What is Farming in Wizard101? It’s an end-game activity to keep top level players busy while waiting on new content. You fight the same boss over and over until they eventually drop the gear you want from them.

Farming is a necessity to be competitive in PvP, and it will make your life a great deal easier in PvE. The problem is that many people are doing it wrong. This article will explain why, and offer some advice on becoming a happier Wizard.

Why Do We Farm?

There are two main motivations for farming in Wizard101. Understanding why you farm is the first step in deciding what you should invest your game-time doing.

Best Gear/Bragging Rights/Cosmetics

The first group of people who grind bosses for gear are doing it because they want the absolute best, or best looking gear available. These are generally fully leveled, sometimes hardcore players who want the challenge of the hardest bosses and want the most “perfect” gear possible. They understand that they don’t need this gear, but they want it.

I want to make this very clear: If you’re one of these players, this article is not for you.

These players are the primary reason that farming content gets released. It pushes them to the limits of their skill and patience with tough bosses and low drop rates, and keeps them busy between the content updates that they burn through in a few days.

In Need of Good Gear

The second group of players are just trying to get the gear they need. Either to get through content, or to compete in PvP. I think that this type of player is far more common, but many of them end up grinding for perfect gear anyway. Why? Because gear in Wizard101 is confusing, and it’s easy to assume that new is better, and it’s hard to ignore the hardcore players when they talk about the “best” gear.

I think that many of these players are being pushed away from the game because they don’t have the time or patience to continue farming for “amazing” gear. They feel it’s too much to keep up with, and they’re right. Much of the gear players think they need is very hard to get.

But the truth is that they don’t need this gear 99% of the time. Many players are being frustrated by this misconception.

The Lies We Believe

Here we’ll point out some of the most common misconceptions that leave players banging their head on the keyboard in frustration.

Amulet of Divine Influence, I must have it!

This is a very cool piece of gear. It has stats that simply aren’t available on other amulets, and for that reason it offers an advantage to our Wizards. The problem? It’s one of the most rare drops in game, from a boss at the end of one of the hardest dungeons in game which takes an average of two hours to complete. Literally, it’s bait for the hardcore folks.

The truth? You don’t need this amulet. The stat boosts it offers are small, and so many other amulets offer more interesting benefits. Is that 3% pierce going to win you a match? Is that 3% resist going to save you? Probably not.

If you happen to get it, it’s worth using. Don’t make yourself miserable for it. Seriously.

Morganthe’s Gear, I must have it!

Nope. The amulets are similar to the Amulet of Divine Influence – they’re very cool, but far from a necessity. The drop rate is almost 0. There are other options.

Her athames have a very low drop rate also, and their only advantage over the Blade of the Felled Titan is like 2% damage. Is 2% damage a game changer? Does it mean that you need to spend your entire summer farming for this necessary piece of gear? Not at all. Spend a day or two at Cronus and get the Felled Titan athame, move on with life.

Her rings? Same as the athames. They actually offer less stats than the Alpha and Omega ring.

Everyone Needs Hades Gear!

This gear is only useful for very specific reasons. Let’s talk about the wands first.

If you’re not building a “glass cannon” wizard with as much Critical and Armor Piercing as possible, don’t use this wand! Ever! You are shooting yourself in the foot by reducing your critical block AND not having off-school wand strikes to remove debuffs. This is a huge one in PvP – so many players seem to be under the impression that the Hades wand is the best thing available, and they pay the price for it when they can’t compete.

The rest of the Hades gear falls into two sets: Offensive and Defensive. First, the offensive set. Unless you’re trying to be a glass cannon, this is not for you. And if you are trying to be a glass cannon? There’s crafted gear and crowns gear with more Critical at this point, so you gain very little, or even lose some stats by sticking with the Hades gear.

The Hades Defensive gear has more to offer, but I suggest thinking long and hard before deciding you need any of it.

  • The boots do not have enough block.
  • If you’re a low-accuracy school, this gear has almost no accuracy. Hurts more than it helps in some cases.
  • It’s worth considering for schools with built-in heals, as the critical can really make heals awesome. However, there are crowns and crafted options that are far easier to get.
  • Also noteworthy that these items give Accuracy to Balance/Life/Death where WW gear does not. However the KR crafted robes give far more accuracy.
  • Unless you have some great need for the enhanced Critical and Armor Piercing, crafted robes/boots and your old WW hat generally offer better stats.

And there’s far more out there. These are just a few examples where tons of people make themselves unhappy farming for unnecessary gear. Even worse, many players get this gear to PvP with and become disheartened when they can’t win matches – because it’s not that great!

Leaving the Bandwagon Behind

All of the places listed above are great if you are bored and want to spend some time with friends, grind out tough fights, and maybe win some awesome stuff. But please, please don’t fool yourself into believing it’s necessary to succeed in Wizard101. Don’t farm it just because it’s popular so you assume that the gear is necessary for you. Always compare it to what else is available, and weigh the benefits against the effort to attain.

I think many players will find that they are frustrated for no reason, and the items they are striving for simply aren’t worth the effort. In many cases they may be a downgrade to important stats. I hate to see people walking away from the game in frustration because of these illusions about “must have” gear.

