Takanobu The Masterless

Cave of Solitude Skeleton Key Boss

With the March 2015 test realm, Wizard101 has introduced several new bosses throughout the spiral. To access these bosses, you will need a specific type of skeleton key. Takanobu requires wooden skeleton keys, which can be farmed from the Barkingham Rooftop dungeon in Marleybone, or more rarely from Kembaalung in Krok.

Key in hand, you will need to journey to the Cave of Solitude in Shoshun Village, Mooshu. There you will find the sigils for this boss fight. The first room simply has a gate, which will use your wooden skeleton key to open. Note: Skeleton keys are one use items. Opening a gate removes the key from your backpack and consumes it.

Below I have marked on the map exactly where the sigils are. Note that the blue teleporter is the fastest way to get there:


Know your Enemy!


After passing through the skeleton key gate, you will run into Takanobu and his Bladeless Ronin minions. Here are the basics:

Takanobu The Masterless

  • Rank 6 Boss
  • 5,600 Health
  • Storm
  • Known Spells:
    • Triton, Storm Prism, Stormzilla, Stormblade, Storm Trap, Darkwind, Disarm, Supercharge, Lightning Strike, Kraken


Takanobu will Say “My rage boils over” and cast darkwind. Trigger unknown.

Takanobu will say “I call upon the spirits of the deep” and cast Supercharge. Trigger unknown.

In response to blades, Takanobu will say “I disarm you”, and cast disarm on the recipient of the blade. It does not matter who casts the blade, the person who gets the blade will get the disarm. Cheat only fires once, so some classes can use Elemental/Spirit blade. Pet blades are not invisible to this cheat.

In response to Storm Shield, Takanobu will cast Storm Prism. Cheat text not recorded.

Takanobu is stun immune.

Takanobu is beguile immune.

Bladeless Ronin

  • Rank 6 Elite
  • 2,781 Health
  • Balance
  • Known Spells:
    • Loremaster, Spectral Blast, Precision, Donate Power, Mighty Judgment, Hydra, Weakness, Black Mantle, Balanceblade, Bladestorm, Samoorai, Helping Hands, Elemental Trap, Natural Attack


For attacking with Balance damage, Bladeless Ronin in Dagger position will say “You’ll pay for that” and cast a balance dispel on the attacking wizard. Killing the Ronin in Dagger position will stop this cheat.

For attacking with elemental damage, Bladeless Ronin in Key position will say “Time for you to chill out” and cast an Elemental Defuse on the attacking wizard. Killing the Ronin in Key position will stop this cheat.

For attacking with spirit damage, Bladeless Ronin in Ruby position will say “Time to pay the toll” and cast a Spirit Defuse on the attacking wizard. Killing the Ronin in Ruby position will stop this cheat.

Stunning Bladeless Ronin does not stop their cheat.


Once you know the cheats, the strategy for this fight is fairly straightforward. Send in a healer or tank first so the Bladeless Ronin will focus on them, otherwise your hammer will end up covered in weakness. There is a cheat for blades, but none for traps. Use Feint and and any trap you would like, liberally. Use an AoE attack and kill all of them at once, avoid the cheat ever firing.



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