How to Wait
for Test Realm to Load

So! A new update has reached Test Realm! What an exciting and joyous occasion! You jump onto your computer, type in your passcode, and ready your mouse….and wait. At last you’re into the game! You hit your house button, ready to see the new Arcanum spells…and wait…and wait some more. It’s a familiar story. Maybe your computer is a little slow or your internet connectivity a little shaky, or worse: maybe you just got a new computer, or downloaded the test realm, or simply haven’t been online in a long time, it’s ok! I’m here for you! This is “How to Wait for the Test Realm to Load!” (you can add “without hurting yourself or others” if it means that much to you. It’s ok, there’s no judgement here I mean there technically is but Cat is the balance, not me…buh dum chiissh…cheap Wizard101 jokes are cheap…)

Amusing intros aside, I’m literally sitting here and waiting for the test realm to let me into Bartleby so I can then wait for the arcanum to load…so…my first thought was, “Let’s write a blog post!”

Technique #1: Twiddle your thumbs

Otherwise known as “sitting and waiting.” There isn’t much to this, just sit in your chair and be patient. For some people this can be particularly difficult I am one of those people and that’s ok, simply refer to one of the other techniques below.

Technique #2: Laugh at all the pets without owners

This technique can easily be utilized alongside Technique #1! It seems that a side effect of loading locations is that pets load first and appear to be running around without any owners! This is a hilarious occurrence depending on how much the people that you can’t see are moving around. The downside to this technique is that this hilarity will eventually fade as people load.

Technique #3: Run around on a new mount

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a mount or of having one that you don’t currently own, this is the prime opportunity to test that mount out! You can then run around in circles while you wait!

wait for Test Realm to Load
Exhibit A. of pets without owners!
Technique #4: Go and get some food

This technique is fairly simple at its base level. All it requires is getting up out of your computer chair, walking into the kitchen, and begin scavenging for snacks. These snacks can then be taken back to the computer while the wait continues. For example, I’ve now eaten 3/4 of a new can of Pringles and will soon be moving onto kettle corn. However, sometimes this can be a perilous act. If you’ve been sitting for a very long time, you may experience jelly legs upon standing. This can be very unpleasant and can sometimes result in you walking strangely to the kitchen while others stare at you. Another possible peril of this technique is the possibility of the snacks being hidden or becoming hidden due to your repeated scavenging. My recommendation for the former is to be unafraid to utilize a ladder if need be if one must become Indianna Jones to get food then that’s just what has to be done and for the latter to scavenge as subtly as possible to avoid this outcome.

There is actually an added bonus to this technique as well: The act of getting food can actually be turned into making food depending on how long you have to wait or the fact that you’ve eaten all the snacks.

Warning: This technique is not recommended for those who are on diets! (unless you have a strong will and can divert yourself from snacks to..say…carrots. “But…what?…carrots are a snack?” you say. No. No they are not.)
Technique #5: Go and get a beverage

This technique is only slightly different than Technique #4. Once again, you must get up from your chair and walk to the kitchen, but instead of getting snacks you’re getting some kind of beverage. Water is the best for you (especially if you’ve gotten a salty snack) but any kind of beverage will do.

Warning: This technique also isn’t super great for those of us trying to be healthy, that is if you decide to get a sugary soda. Additionally, when I say “any” beverage, I don’t actually mean any. Adults, I’m looking at you here…
wait for Test Realm to Load
When waiting in Walruskberg stop by the fishmonger! (I’m just kidding…our characters can’t eat)
Technique #6: Pet your cat

Give your eyes a break from the computer and go pet your cat! There’s nothing quite as soothing for me as petting my cats and the time you have to wait will melt away (just like your heart from purrs). This technique actually doesn’t require you to own a cat and can be substituted for a dog if you wish multiple cats.

Technique #7: Dance party

This is probably the most fun out of all of these techniques, but is best utilized when one is alone in a room. All you have to do is put some music on! I often simply wave my arms around, but if the mood strikes you, get out of your chair and have a dance party! It’s good for your circulation! Sometimes this technique will also lead to singing. This is perfectly normal and if it happens to you, embrace it. Be aware, however, that this may also trigger strange looks from family or friends.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 6.55.13 PM
Walruskberg is a great place for your character to dance along with you, because all the Pinguins are dancing too! Here’s a shot of me doing the bee dance with a random Pinguin citizen.
Technique #8: Write a blog post

Granted that first one must have a blog, but once that has been achieved your possibilities for productivity are endless! A prime example of this technique is this very post!

I hope reading this article has helped you to pass some time while waiting! What are your favorite techniques while waiting for Test to load?

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