Here are a few tips to save you time and trouble when gearing up:

Crafting is your Friend

Compared to farming Hades, leveling up your Wizard in Crafting and hunting for reagents is far faster, and more reliable. The best boots available are still crafted, many of those hard-to-get spells are crafted, and the crafted robes are always close to the best. Level up one of your wizards on Crafting and pay attention to the gear available there, it will save you time and headaches in the long run.

Waterworks Hat and Robe Still Work

The crafted robes are better, in my opinion, but your WW robe is still fine. The WW hat is still one of the best in the game. Most of the crafted ones lack Universal Resist, and the Hades ones lack accuracy. Unless you really want to boost your Critical stat – there’s no reason to farm these from Tartarus.

Always Compare Stats

There will always be new and interesting gear entering the game. People will always be talking about it, and farming for it. If you simply compare this new gear to what you already have, you’ll save yourself a great deal of trouble. Often it’s not worth the tradeoffs you’d have to make, and even more often it’s not worth the trouble to attain. Do yourself a favor and make your own decisions, don’t just follow the crowd. It will probably make you a much happier wizard.

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Nick originally created Duelist101 and helped the Final Bastion team immensely when getting started. Many of his articles from Duelist101 have made it the Final Bastion, a testament to how useful they have been!


  • You opened my eyes thanks, the hades gear is worst than my WW, hades gear is too fragile XD. As a storm I like having a good amount of defense and my current gear gives good accuracy, defence and attack. 💪💪💪💪

  • Practical comments ! I learned a lot from the facts , Does someone know if my business can find a fillable DD 1750 example to type on ?

  • I got Morganthe amulet first try, Full darkmoor 4 tries, Terror Hoard Wand 3rd pack, and 6% pierce jewels after maybe 2 hours of farming. I think this doesn’t apply to me because my luck is too overpowered. xD

  • When you farm hours a day for one item and you never get it…I’ve done it, for both games Pirate and Wizard. Pirate, I just farmed what, 15 hours and nothing! I looked up ways to increase the drop rate, to no avail….it’s kind of disheartening, you know? And trust me, I compare stats. I know what I need but the drop rates are ridiculous.

  • Well, when this article was published, this was true. A year later, darkmoor came out, and the tier 1 gear is worth the farming time, and plus, until kingsisle releases new worlds, there isn’t much max players can do…

  • I’m still a farmer so this is kinda rude but t did warn me so that’s what I get for reading it all. I have a storm a d fire wiz I want to be “glass Canon’s” soooooo ya.

    But I’m not that high lvl on my storm I’m lvl 36 and I’m farming for Zeus gear and I am doing that because I can’t find the storm vendor in mooshu.

    So this kinda is wrong farming if good if you don’t wanna farm or buy stuff for it and you can’t even find it.

    Farming is better if you ask me.

    Ask my friend Ryan like lvl 43 or something he’s life and almost like me has full senator gear and sky iron hasta. I have hat and robe for senator gear I got the boots and the sky iron hasta. Oh ya and don’t use the Zeus wand if you get it. Its useless.

  • Even though crafting is quicker than farming, I hope you people do realize that crafted gear lacks pip percentage? That’s why getting the Darkmoor gear is definitely a *must* for the new world, and everyone from my observances of all the pieces of gear from each school will have over a 100% pip chance. Pip chance is only really important in higher level worlds, but that is just my opinion.

    • darkmoor gear isnt just good for pip percentage. keep in mind ww gear already gives plenty of pip chance to life death and balance and plenty accuracy for the other schools, but the full darkmoor set raises your accuracy to 100% or even higher while also raising pip percentage. on top of that it has as much universal resist as ww robe. generally darkmoor gear makes waterworks gear far less valuable (then again darkmoor is level 100 gear while waterworks has level 60 gear so thats to be expected right?)

  • I hate to necro a super old post, but for all of you farming malistaire right now, this gear is now a need to be competitive in pvp.

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  • Honestly, I’d hope that they make a post about what the best gear is.

    Like think about it. What gear has the best stats overall. Is it Darkmoor, Waterworks, Morganthe, Hades what is the best gear?!?!

    • That depends. What’s your aim or goal? What’s your school? Your play style? For example, if you like to go offensive, you may be suited to a Critical or Damage build. If you’re defensive, maybe you want a build with Critical Block and good resist, high health and good incoming/outgoing healing rating.

    • We’ve had posts like that. It changes with each new content release, so the guides grow inaccurate quickly.

  • Unm im pretty sure that 45 block on the amulet will save me 😛

  • i would be satisfied with the cronus athame, IF he dropped it! i’ve been farming him for 7+ days, and still no luck. any tips? our battle usually takes around 10 mins, depends

    • Personally I’d just keep sticking with it. There’s no accounting for bad luck with the drops, but Cronus is the easiest farm for an athame that good, so if it’s going to take a lot of tries I’d continue doing them at the fastest place to kill.

      If you wanted to try something else, Yegvney in The Graveyard has some nice L100 athames.. but the drop rates are low and you need a really solid group to get quick kills on him.

