A Guide to Pirate101 Pet Snacks

(and the pets who like/love them)

As part of the new Advanced Pet system, the Pirate101 update introduces the concept of Pet Snacks.  Wizard101 players will already be familiar with Pet Snacks.  The Pirate101 system is similar, but with a few new interesting wrinkles.  Read on to find out what (and when) to feed your pet!

The Basics Of Pet Snacks

Pet snacks can be used to boost your pet’s Strength, Agility, Will, Health, and Experience values.  Snacks come in levels from 1 to 10, where the higher the level of snack, the greater the increase in stats.

In addition, pet snacks are the only way to boost your pet’s Power value.  Snacks of level 6 and above will always provide some Power increase.  Feeding your pet a snack of any level that it Likes will add an incremental +1 Power and +4 Experience boost.  If it Loves the snack, the increment is +2 Power and +8 Experience.  So, understanding which snacks your pet will like (and hopefully love) is key to getting the most out of your menu offerings.

Pet snacks can be purchased from vendors, obtained as Pet Wranglin’ rewards, or dropped by bosses.


This snack boosts: Agility +3, Strength +2, Health +20, and Experience +40.

When To Feed Your Pet

Pet training exercises come in two flavors: those that boost one or more of Strength, Agility, Will, Health, and Experience, and those that boost only one of Guts, Guile, or Grit.  You will be able to feed your pet a single snack only upon completion of any exercise in the first group.  G/G/G training exercises will not allow you to feed your pet afterward, nor can you feed your pet a snack at any arbitrary time (as much as your pet might like this).


Snack Vendors

There are 3 pet snack vendors.  Gallina Karus lives above the morphing tent on the mezzanine level inside the arena in Bestia, right next to the pet gear vendor.   Storm Singer is on Ogallala Rock, in the Big Sky skyway of Cool Ranch.  Yoshio Sanjo is in the Sacred Mountain area of Mooshu (off of Crimson Dock in Subata skyway).  Storm and Yoshio offer a subset of the snacks available from Gallina, and all three are limited to level 1 to 4 snacks.  Unlike Wizard101, pet training in Pirate101 does not have to be done at any particular location, so buy your snacks wherever it is most convenient (but you do get a Chow Hand badge for finding all 3 vendors).


Gallina is open for business!

Snack Worlds


Every snack is associated with a particular world.  The world symbol is displayed on the snack card, and mousing over the symbol will cause the name of the world to be displayed.


Here are all the world symbols:

si-snack-iconSkull Island


cool-ranch-snack-iconCool Ranch




other-snack-iconOther, or Unknown world

Snack Classes

pet-snacksIn addition to its world of origin, every snack is a member of one of four snack classes.  This information is not displayed on the snack card – it must be deduced by feeding snacks to pets.  Fortunately for you, we’ve already done all the work!

We have labelled the 4 snack classes “Main Course”, “Side Dish”, “Dessert”, and “Universal”.  Don’t take these names too literally – they are meant to be at best a general description of the snacks in each class.  “Universal” is a special class containing only a few universally preferred snacks.  The themes for the class seem to be liquids or Yum (or perhaps just liquids, if the Yum has been through Tom Tinkney’s juicer).  Every pirate is familiar with the restorative effects of yum; apparently running around the spiral at our sides has also made our pets thirsty.

What follows is a list of all the snacks we can currently place in a snack class, including the level and world of the snack.  Snacks listed in green can be purchased from snack vendors.  Snacks listed in purple, as well as most of the green snacks, can be obtained as Pet Wranglin’ rewards.

