s base damage is equal to the base damage of an old creature’s base damage at maximum likes. Previously Shadow Spells started at 1/3 their damage and slowly built up damage as you increased likes.

They Start with 20% Backlash

Dark Nova and Dark Fiend start at a mere 20% backlash meaning that at max likes you will take no backlash damage from these spells.

They all “Like” Blades, Traps and Shadow spells and start at their first “Like” as soon as they are cast

Now all the Shadow Creatures like attempts to buff including Dark Shepard and Dark Fiend which previously did not like buffing attempts at all. Whether they still retain their old likes in addition to these new ones has not yet been tested. In addition to this as soon as the Shadow Spell is cast it will automatically grow to it’s first stage and gain the 40% blade. Couple this with the fact that the spells are at max damage from the get go and you are posing a solid offensive threat as soon as these are cast.

What does this mean for PvP?

Shadow creatures are much less dangerous to use in PvP than they used to be. Previously making a 3 round commitment in this meta was ill-advised: leaving your opponent a huge amount of time to counter your strategy or offensively exert pressure. Now the shadow creature spells resolve in 2 rounds: increasing survivability and limiting your opponent’s counter options. In the prior meta with criticals able to shut you down in one hit and Shadow Enhanced Spells always presenting a OHKO threat it made no sense to use these spells. Now with a reduced critical impact and the possibility of mastery amulet use for heals it is entirely possible to run a slower tempo strategy. Of course the meta is still a lot faster than it used to be but this change moves Shadow Creatures out of the useless pile and into the realm of viability. Check out a guide here!

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