      • Alright, thanks for the tip! I’ll stick to cronus, and if he doesn’t drop it in the next week, I’ll give Yegvney a go.

  • Farming is quite annoying at times; there is always those people who leave right next to the end or do the puzzle wrong, or don’t even know how to play. Crafting is a good way to get gear, but I hate WW gear.

  • Did she get a higher drop rate or no?

  • I’m probably the ‘want’ type rather than the ‘need’ type. The only dungeons I’ve ever farmed are Waterworks and Olympus. I don’t know, I just can’t imagine myself doing Tartarus over and over again. I’ve also never wanted to farm the Aquila secret bosses. I guess I’ll just make my way to Morganthe and farm her, just as a way to pass time when I don’t feel like questing with any of my other characters. There’s even a chance for me to get something out of it, so it’s twice as useful 😛 But I gotta admit, I’m a lazy farmer. The only school specific pet I have is for my Death, and I only hatch to try and get closer to a ‘perfect’ one when I’m close to the gold cap. For every other school I use a first gen Mega Sea Dragon with Proof, Pain-giver, Spritely, Pierce train and Health gift. It’s not great, but it’s good enough for me to do quite well.

    Phew. That was a really long post to make on my phone, and that’s what probably caused most of the spelling mistakes. Great article on farming though, a lot of people could learn from this.

  • I just can’t seem to get my block up high enough while also keeping damage and resist without the morganthe or divine amulet. The key is to be able to keep you block above 280 (that’s where you seem to be relatively safe) while also being able to critical on your own and have decent resist and damage and doing that is incredibly hard for some schools. Its relatively easy for ice, death, and balance…. but there are HUGE trade offs for storm, myth, and fire. Without the amulets and some of the other rare gear (packs) you just can’t get there.

  • This is a good point but I am all for the “flashy” gear, I’ll spend hours farming whether I wan too or not, I like to put lots of effort into my wizards an I wan the gear to prove it, but if you aren’t like me an don have time, patience, ext. don stress over it, I mean, I’m still using WW gear and my stats are decent enough but I would love more critical boost. Mine is a low 202, and it was lower before my Shadow Beast got death assailant. Besides that and block which is even worse my over all resist and death damage is high, 91+ death an 33+ to all other schools, resist for all schools is 34 but block is only 73. I would have to say going for some Hades’ gear is a good idea but you don need all of it because if you mix WW, crafting, an Hades’ together it would probably be pretty good depending on what gear you chose. ^-^

  • that is true but ice has the best hades robe not much compare in it with its decent universal resist with still good damage and critical with some block.

  • Great and so true article.Getting gear from bosses really depends on luck.I once was trying to get the blade of the felled titan and I ask for help.My friend came to help me(he had never defeated cronus again)and got the athame.So if you stiil believe that some gear are worth the time you spend to get them at least relax and enjoy the game.Dont believe what they say about getting gear so dont try to defeat cronus or hades yourself
    it is all about luck.

  • Just a quick question. Is 245 block enough in this age of PvP? I have been farming twice a day for Morganthe’s amulet to get my block up to 280.

  • I got Morganthe’s amulet on first try.

  • Great Point here but I still want some of this gear I am a lvl 90 death and crafting bright wing boots. Not that I need it but I want the hades hat and robe of torment as an upgrade from my WW considering that death gear has been at an all time low. I agree with the thought of morganthes ring athame and amulet are over rated Cronus athame and ring are a much better way of spending your time as for the amulet dont get your hopes up but It would be amazing to get it whiel hoping for my hades torment gear. Thanks this article really helped.

  • I want the Hades Wand ( As you said thsi is not for me this article ) But I mostly care about block. Not as much as critical because I have 219 Critical and has low chance to critical when my storm friend has low critical but Criticals more then me

  • yes someone that understands my character builds, i would never use hades gear, my builds were always WW hat, khrysalis crafted robe and block boots, still keeping that good universal resist and a massive amount of damage. (my balance can get 104 damage with 42 resist)

  • thanks for this really makes sense 😀

  • i noticed the crafting gear has been better or comparable to farmed gear way back when wintertusk came out. i always craft my gear since then, and have better gear with a good pet then farmed..lol…works for me 🙂

  • So are you saying that the hades gear isn’t the best gear to use at top level pvp? Because that doesn’t seem consistent with the featured exalted and promethean guides as of late. Almost all of them have one or two pieces of hades gear in them. Why? Simply stated, it IS the best. Sure, it takes forever and a day to get, but in order to become extremely competitive, it’s a wise investment for the future.

    Am I saying that you can’t do well in the arena without hades gear? Heavens no. But, Hades gear (and to a certain extreme, Morganthe amulets) ARE the best and the top-level meta. It would take some extreme persuasion for me to give up my torment hat and robe for bundle which, historically, has been terrible, with the exception of a few pairs of schwaggy boots.

    • And no disrespect to your guide or your opinions. It’s just my two cents that hades gear is the best, minus the boots and wand. And more specifically, only the defensive robe and hat. Perhaps I should have been more specific

      • Nick’s point here isn’t that Hades gear is NOT the best for every setup. His point is that it isn’t NEEDED for every setup. Theres a difference.