Main Course Snacks

Fish Fingers (1/Skull Island)
Banana & Potatoes (3/Monquista)
Banana Creole (3/Monquista)
Banana Gumbo (3/Monquista)
Banana Stew (3/Monquista)
Banana Burger (4/Monquista)
Banana Sandwich (4/Monquista)
Breakfast Tacos (4/Cool Ranch)
Cactopus (4/Cool Ranch)
Chile Con Carnage (4/Cool Ranch)
Lemon Pepper Banana (4/Monquista)
Miranda Migas (4/Cool Ranch)
Tumbleweed Toast (4/Cool Ranch)
Hero Sandwich (5/Aquila)
Kippers (5/Marleybone)
Stargazy Pie (5/Marleybone)
Wondercud (5/Mooshu)
BBQ Banana (6/Monquista)
Beast Wellington (6/Marleybone)
PB & J (6/Skull Island)
Satyr Chow (6/Aquila)
Boiled Banana (7/Monquista)
Fish Fingers & Custard (7/Marleybone)
Yakatori (7/Mooshu)
Broiled Banana (8/Monquista)
Glam Chowder (8/Skull Island)
Marleymite Sandwich (8/Marleybone)
Omelettin (8/Aquila)
True Grits (9/Cool Ranch)
Chalupacabra (10/Cool Ranch)
Jellied Pork (10/Cool Ranch)
Kim’Choo (10/Mooshu)
Shark Sandwich (10/Skull Island)

Side Dish Snacks

Scrimshaw Swiss (1/Skull Island)
Mystery Nuggets (2/Skull Island)
Banana Kabobs (3/Monquista)
Banana Salad (3/Monquista)
Pan Fried Banana (3/Monquista)
Stir Fried Banana (3/Monquista)
Junction Jerky (4/Cool Ranch)
Wholly Frijoles (4/Cool Ranch)
Albion Eggs (5/Marleybone)
Haggis Crisps (5/Marleybone)
Stymphalian Birdseed (5/Aquila)
Wild Rice (5/Mooshu)
Decimatoes (6/Aquila)
Despertatoes (6/Cool Ranch)
Tabooleh Salad (6/Skull Island)
Oyster Shooters (7/Cool Ranch)
Skull & Crossbuns (7/Skull Island)
Toast Soldiers (7/Marleybone)
Valencian Oranges (7/Unknown)
Marble Samu-Rye (8/Mooshu)
Marleymelade (8/Marleybone)
Quesadillo (8/Cool Ranch)
Secret Recipe Kernels (8/Cool Ranch)
Baked Banana (9/Monquista)
Bluecumber Sandwiches (9/Marleybone)
Pistachios with Moustachios (9/Cool Ranch)
Pollycrackers (9/Skull Island)
Potatoes Polaris (9/Unknown)
Stilted Cheese (9/Marleybone)
Amazonions (10/Aquila)
Ships & Queso (10/Cool Ranch)

Dessert Snacks

Golden Pineapple (1/Skull Island)
Coconutella (2/Skull Island)
Jelly Rodgers (2/Skull Island)
Molten Lava Cake (2/Skull Island)
Troggy Taffy (2/Skull Island)
Watermolen (2/Skull Island)
Deep Fried Banana (3/Monquista)
Buffaloon Patties (4/Cool Ranch)
Cupcake (5/Marleybone)
Fortune Cookies (5/Mooshu)
Minotarts (5/Aquila)
Yum Trifle (5/Marleybone)
Bandito’s (6/Cool Ranch)
Gears N Granola (6/Unknown)
Licicles (6/Marleybone)
Monster Island Mochi (6/Mooshu)
Eye Candy (7/Aquila)
Juju Fruits (7/Skull Island)
Manticoreos (7/Aquila)
Tinfoil Stars (7/Cool Ranch)
Dark S’moors (8/Unknown)
Frojan Mousse (8/Aquila)
Mecha Monster Island Mochi (8/Mooshu)
Haki Sticks (9/Mooshu)
Krakenjacks (9/Aquila)
Subata Roll (9/Mooshu)
Sugar Skulls (9/Skull Island)
The Twelve Flavors of Hawkules (9/Aquila)
Jammy Babies (10/Marleybone)
Jiggy Pudding (10/Marleybone)
Sauteed Banana (10/Monquista)
Zeus Newton (10/Aquila)

Universal Snacks

Banana Soup (3/Monquista)
Sasperilla (4/Cool Ranch)
Farm Fresh Yum (5/Mooshu)
Moolong Tea (5/Mooshu)
Ryan’s All Natural Yum-N-Ade (8/Skull Island)
Hot Buttered Yum (10/Skull Island)

Note: The El Doreeto snack (10/Unknown) is in a class by itself, and is loved by all pets.


