One in a Million with Shadow Creatures


Here at Duelist, our favorite activities are Testing things and Hitting things. If we can’t test it or beat it up, we’re probably not interested.

So, when we get an opportunity to Test something while Hitting things? You can bet we’re on the job. With the introduction of Shadow Creatures, our Wizards gained access to a new damage type: Shadow damage. More importantly, this damage happens in a new way. Shadow Creatures are like a strange mix between a Pet, a Minion and an Attack. Except they’re none of those things, and they can make use of your universal damage and buffs.

This lead us to wonder whether our Wizard could get a “One in a Million” badge for the damage our Shadow Creature created.


Testing the Theory: One Million Shadow Damage!


The Conclusion

Yes, you can get your One in a Million badge using a Shadow Creature. If you have to look like a deranged Christmas Ornament to do so, no one will think less of you. At least, I hope not. I had to wear that outfit because it gave me 90% Universal damage. You don’t judge me.

Anyway, this has been tested and proven true. Will you use a Shadow Creature to get your One in a Million badge? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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Nick originally created Duelist101 and helped the Final Bastion team immensely when getting started. Many of his articles from Duelist101 have made it the Final Bastion, a testament to how useful they have been!


  • Just hit a million with dark nova 😀

  • and doing the trivia’s take to long

  • i wish i could be that lvl one day maxed but id live in a country with free membership which is souht africa

  • Really cool music times 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 if that’s a number 😛

    • Yes, that is an actual number. It’s quattuorvigintillion, which is 75 zeroes.

  • hahah, deranged christmas ornament 🙂

  • Dang that shadow creature must have super excited being the first to ever do that

  • what kind of filmmaker do you use?

    • Pretty sure Heather uses Camtasia Recorder.

    • Nick is right, I do use Camtasia. I also use Fraps. There are some free ones out there like Xfire that work well too.

  • Shadow damage is unfair, the reason that I’m saying that is because Shadow Damage can use Universal Blade or Trap; players who have no feints or not Balance Wizard will suffer. Shadow damage should simply ignored shield and resist, and can not be buff. Watch for the change in PVP.

    • It’s not the damage it’s the constant forward offensive momentum being brought into pvp matches now. Oh you want to heal a bit? OK shepard will hit for you, np.

    • Really? Not sure I agree. I see your point about Balance wizards being able to use their Balanceblades, but Feint is trainable and in many other forms. Also, others are easily obtainable through gear such as Dragonblade, Balanceblade, Bladestorm, Hex, etc. If we really want to buff our Shadow Creature we can.

      Shadow Magic doesn’t even begin until wizards are at the top levels of the game. It is my opinion that it adds another element to the top level game. I’m really excited about the new strategies we get the opportunity to develop 🙂

      • @heathershadowslinger:disqus I agree with heather (use shadow shrike) shadow creature like shadow shrike (use shadow shrike allot on dark nova (defeat doom tree most hardest boss clued of morganthe guard dungeon allot of shadow magic) even have balance and don’t forget about death (also have feint/dark pact because death can potent trap there feint make extra damage with tc feint also curse/hex clued as tc as well!

    • Um any school can use those … universal blades … I dont see how shadow can’t … its pretty advantageous considering the only thing that can block it are tower shield and that weak legion shield

      • @Blaze MeOut use shadow shrike because shadow creature “like” shadow shrike (shadow creature “like” shadow magic because it shadow magic lol

        • Lol I already know I was first person to get informed that it does like it

  • I thought you looked like a nutcracker, not a Christmas ornament. LOL…

    • LOL! omg *dies*

    • Either way, the comment made me LOL 😀 I have to say it is a funny way to refer to oneself.

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