  • Oh heres a tip guys. I’ve been doing 1 round of hades and 2 players left our team. me and another person where do it together alone in hades. When we got to face hades, (there where only 2 of us) we started giving one job to who is jading and who is attacking. 2 players defeating hades actually also effect the drops. The hitter most of all will get the drops more. As for me, i finally got the Unseen hades robe i wanted, gosh i was happy. Also, there is the myth where if you kill hades after “Your sand of time is running out” and after everyone get hades gear. I’m not sure if its true or not, but its just a ticket to have Senator gear. I’m not sure if this help or not, but good luck farmers!

  • I don’t agree at all ! People just farm so they don’t have to pay.

    • Crown shop gear isn’t that good anyway

      • Some crown shop wands are.

        • They don’t have sufficient block.

          • pack wands such as misty mountain mandolin or tiki frosty stare staff.

            • Pretty sure this conversation was referring to raw crowns shop sold gear, not packs. Otherwise I wouldn’t have said that, lol.

        • Viridian Wand and the Moon sword thing are the only good crown shop wands I can think of. Unfortunatly, the latter can out live its usefulness fairly quickly.

    • Crowns shop gear sucks, lol

  • For some hades is hard. But really it is not hard to get hades gear. I got all my gear from hades within 15 runs. When you get to hades bump into the storm guy not hades. This makes hades be in the middle. For some reason it just helps getting the gear. Another thing you can do is kill hades before he says your time is running out. Also do the respawn but problem with that is who is going to flee? And come back. If you make hades be in the middle and kill within about 6 rounds I think you will most likely get the gear almost every time. So really it not that bad. Try this and hope this works. By the way try to be the person who just kills hades. This helps also because you might risk getting the other two gear which you only want hades. This helps also.

  • Great article. I stop farming for gear a couple of weeks ago. The only thing I farm for now is tc’s for crafted gear. I do help friends who are farming for gear but I don’t spends days farming any longer.

  • I’m life and I’ve been farming hades helm of the abyss and armor of a sorrowful life for months and I still don’t have either one of the pieces of gear. Is it THAT rare of a drop rate or is it unnecessary?

    • The Hades gear is nice for Life because that boosted critical helps your heals a great deal, even if opponents block your damage. You need to see what other options are available and decide if there’s anything better for what you’re doing though, and if it’s worth the time and effort.

  • I sometimes enjoy farming, especially with friends, but have realized
    there’s nothing more I NEED. Now I’ll go bash Morganthe or Tartarus for
    kicks, but don’t grind at it to the point of it becoming work. I have a
    full set of Hades gear but never use it; have every mastery but rarely change (do I need the exalteds? really??) and I don’t care enough about the Morganthe drops to stress. It’s a game right?
    It’s fun to race through dungeons with good players and if I get a great
    drop, yay!. If not, oh well. No regrets. I hope to get the sweet new amulets eventually, but won’t miss sleep over it.

    • Since when has grinding not been work? Granted most of the time I “farm” because I have nothing better to do but I find that it’s my least favorite thing to do in the game. 9 times out of 10 when I farm I am forced to do it with people who I don’t know who either leave halfway, do the bosses wrong, or mess up the puzzle. It’s frustrating.

      I understand that it’s a game and you play it for fun, but sometimes you want to win which forces you to spend weeks preparing for something that you’ll only do for a couple days until you get that fancy badge.

  • well that amulet of divine influence I actually need, it would make my critical over 500 and my block over 200 🙂

    • Yes well it only add 2-3 more critical and 2-3 more block

    • yeah so you mean want. not need. rating means nothing compared to % 🙂

  • Isn’t buying packs also trying to get a drop though?

  • “Bragging Rights”. Duh!

  • Get Waterworks Gear at Level 60. You’re fine if you’re questing, the only question now is your pet, deck set-up, wand, ring, athame, and amulet.

    • At level 60 the athame from helephant tower … you can just keep farming the first battle to get it … ring I suggest the ring with school damage boost available at that level

    • Or toth ring is the best ring for a while

  • I like this post but tbh I am still gonna farm gear … new gear I find worthy of keeping allows me to mix and match pieces of gear for more fun in battles … lets say I just wanna go from a ww style control play to an Aquilan glasscannon to a glass cannon who traded some critical for hard core block to a healer … more gear allows me to be versatile in situations just for fun

  • Hi I’m a fire wizard and I think that hades offensive hat hades defensive robe and crafter boots with blade of the felled titan and alpha and omega ring and hades wand are the best combo:D 166 crit block 391 crit:D

    • Might want to try the frosty tiki stare torch instead of hades’ wand 🙂

      • I don’t have it and I don’t have crowns to buy packs:/

        • aww bummer.

  • This article clearly explains why you have no good pet and use the same old horrible beetle with fake 15 resist, no decent heal and two mc blades. It’s not more efficient, you’re just lazy.
    If you like it, that’s fine, but not aiming for the best and lowering your standards is bad and I even find it dangerous. You shouldn’t try to convince your readers to do the same thing.

