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Magical Fishing: Phase Two

So now, you know what you’re doing. You are an expert on our Magical Fishing Guide. You understand how to cast a Magical Fishing Lure and catch a fish.  You completed Quest 1: A River Runs Through it, given by Lucky Hookline in WC Commons and perhaps more. What next? In this article, I share helpful tips that I gained during my experiences.

The staff at Duelist101 has been fishing and are hard at work to gain as much information as possible.  I fished for more hours and used more Energy Elixirs that I wish to count. Most of the time, I streamed my fishing experiences to YouTube and chatted with others who were either fishing or seeking information.  Fishing, and watching fishing is terrific for insomniacs. Just like real fishing, Magical Fishing is slow paced and sleep inducing.

I hope you find this helpful so you can get the most out of Magical Fishing.

Show-off Your Fish!

If you plan to keep your fish or show them off in the future, read on. If you plan to sell them all, skip ahead to Fishing Steps.

There are a lot of types of fish. They come in a range of sizes that fall into one of three categories: Small Fry, Keepers and Whoppers.  I recommend obtaining at least a few Aquariums early in your fishing career. Only one fish will fit in a tank.  Aquariums are the only way to store/display your catches beyond your basket. As you catch fish that you really like, you can add them to your tanks.


It is particularly important as you fish for Rare and Epics. There are only 100 spots in your fishing basket.  They fill up quickly.

Please take this advice and learn from my newbieness.  This is something I really wish I had done.  I sold many fish that I could have used to craft tanks. It also got quite frustrating toward the end when I had only a few spots left to cycle fish. I wasn’t even sure which fish I wanted to keep. Find more about Aquariums in our Magical Fishing Guide. The guide addresses how you can buy them, craft them and which fish go in which aquarium.

The Regular Aquariums hold the majority of the types fish, fifty-six (56). Tall Aquariums hold five (5) types of fish and there are two (2) types of fish that require the Large Aquariums. As Wizard101 adds fish, these numbers will change. We expect to see new fish as early as Halloween 2014.

Regular Aquariums: Whopper (left), Small Fry (right)

There are three sizes of each Aquarium: Keeper, Small Fry and Whopper.  For crafters, the Small Fry and Whopper recipes for the Regular Aquarium use Frost Dekoi. I caught many. It will be easy to craft a these along your journey.  Spend a few minutes looking at the Aquarium recipes to determine which fish are needed to craft the ones you want. This will save time in the future. Making a “Fish Needed” list will be helpful.

Fish Used to Craft Tanks (10 of each)

All of the fish are Rank 1 and common. Our Fish Location Guide has additional fishy details.

  • Lifecuda (Regular Keeper Aquarium)
  • Frost Dekoi (Regular Small Fry Aquarium,Regular Whopper Aquarium)


  • Catfish (Large Keeper Aquarium)
  • Charred Dekoi (Large Small Fry Aquarium)
  • Fabled Dekoi (Large Whopper Aquarium)


  • Gullfish Grouper (Tall Keeper Aquarium)
  • Mud Dekoi (Tall Small Fry Aquarium)
  • Corroded Dekoi (Tall Whopper Aquarium)

Notice that the Small Fry and the Whoppers are a bit easier to craft?  The Small Fry and Whopper fish are less common. Keep this in mind when selling fish from your basket. Which fish would you prefer to display? That will determine the size of the tanks you need. Notably, the Small Fry fish is a little harder to see in the Tank and the Whopper tank is HUGE in your house as seen in the picture above..

Next, obtain the reagents & shields. Some of us hoard these whenever possible and will find this task simple. For others, this will be a daunting task. Visit our Crafting Guide Overview for help.

As soon as you have the reagents, shields and fish, hop over to your Housing Crafting Table, make your Aquarium, drop it in your house and add your favorite fish.

More About Crafting with Fish

It is also worth noting that you can craft Teleport Tapestries and pet snacks with your unwanted fish, such as the Bone Fish ‘n Harmony Rank 8  which uses Bone Fish. We briefly discussed this in our Magical Fishing Guide. Click to learn more about the Pet Snack Recipes.

