The Great Beast Starfall Sea, Khrysalis


What is the Great Beast?

The Great Beast is our method of travel across the Starfall Sea.  The creature summons at the ancient stone pier off the Driftwood Docks. First, we call from the Mustering horn and then we drop the Diving Bell into the tide. The Great Beast roars from the depths below; however, it purrs at our command. (Terrific sound effects by Wizard101 btw.  You can hear them in the video below.)


With sloping scales and dripping maw, as who pursued with yell and blow still treads the shadow of his foe, and forward bends his head. The beast drove fast, loud roar’d the blast, and southward aye we fled.

-recited by Taylor Coleridge

Once aboard the Diving Bell, we navigate the Great Beast with the Nautic stones we plundered under Captain Coleridge’s direction. The Dying Star Stone we collected in Central Keep serves as our guide to Radiant Alcazar.

Whoa! What happens on this Great Beast?

Fill your potions because there are no wisps in this instance [edit: whisps have been added!]. Captain Coleridge teaches us how navigate the Great Beast with the:

Altometer, Mahatala Stone, Rasatala Stone, Oceana Crystal, Atala Stone & Mundana Crystals.

The Great Beast rises and falls at our touch of the stones, despite his thundering snarls of protest. For his assistance, we aid him in the riddance of a few pests along our ride. diving-bell

1st Battle: Fair Warning

white-razorBe ready to encounter 2 to 4 White Razors rank 13 Life at 3,064 health.  Expect the White Razors to use Spinysaur, Gnomes! and Fortify along with other life spells such as: Forest Lord, Bronze Helephant, Goat Monk, Life Traps, Lifeblade, Mend and heals.  You can Stun this enemy. They will drop rare treasure cards such as Mass Infection and Storm Beetle and rare reagents such as Astral Shard.

2nd Battle: Sea of Heartbreak

whirligig-beetleWe save the distressed beast by defeating 2 to 4 interesting looking Whirligig Beetles.  These are rank 13 Elite Myth at 4,535 health. (Myth, need I say more? One of the more troublesome species of enemy.)  Yes, they have Earthquake and Medusa.

For this reason, I recommend sending the teammate with the most defense to Myth in the battle for the first round alone.  They will draw the Medusa and Basilisk to them allowing the rest of the team to blade quickly.  You could use Feint(s) since the buff cannot be removed via Earthquake.

Whirligig beetles will also use buffs to increase their damage. You can Stun this enemy.  Implement your plan fast and get out of there.  The best drops here are the rank 10 Treasure cards such as Celestial Calendar, 96 gear and reagents including the rare Astral Shards.

3rd Battle: Maelstrom Rising

stun-immune-deep-spawnLOOK OUT!  Multiple Deep Spawn alert!!  Defeating the Deep Spawn may not seem tricky, but let me tell you why I offer an alert.  Deep Spawn are rank 13 Storm bosses at 14,680 health.  No big deal right? Well how about having four of them?! Although we cannot tell exactly what their Critical Rating is, it must be high. They have typical accuracy for Storm, rather low. You can have less than four if soloing or if one team member walks out and enters the battle alone at first. They will buff up their damage and Critical Rating. They are Stun Immune.  I would really like to tell you to work fast and get out here, but it is not so easy to do.

storm-dragonExpect them to use Fortify, Enfeeble, Storm Lord and Sirens to say the least.  It is entirely possible and even probable that you will see at least one Sirens on the first turn. I have been hit by three of them first turn, and it is possible that you will get all four.

They also use a 7 pip Storm Dragon that deals 900-1000 damage and adds a negative accuracy charm. I have been more than once by one of these for over 2800 damage.  They use Storm Owl and Tempest which we all know can do that much damage too.  They are going to buff up their damage with blades, traps and auras.

For team play, sending a wizard in first round to draw the single hits is ideal.  To really break Deep Spawn’s effectiveness, have at least the tanking wizard wear gear with massive Storm Resist, something like 80%, even if it is terrible gear otherwise. I also recommend wearing gear with large amounts of Critical Block to Storm.

In the event a teammate is defeated, fleeing is an option to receiving a heal.  It does mean you will have to wait for a turn for reentry; however, using the Dungeon Recall feature is an option when you’re dealing with negative accuracy charms and trying to effectively blade before they can remove them.

The Up-side to Deep Spawn

Finned Assasin petFinned Assassin Pet is here. It features a 66 DNA and a Mass Infection card. It also has the chance at the Cure Crusher talent which is May Cast Infection.

sun-serpent-tcThey drop rare Treasure Cards like the Rank 10 Sun Serpent and Avenging Fossil used in the Khrysalis part two crafting. They do drop the normal reagents and the rare Astral Shards. They drop the level 93 decks and the level 96 weapons as wells as a smattering of level 96 gear.  Looking for some rank 7 and 8 pet snacks? They also drop the Queen Crape Myrtle seed.

Quest Video

Want to see the entire quest? Well you’re in luck! We have it for you 😀 >


Have you completed this quest yet? How was your experience?  Do you have any other tips that may help others who are having difficulty?

Happy Questing


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