    • I see it struck a nerve. lol

    • Just in case anyone thinks there’s truth to this comment, I suppose I’ll point out:

      I purposely use easier to get gear in the great majority of my guides, because I know people with less game time can’t get the things I have.

      I have full Hades gear on most of my wizards (and the pieces I wanted on all of them), and decent pets.

      I have access to any piece of gear in the game at any given time. Any gear I use in a guide is a personal choice on my part.

      • Still, it’s a bad habit and should not be encouraged.

        • I don’t think it’s a bad habit to understand the difference between what works and what is the absolute best thing available. Many people are being driven away from W101 by the farming and drop rates. Many people are being driven away from PvP because they simply don’t have time to gear wizards at top level for what they think they need.

          And that’s especially sad because so much of the gear they’re farming has drawbacks that don’t even make them worth it, or offers such a small stat boost that it’s not even of consequence.

      • At least you could stop defending mc balance blade, people see that pet in every guide and they’re starting to think it’s a good one.

        • I’ll be sure to only use pet talents you think are best in the future. lol

          • stahp being mean ;-;

            • Can’t tell if you’re joking here or not. Felt like I did a pretty good job of replying with humor and facts when you decided to personally attack me for a reason I cannot guess. If you had spoken to anyone else on the site that way, I would have simply deleted the comment.

            • Sorry for my rudeness, I even agree with you for most of this article. Comparing stats is of course a good thing to do and the Hades’ gear isn’t necessarily the best for your needs.

              I use masteries on my fire and myth, but I did farm for the divine amulet on my storm: maybe it was a lucky drop but I wouldn’t have given up. And it’s worth all the tartarus runs it costed.
              I hatch pets all the time: it takes time to make a perfect max-stat mega pet, but when you finally get it, it’s wonderful.
              With my magus ice I farmed for loremaster and winter moon, they’re both awesome and great additions to my deck.

              When my standards for a good pet were lower, I used a pet with whatever card as long as it had proof defy and sprite, and most of the time it was a 9-4 proof defy.
              E.g., I used an orthrus hybrid on my fire for a while and never casted it once.

              Aiming for the best proved to be worth my time. That’s why I don’t agree with the “you don’t need it – move on with your life” part and why I think you shouldn’t recommend such an attitude.

              Here’s an example you can relate to: you don’t really need a clean and well documented code, as long as you can still understand it. You wouldn’t write a post to help people not to care about good code, would ya?

            • In the same vein, I wouldn’t encourage someone to spend months learning a new framework and templating language to build their own CMS when all they need is a blog. 😛

              Your pets and farming are a part of your natural progression in the game. Expecting new players to have access to what you have is unrealistic – and you didn’t start PvP with that stuff. You don’t need it to cut your teeth, or even to make warlord. These types of comments keep making people think they NEED that gear and get frustrated farming for it. It’s an illusion that’s driving away players.

              You aim for the best when you’re at the point where that’s what makes sense for you. You don’t set the bar so high that you never even get into the game. If someone told me I needed a full EMP garden and awesome pets and full Hades Gear to compete in PvP, I’d never have stepped foot in the arena – it’s simply not worth the initial investment. Luckily that’s not true.

              I think someone needed to say that. And I’m aware that some people will feel differently, but I feel like it needed to be pointed out: You don’t need to invest in this game like it’s a full time job to compete.

            • That answers my question too 🙂
              We should always try to be clear about our needs and manage our investments, here and everywhere in life.

            • And much more importantly. “Just compare the stats, people. Don’t take everyone’s word on it!” – because that’s what’s causing 99% of the issues.

            • You sound like you enjoy having the best, and don’t mind working hard to get it. That’s great if it makes you happy. I am a bit like that and have farmed and crafted a lot of gear and hatched a lot of pets just to have everything tops. But many people don’t feel that way. This article is for them, not us. If you want to maximize and are having fun doing that, go for it But for those who don’t enjoy it, or are getting sour on the game from grinding, there are perfectly reasonable options. Many players have finished the game and earned impressive records using less than “perfect” gear.

        • MC BB isn’t even that bad. I have seen some people with the talent and their pet just spams it over and over

    • shots fired

    • There is usually very little difference between “fake 15” and “real 15”. In most cases it’s only about .1/4 %. I like to have max stat pets, but it’s certainly not something worth spending days on unless you really want to.

  • I don’t really like how this article was almost a direct attack on the one blaze raven did. Sure, full tartarus gear was really a mistake and isn’t where you should start from, but it’s a bit confusing when 2 people who work for a website send out completely contrasting posts right next to eachother. It would be confusing for someone new to this website to see a guide telling them to do something, and then another guide telling them not to do it. It doesn’t seem really professional, but that’s probably just me being fussy. Anyway, i agree the ww gear is still viable. I prefer crafted gear as it can give me the stats i want (well, i can pick) and they generally have more resist, which is still important in today’s pvp metagame.

    • If giving people the tools to understand that there’s a large difference between the “best” gear and “the gear you need” is unprofessional, I’m proud to be guilty.