Pet Snack Recipes with Fish as Ingredients

Bone Fish ‘n Harmony Catfish Stevens Crab Louie
Rank 8 Rank 5 Rank 7
bone-fish-n-harmony catfish-stevens crab-louie
  • 6 Earthquake
  • 2 Bone Fish
  • 4 Scales
  • 4 Firecat
  • 2 Bearded Trout
  • 4 Red Mandrake
  • 7 Scorpions
  • 2 Dragon Eel
  • 7 Scales


Fish Taco Roly Poly Fishheads Seafood Mocktail
Rank 4 Rank 7 Rank 4
fish-taco roly-poly-fishheads seafood-mocktail
  • 6 Ice Trap
  • 2 Catfish
  • 4 Scales
  • 5 Satyr
  • 2 Sumo Koi
  • 3 Scales
  • 3 Sap Health
  • 2 Cuddlefish
  • 3 Scales


Surfin’ Turf Todd Po’Boys
Rank 6 Rank 9
bone-fish-n-harmony catfish-stevens
  • 5 Poison
  • 2 Boar Fish
  • 5 Water Lilly
  • 5 Banshee
  • 2 Todd Pole
  • 3 Scales


Fishing Steps

Once you’ve mastered the lure’s splash and sound, to gain rank, locate the other types of fish that are around. It gets monotonous and before you know it, you will have a Tome full of fish. Follow these basic steps for the best results:

    1. Get the utility spell Reveal Fish School  (Magical Fishing Guide)
    2. Know where the desired fish resides (Fish Location Guide)
    3. Know the desired fish’s school (Fish Location Guide)
    4. Memorize the school’s beam (Magical Fishing Guide)
      • Life – Green with leaves
      • Fire – Orange with flames
      • Storm – Purple and zappy
      • Myth – Yellow with sparklers
      • Balance – Crimson (Burgundy Red) with haze
      • Death – Black with fog of darkness
      • Ice – Very Light Blue with snowflakes
    5. Know the desired fish’s rank (Fish Location Guide)
    6. Cast the fish’s school lure that matches or is greater than the desired fish’s rank (Magical Fishing Guide)
    7. Reel it in and enjoy your fish
Reveal Fish School at 3 EnergyReveal-Fish-Animation

fishingluckMajor Fishing Luck and Minor Fishing Luck Elixirs do seem to help.  We do not yet know how they work. It does not show as a statistic anywhere on our Character screen.  We do not yet know how much it increases or what exactly it increases. Could it be a new stat? Does it bring Epic fish to the pond? Does it simply bring more fish to the pond? We don’t know yet.

Visibility Difficulties

The number one difficulty is the fact that the Reveal Fish School spell casts the effect for a period of time then turns off.  I would rather see it cast the effect and leave it the revealed fish on for 20 minutes or so.  Once the fish schools are revealed, you have to wait a moment for the effect to stop before you can resume fishing.  If we move too close to a fish, or sometimes if we move at all, the colors stop beaming, yet we are stuck waiting the now non-beaming spell out before we can fish.

reveal-fish-jumbleIf a bunch of fish swim together, it is easy to lose the one we want.  So, instead of losing only ~7 Energy (3 for Reveal, 3/4 for Lure) for the fish, we lose 10 Energy using another Reveal Fish School spell. If fish bunch together or swim close enough to each other, the colors blend.  You may think there is one kind of fish when there are actually two other fishes. The additional effects help in this area. If you see a red with snowflakes, you know there are two fish.  In the picture to the left, we can tell this is a Myth fish (yellow with sparklers) and a Balance fish. At another angle, it might look Orangeish leading us to believe it is Fire. Looking closely, we would determine there are sparklers instead of flames. A dead give away.  They usually swim apart during the Reveal Fish School spell, but not always.

fish-jumbleMy video [0:0:25] illustrates this example. It happened in the Krokotopia Entrance Hall.  It is a small pond that usually has 6-8 fish. I thought the Sturgeon General (Epic) was there before I started the stream, yet it still took me over 3 minutes to get it. They kept jumbling together and two swam exactly together for a while. Do you see the six fish in the picture to the right? I finally started using my Minor Fable Lure on anything in the pond. I was determined NOT to lose this fish. If you have never stalked a pond for an Epic fish, they may take days to find, if you are diligent in your efforts. I’ll explain more about Epics in the next section.