Pets, their Worlds, and their Preferred Snack Class

Like snacks, every pet type is also associated with a world of origin.  Some of the associations are obvious, based on where the animal is encountered in the Spiral: White-Tailed Jackalope = Cool Ranch, Celestial Dragon = Mooshu, Mini-Minotaur = Aquila, etc. .  Some are less obvious – who knew that Fandangos came from Marleybone?

Every pet also has a preference for one of the three main snack classes.  Like the classes of the snacks themselves, neither a pet’s world of origin nor its preferred snack class is displayed anywhere in the game; players are expected to figure it out for themselves.

Here are all the pets we can currently associate with a world, along with the preferred snack class of each:

Skull Island Pets


Coconut Crawlie – Side Dish


Coral Widow – Dessert


Inky Octopus – Side Dish


Not so Great White Shark – Side Dish


Cutie Chameleon – Dessert


Orchid Chameleon – Dessert


Skarakeet – Side Dish


Violet Bubblefish – Side Dish

Monquista Pets



Lion Fish – Main Course


Cool Ranch Pets


Armadillo Verde – Main Course


Golden Stingtail – Side Dish


Quackosaurus – Dessert


Silver Buffaloon – Side Dish


Tropical Sky Snake – Side Dish


White-Tailed Jackalope – Dessert

Mooshu Pets


Celestial Dragon – Main Course


Imperial Lion – Main Course


Ebon Spectre – Side Dish


Tawny Sky Turtle – Side Dish


Ice Scarab – Dessert


Sabretoothed Bunny – Dessert

Marleybone Pets


Fandango – Side Dish


Lil’ Labor Golem – Dessert


Ostrich – Side Dish


Crokogator – Main Course

Aquila Pets


Mini-Minotaur – Main Course


Spiny Serpent – Main Course

Unknown World Pets



Scrimshaw Drake – Main Course



The Like/Love Rules

Now comes the critical information for maximizing the benefits of pet snacks – how to determine which snacks your pet will prefer without having to feed them samples first.  The rules are simple:

  1. Every pet type will like all snacks that are in their preferred snack class or from their world of origin.
  2. Every pet type will love all snacks that are both in their preferred snack class and from their world of origin.
  3. Every pet type will like all snacks in the Universal snack class, regardless of the pet’s preferred snack class.
  4. Every pet type will love all snacks in the Universal snack class that also match their world of origin.
  5. Every pet type will love the El Doreeto snack.

The only exception to these rules (so far) is the Scrimshaw Drake. While the Drake will like all Main Course snacks, all Unknown world snacks, and all Universal snacks, it seems incapable of loving any snacks – except possibly El Doreeto.  Perhaps it had an unhappy childhood…

A couple of examples:

  • Imperial Lion pets are from Mooshu, and prefer Main Course snacks.  They will love Yakatori (a Mooshu/Main Course snack), like Banana Burgers (a Main Course) and Fortune Cookies (a Mooshu snack), and not particularly care for Jelly Rodgers (neither Mooshu nor Main Course).  They will also love Moolong Tea, a Universal snack that comes from Mooshu.
  • Inky Octopus pets are from Skull Island, and prefer Side Dish snacks.  They will love Mystery Nuggets (a Skull Island/Side Dish snack), like Pan Fried Banana (a Side Dish) and Troggy Taffy (a Skull Island snack), and not prefer Banana Creole (neither Skull Island nor Side Dish).  They will also like Banana Soup (a Universal snack, but not from Skull Island).

That’s all there is to it!  Happy Feeding!


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