      • I didn’t mean it in that way, it’s just if i were blaze i’d feel very awkward after reading this article. But yeah, it was needed as the previous guide was misleading.

        • I don’t feel awkward at all. My article was the “recommended” gear, which contains highly crowns oriented and farmed gear pieces.

          While that is some of the more recommended gear, it’s not the needed gear as Nick was trying to say. His article is saying that if you can’t get this, there’s not a huge difference if you use this. Granted, your gear will always depend on playstyle, and the best options for you are different from the best options for the next guy.

          I believe Nick also mentioned Hades gear drawbacks. If you’d notice, my article generally put the crafted robe and boots on low accuracy schools (the exception being Storm), while going Hades Defensive with higher accuracy schools.

          I think what I’m trying to say here is.. My article was NOT intended to be a “You must farm this as your gear, nothing else. Period.” article, but rather to give you some of the best and recommended setups.

          What Nick points out here is simply that you don’t have to grind for hours on end for the best gear if you don’t want to. He states that the “best/recommended” gear is not the “needed” gear.

          • I think that sums it up pretty well.

          • Like my dream gear for my storm wizard, almost ALL of it is farmed and it results in some amazing stats, however, such stats aren’t necessary. I added a picture of the gear I speak of, you can safely call me obsessed XD

        • lol no. Blaze’s article is not misleading. He lists a bunch of really solid sets of gear as suggestions.

          However, it’s important for people to understand that they don’t absolutely NEED all of that gear. We’ll continue to point out the strongest builds in the game, but we want users to be educated enough to make the decision to go for it or not on their own.

  • A very nice post, making a very nice point. My legendary Death has yet to properly start farming for her WW gear, because so far the Grizzleheim crafted stuff was more than satisfactory. Maybe she’ll do the farming when she has a higher level, so the dungeon will go by faster. The longest I ever farmed so far was the Loremaster, and after getting the 5 least useful spells in her book, then about a week-long with no spell drops whatsoever (talk about a dry spell), I simply gave up and moved on. I’ll craft them when I can. Going through the same repetitive moves over and over and over and over and over again is very far from my ideas of “game” and “fun”.

    …However, said legendary Death does not pvp. So I’m wondering whether one could truly be competitive in high level + high rank pvp / central tournaments without Hades and Morganthe gear. I’ve never pvp-ed at that level, but the central top duelists whose builds I have seen, and the duelist101 top-level guides that I can think of now, typically use farm gear (…erm, I mean gear you can only get through boss farming).

    • Yep, top duelists sure appear in the utmost of their farming attire. Their enemies really get a kick out of their straw hats and rakes 😛

  • Nick, I’m glad you got all of that off your chest! Very valid points for us all. I am one who falls in to the hardcore trap you mention in the beginning. I often have to remind myself or be reminded it isn’t necessary. I think Tartarus is the first dungeon where I finally said “ENOUGH!” and stopped farming. (I really despise that dungeon to this day. It is just NOT enjoyable at all.)

    The Critical Calculator tool and mmailliw’s findings about each piece of gear with Critical rating always comes to mind when creating a build. I agree, all farmed gear is not necessary. If you’d rather be in the arena than farming, go for it! I personally do not have the time to spend countless hours farming. This does take me back to the Wish List article. Being able to trade gear with friends or otherwise share No Auction gear would be very beneficial.

  • While I agree with many of these points I do not agree completely. Sure that one piece of gear won’t make any difference. But 5 pieces of slightly better gear quickly adds up.

  • Some of the things you said, I agree on. Usually, if I have nothing to do, I either farm or craft. For craft, there are treasure cards that I need but it is not available in stores, like 10 pip treasure cards. So all I can do is farm morganthe until I get the tc. Not only I get the tc I need, but I can still get the objects I might or might not want. For Hades, I’ve been getting allot of offensive gears and staffs, but all I need is the defensive gears (Hades Justice gear). I have done research on the gears, it may not give accuracy, but I don’t really care how much I fizzle since I hardly fizzle. But fizzles can be a good thing sometimes too because if the opponent put a shield or weakness on you and you began casting a strong spell and you fizzled, then you don’t have to waste a card and have the opportunity to remove the shield or weakness then cast the spell again. But anyway, I do need the hades justice gear for better resist since I don’t have any resists.

  • One of the reasons why I farm for the best gear is because I feel as if having better stats and gear will create a better experience for me in-game. In my spare time, I like to research different pieces of gear to see how beneficial they could possibly be. (A major thing I use is the formula you guys devised for Critical and Critical Block.) And, by my calulations, Hades Life gear, along with the Amulet of Divine Infleunce, gives me 97% Power Pip Chance (along with the Alpha & Omega Ring/Blade of the Felled Titan combo), 68% Life Damage, 38% Incoming Healing (which I think is GREAT for a Life wizard), and 30% Resist across the board. And this is WITHOUT a pet.

    Now, I’ve griped on multiple occasions on how the Amulet of Divine Influence and the Walkers of a Sorrowful Life are better than the crafted Azteca boots. And you know what? It’s my opinion. I do these calculations on my own time, and I shouldn’t be imposing my views on others. I feel as if this gear combinations can suit my needs, but that’s just me.