The lack of fish visibility is an issue in some places.  Waterfalls cause huge problems since we cannot see under them or their splash. In some places, the fish go where you cannot reach.  The fish swim too far out of the parameters where you can cast a lure. Savarstaad Pass and Tatikai Outpost are good examples. Fish also swim under statues, such as the big Moodah in Jade Palace, and other objects such as the fishing boats in Savarstaad Pass. That causes issues when you find the type of fish you want and it speeds away before you can catch it.

If you have difficulty seeing  the Fish Reveal spell colored beams in Vigrid Roughland, turn off a couple settings.  Texture and Bloom Active seem to be the most help for me. The water there is very bright.  So bright that seeing the beam from the Polar Bear Acuda is impossible. (It swims by the waterfall too, so it is even worse!)  Seeing Myth beams are terribly difficult there too.

sturgeon-general-epic-fish-cut-outEpic Fish

I finally caught all of the fish. Catching Epic fish takes knowledge, skill, patience and luck.  Epic fish can be any rank.  They are most difficult to find. Sadly, they can get away too.  Mooshu is the worst about fish snapping off the Rank 2 Lures. Luck elixir is not necessary, but it cannot hurt. Use the Fish Location Guide to get as much information as possible about the specifics of the fish’s location. E.g.: the Silver Streak is a Rank 2 Ice fish that speedily swims in the first pond in the Emperor’s Retreat. It is the only Ice fish that spawns in that first pond. Knowing where to go helps heaps.

I wish I had an easy way to help you with this, but I think Wizard101 wanted this to be difficult. They accomplished that goal. We keep adding things to the Fish Location Guide, tidbits that will help you locate or catch the fish.

Some areas are easier to deal with than others.  The Rune Fish has a good example of an easier area to stalk. The Rune Fish is the only Life fish that spawns in Grizzleheim’s Mirkholm Keep.  For this pond, you can cast the Reveal Fish School spell and quickly determine if there is a beam of green with leaves. (pictured below)  If there is not, run around and scare the fish away. I would start and end my gaming sessions by the pond and visit it as often as I could.  I timed the respawn at ~22 minutes. I eventually found myself leaving my game on while I did other computing. (Like writing Brain Stew articles.) This worked fairly well since I could watch the game out of the corner of my eye. I would use Reveal Fish School and chase them out when they respawned. Eventually the bright green beam stood out like a sore thumb.



Places like Crimson Fields where you have to complete the majority of the dungeon before reaching the pond are a different story. You cannot reach the fish to run them over and scare them away.  You must fish them out to get the pond to refill. Other ponds, such as the KT Entrance Hall which holds the Sturgeon General listed above, also have to be cleared by fishing. I timed a couple more. KT Entrance hall takes ~15 minutes and Shirataki Temple takes roughly ~18 min. So, clear the fish, wait for them to spawn, use Reveal Fish School and check for the desired fish. If it isn’t there, start over by clearing the body of water again.


Sophia Lifecaster from Adventures of the Spiral joined me on many of my streams in the streams. We shared ideas and tips along the way.  We teamed to port into areas where we both needed a certain fish. I highly recommend having a fishing buddy or two. Use your ‘X’ spots and dungeon recalls to port around quickly.  Work several areas at a time.  One of the best tips she gave me was about clearing the ponds. I have adopted this method fully. First, I will explain why this is important, then I will share the tip.

boy fishing

To catch a fish, we use lures that cost -3 or -4 Energy. If we lose the fish, on purpose or otherwise, it cost us -1 or -2 Energy.  We can send a lure out for a fish, and wait for it to notice the lure, nibble at the lure, take it under water, then let it fall off of the lure for zero Energy.

fishing tray open

So here is the tip. When clearing a pond, use any lure to attract a fish then cancel fishing. This is a quick and easy trick to lose the fish for zero Energy. We can do this as early as the moment the lure flashes — a fish ‘notices’ it. Close fishing. Voila. Fish swims away, no waiting. Thank you Sophia! At places where you cannot hop in the body of water and scare the fishes away, this is ideal.

