Khrysalis Part 2
School Specific
Rings, Amulets & Athames

The second part of Khrysalis came with new dropped gear: school specific rings, amulets and athames.

However, Athame98 Khrysalis Part 2 School Specific Rings Amuletslet’s start by looking at the universal ring dropped in Khrysalis part 2: King Alric’s Royal Athame is a new level 98+ athame dropped from The Galleries instance.

You may notice it looks a LOT like another popular athame.. and you are right! The stats are very similar to Blade of the Felled Titan, dropped by Cronus in Tartarus. However, the stats on Alric’s Athame are lower than that on the Felled Titan besides heal boost, which remains the same. Credit to Alura Silver for this picture to the right.

Note: To our understanding, the Rings drop in The Galleries.

The Amulets and Athames drop from Morganthe.

Khrysalis Part 2 Rings

The school specific rings are for level 99+. There is one for each school. With a high heal boost, and high universal block, these look to be decent to use!

Lady of Spiders’ Royal Ring

Signet of the Shadow Queen

Insignia of the Dark Woman

Loop of the Umbra Legion

Band of the Shadow Web

Seal of the Shadow Palace

Geometry of Shadows


Khrysalis Part 2 Amulets

Next up, are the school-specific amulets. Each school has a rough copy of the Amulet of Divine Influence, and each amulet is Level 99+. Credit goes to Alura Silver (Silverdust) for the Life Amulet and Edward Rubyrunner for the Balance Amulet.

Jewel of the Shadow Web

Relic of the Shadow Palace

Shadow Queen’s Grace

Morganthe’s Shadow of Amber

Lady of Spider’s Lure

Morganthe’s Dark Charm

Gem of the Grand Prophecy


Khrysalis Part 2 Athames

Additionally, Morganthe drops school-specific amulets, which have huge amounts of damage boost.

Edge of the Shadow Web

Morganthe’s Bite

Athame of the Chosen One

Shadow Spider’s Sting

Mercy of Shadow and Light

Blade of the Shadow Palace

The Dark Woman’s Dagger

Are you going to use any of this gear, and if so, which? Comment below!

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