    The gear, as always, is up to you, the player. I feel as if this gear suits my needs, but that’s me, not you. For all the wizards and witches (is that the correct name for a female wizard in Wizard101?) out there, I wish you all good luck. I’m sorry for coming off as a grump, and I hope whoever reads these guides has better skill at PvP than I will ever have.

    (Speaking of luck, just reached Level 90. God help me as I plunge into the abyss…)

    • And on that note, I hate the Hades wands as well. FROSTY STARE TIKI TORCH FOR THE WIN!!

  • This guide mentions that most of the time Hades gear isn’t what it’s all caught up to be when they feature Hades gear in allot of their top-level PvP guides. Plus, I think they’re forgetting that it isn’t JUST for PvP, spending time trying to get the Hades gear will help you farm for other things ALLOT faster.

    • Ah, what a bout GETTING the hades gear.

      • Get Hades gear and farm fast for the rest of your wizarding career OR you could just farm slowly and not bother to get Hades.

        Plus, 9 times out of 10 people farm Tatararus because they have nothing better to do, and they just hope to get the gear but they don’t hardcore farm for it. That’s the case with me, at least.

  • The hades defensive hat for fire is pretty bad. I stick with my ww hat because the hades defensive has no accuracy, 5 less damage, and less health. And since I don’t use a high crit wand, the critical on it is useless to me, and the power pips and pierce don’t make a big difference. I can relate to what you stated in this article. I once blindly thought that full hades gear was the way to go. Lol. Was I wrong. Now I have ww hat, robes of starfire (KR crafted) and cold house chac boots (soon to craft KR crafted boots).
    Great article. *Thumbs up*

    • Um. This is kind of spam since all you added was *Thumbs up* please use the Reply button on you old post to follow up with what you wanted to add 🙂

      • His (or her) comment is fine. Pretty sure it was an accidental double post.

      • I think the person is giving the article a thumbs

    • I agree. Crafting gear is way easier than farming it.

  • The hades defensive hat for fire is pretty bad. I stick with my ww hat because the hades defensive has no accuracy, 5 less damage, and less health. And since I don’t use a high crit wand, the critical on it is useless to me, and the power pips and pierce don’t make a big difference. I can relate to what you stated in this article. I once blindly thought that full hades gear was the way to go. Lol. Was I wrong. Now I have ww hat, robes of starfire (KR crafted) and cold house chac boots (soon to craft KR crafted boots).
    Great article.

    • Your really right now that. I still used my WW hat and ignore my Unseen and Hades crit hat. I think that the Unseen boots is one good upgrade of WW boots. Especially the damage and block, also resist.

  • “If you simply compare this new gear to what you already have, you’ll save yourself a great deal of trouble.”

    This is SO true ! *thumbs up*

    I’ll also disagree with the guide on one thing: I think that the Hades wand for STORM has uses other than for pure ‘glass cannon’ builds: as Diviners rarely use school specific blades/spears/traps (especially at top level), storm wand strikes are particularly useful for Storm. Also, especially if you have good block from other pieces of gear (e.g. you know you’re facing a balance and your Poseidon’s Waterskimmers cover your block needs), the 21% Critical at level 100 is awesome – even if it is SLIGHTLY edged out by the Shocking Truth Tiki Torch (assuming it gives 115 critical) at that level.

    • Thats one point for storm. But i’ve seriously haven’t even seen ONE single storm player who actually planned on having a balanced stats with critical and block. Also, storm disadvantage is that hades wand have their own storm card spell. They might have cleanse, but Efreet, Bad juju and some others will make a storm torment with anger.

      • Might want to meet Julia Lionflower. She’s in the community :p

      • Extra Hades wands are great for stitching your teeth wand to >_>

        On occasion I run a balanced storm build with teeth, ww hat, and crafted AZ robe/boots, triple/double spark beast, and secret tech ring/athame. I don’t bother running any hades gear in the arena anymore. It’s just dumb. Not only did I get stuck at sgt going second against similar glass cannons, I just DON’T LIKE quick draw mcgraw games. I don’t consider my hades farming experience even close to as bad as most other storms I know.

      • When I created my storm I was planning to play balanced, according to the usual definition of “balanced”.
        I used ww hat and robe, azteca boots, I even bought the hawkrider bundle since the level 80 wand has 80 block and storm hits to break shields with.
        The problem is ice of course:
        – you have 0 pierce from gear and low crit, they have usually 70+ resist and twice your health
        – you can shrike their resist down to 20+, they can shrike yours to 0
        – you have no DoT, they have angel and frostbite
        – you have a 7 pip attack that stuns, they have a 5 pip one
        See? If you’re against an half decent ice, it’s not really a battle you can win…

        On the other hand, if you give up global resist from hat and boots you can maximize your crit and pierce. Hyper offensive playstyle is kind of defensive: you’re hitting so hard your opponent has to heal off the damage instead of hitting you.

        Actually it turns out that spamming vs ice’s huge resist is not that effective, nor it is vs balances that can kill you with two crit loremaster while you fizzle everything.