Rank 6 Spells

If only we could have a way to clear and restock the pond. Well, we do. Remember Summon Fish? It is now a Rank 6 spell.  I know you’re thinking “Rank 6?! I’m a noob! How long will it take to get a Rank 6?” Not too terribly long if you look for fish you have yet to catch.  Remember, the initial XP is higher. At 1% of the initial XP for multiples of fish, it takes a while to build it up. Go to places where you have never fished. Be familiar with Epic and Rare fish locations when you go to a new fishing hole. You’ll want to watch for them.  E.g.: If you are in Savarstaad Pass looking for a Bear Acuda, and happen to see a Storm beam, try to GET IT! That is an Epic Boss Hog @1900XP.

Summon Fish


Rank 6. Costs 10 Energy to cast. Resets all Fish in the Fishing Hole.

Speaking of Rank 6 Spells, I picked them up and they are AWESOME! Summon Fish has this fabulous fill effect that not only looks spiffy, it replaces EVERY fish in the pond.  Waiting for an Epic fish to show up? Tired of fishing them out of the ponds? Summon Fish is the answer.  I had 3 remaining Epic fish and ended up catching them in ~2 hours. (I went through a full Energy Globe and 2 Energy Elixirs to do it.)  It is an amazing spell.

To find an Epic Fish with Summon Fish, cast Reveal Fish School and look for the desired fish.  If it is not there, cast Summon Fish.  Watch all of the fish in the pond refresh.  Next, cast Reveal Fish school and look for the desired fish.  If it is not there, cast Summon Fish. Watch all the fish in the pond refresh.  Next, cast Reveal Fish School and look for the desired fish…

I think you get the picture now.  If not, you can watch me as I figured it out in this streamed video. It took a few tries to figure out that it does refill both sides of the pond in Shirataki.


Do not cast Fish Lullaby when fish are out of reach.  The spell does eventually end; however, it is not all that great in places like Crimson Fields. Doh!

It would be fabulous in a large pond where you can reach all of the fish.  It would keep others from being scared off by running into you.

Fish LullabyFish-Lullaby

Rank 6. Immobilize all the fish in the Fishing Hole.

Special Chest Rewards

We are starting to get an idea of the greatness available in chest rewards.  Hopefully we will find epic PvP gear soon! Until then, chests offer a bit of gold, a reagent and an item.  The item is most often one you would acquire by defeating an enemy in that area, but we have found a few other rewards.  Please help us fill this list by adding your specialty items in the comments below.


These Hoard Pack items drop in chests:

      • Dragonrider’s Ice Blade WC Triton Ave
      • Unkind Axe of Winter – GH Northguard Big Pond (Dead Sparrow)
      • Misty Mandolin (Sophia Lifecaster)
      • Dark Wing Bow – Savarstaad Pass ()


      • Starfish – WC Commons Pond
      • Toaddle -GH Northguard Big Pond
      • Lil’ Sirens –
        • WC Cyclops Lane ()
        • MS Jade Palace, Water Dojo Pond
        • KT Entrance Hall (Liam)
        • KT Emperor’s Retreat (Morgim Shadowfist)
      • Piranha Hunter (azoresgirl)
      • Sea Dragon (Eric Stormbringer)
      • Frosty Fish (Sophia Lifecaster)
      • Pink Jellyfish- GH Vigrid Rougland in Boiling Fields ()
      • Wetland Hunter – GH Savarstaad Pass (Morgrim Shadowfist)


They seem to be on many drop tables in all shapes and sizes. We found them all over including Unicorn Way and Ravenwood. Farming these is an option to avoid crafting.


If you find something that you would like to see added to any of our guides, leave the information in the comments below the article.  Together, we can figure it all out faster; therefore, we will all have better experiences with Magical Fishing!

Happy Magical Fishing!



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