        Playing balanced for storm means having moderate resist and block, great damage, accuracy and crit. It means keeping shields, heals and weaknesses in your deck, not just low pip attacks and enchantments. It means staying alive long enough, breaking shields, saving pips for shrike and owl, or king vs balance. It also means to be able to attack as fast as lightning when needed.

        Storms CAN play balanced. It’s just that their “balanced” is not what you expect.

        Yes, I love storm.

      • That’s the same for every school, lol

    • I think storm kind of defaults to the “glass cannon” build, so I don’t find that very surprising.

  • i totally agree with this article… this is the main reason why i stopped farming lol

  • The title of this article is a little misleading, its not that people farming are doing it wrong, they just may be doing it for the wrong reasons. Your comment to farm cronus for a day or 2 for the Blade of the Felled Titan made me laugh, that stinking blade took me closer to 2 months to get, on the bright side, when I did get it, it was on my birthday.

    • Your luck might have been worst, cause i got 5x Blade of felled titan. The only annoying thing was Alpha Omega Ring

      • I’m the exact opposite, I have more Alpha rings than I know what to do with, the Blade hates me, I have a level 86 that is going to need it soon and I’m dreading it.

        • Haha, I’m the exact same as wolf. I have over 5+ rings in my shared bank waiting for my other wizards!

    • I’ve farmed the Felled Titan on 3 wizards and the longest it ever took me was 2 days. Anything you farm is prone to luck, one way or the other. As compared to the Morganthe Athames, the drop rates are way better at Cronus.

      • dude I was the first person to get the alpha and omega within the first ten minutes alquila became live … like literally no one was even on live realm except my friend who went wow when he saw my ring …. I gotta say though the earlier you farm the easier it is to get the best gear because the chances are higher … as live realm with Aquila progressed I noticed how hard It was to get the gear for my other wizards as if the chances are going down …

  • Finally! Someone actually agrees with me! Thanks duelist. Lately my friend has been stress from farming bosses and morganthe complaining that they don’t get anything from them and keep saying miserable stuff like “I hate this game!” and “I’m gonna quit this game!”. This is which also bothering with me a lot. Its just a game folks. There is always crafting you know, or think it of another way. My friend here is trying to be “op” (over powered) by being a try hard to getting all the hades gear and amulet of divine. If you think about it, LIFE MASTER is way better when your in danger and need to heal. Overall, i think this guide has helped a lot of people to realized what they have been doing to themselves stressing them and just burning them with anger just because of a gear. Anyways, Thanks duelist!

    • I meant to say LIFE MASTERY

      • well life master is funnyer 😉 XD

        • You got any similar ideas i have?

  • I guess I’m in the first group of people.
    Of course a Volkswagen will do just fine, but if you can get the Ferrari for free by farming, what’s your excuse for being lazy?

    • It is so far from free. It costs REAL LIFE TIME, which is about the most important currency in the world. Money comes and goes, time only goes. If you decide to invest it in this game fine, but don’t kid yourself that you’re paying nothing when farming, just because you don’t buy crowns.

      • Yes, but it’s not far from worth spending your time farming.

        • Whether boss farming is worthy of their real time or not, that’s for each player to decide. But everyone should be aware that it does NOT come free of cost.

      • These are the possible ways to obtain your gear:

        – farming
        – crafting
        – bazaar
        – packs
        – bundles
        – crownsAssuming you don’t use bazaar gear at max level, the non time-costly alternatives are a 12k crowns set or a 40$ bundle, and that’s usually not even close to the best.
        I still prefer paying with time. If you farm with a group of friends you’ll enjoy it more, you may even find it funny and worth the effort.

        And btw, I have no quests left on all my max level wizards. Should I pay a 10$ sub just for pvp?

        • That is a very personal choice, which depends very much on the amount of free time a person has. And it’s a big part of what contributes to the frustration of less “hardcore” players who are under the impression they have to spend 400 hours farming for a PvP set up.
          It’s important that people understand this distinction, because I think many do not. You know the difference and have weighed your options. You know you fall into group 1 who WANTS this stuff, but can survive without it. Other people need to understand that also.

  • Thank you so much for this, I was thinking I HAD to go in to Hades and was dreading it. Now I will look at the crafting option much more carefully.

  • Wow this has a really good point. This made me snap out of my “farming phase”. Great article and every bit of this is so true. And people who are against should think to yourself how much time are you willing to dedicate farming for something that might not even drop at all, and completely forgetting the main objective is to enjoy the game and have fun.

    • I concur quite an eye-opener.

  • farming sucks but it has good benifits for hard work

    • Lol, i rather farm Mooshu bosses for school design items or the kantana wands which i have all of them. I rather farm that then hades…

      • don’t pvp with the school designs (well unless you use an off-school one). So many people give themselves away in pvp using that stuff.

  • DUDE, LANGUAGE! This is a family friendly site, swearing isn’t the most appropriate thing to do here, especially one that big. Please try to use more appropriate and family friendly terms in the future.

    • XD i wonder what he said lol

    • I wonder what he said 😛 CURIOSITY!

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