Shadow Palace, Khrysalis


Freeing the Lords of Night

Morganthe is near the end of her rituals. Her guards protect her and her captives. It is time to spoil her plans. Defeat her guards and release her captives, the Lords of Night.morganthe-trance

Prior to the battle with Morganthe, the final multi-battle dungeon in Khrysalis is the Galleries. We engage in three battles each containing two previous bosses and their minions. Each come with their cheats and powers. If you had trouble with any of them on the way, be ready for double trouble. At the end of each battle, a Lord of Night is freed.

Overall Battle Strategy

My best tip is to bring a team while working fast. Wear your favorite resistant and Critical Blocking gear.  I used Hades’ combinations, but whatever you felt most comfortable wearing through the Hive will be fine.

Quite honestly, we went in there stacked Feints for both bosses, stacked blades and used an all enemy hit. We hoped they didn’t clobber us before we got set up, and they didn’t.  We were successful. We didn’t bring shields or extra spells. We did have a life wizard; however, using a potion in between battles works as well. Don’t forget we have dungeon recall too. (<3 Dungeon Recall)  There are no wisps in the dungeon; however, they can be found just outside around Moros the Doom Tree.

Can you solo this battle? Sure you can. You run greater risks due to a longer battle while setting up. If you chose to solo, I would pack shields to the bosses and a few heals. 4v1 is not the best odds for avoiding damage. You could use mega resist gear such as Jade and use Empowerment to boost your pips when attacked. Another tactic could be to use two hits wherby taking out the easy minions first, thus decreasing the incoming damage. 2v1 is more manageable, even against two bosses.

In the three sections below, I will describe some specific tools to consider in your strategic process, but keep in mind, we worked fast and they weren’t necessary.


Galleries battle-1Battle One


  • Ghost Dog Rank 14 Death Boss at 20,825 health, has Shadow Magic
  • Kravenly the Hunter Rank 14 Life Boss at 20,375 health, has Shadow Magic
  • Hagakure Blade Rank 13 Storm Elite at 4,050 health
  • Seijun Killer Rank 12 Fire at 2,840 health

Cheats & Interrupts

  • “Your body and soul are mine once more!” At the end of Round 1, Ghost Dog summons 2 minions
  • “Again with the poetry of war!” At the end of Round 2, Ghost Dog casts a Damage over Time spell that deals Death damage to one wizard
  • “The way of the Samoorai is found in death!” Ghost Dog issues a Detonate of Death cast on the wizard who received the DoT
  • “I retain my resolve!” Ghost Dog removes shields from the caster
  • Kravenly will remove any negative Charms such as weaknesses and dispels
  • Kravenly will interrupt with his Life DoT every other round.  He seems to select the wizard with the most pips or the most blades
  • Kravenly will cast damage blasts when his health reaches 75%, 50% and 25%. So make sure you defeat him in one hit. Don’t miss!

Additional Strategy Tips

You can use Strangle on Ghost Dog to dispel those pesky DoTs. (Killiman Copperleaf has them in Zafaria Library, or you can train them at Mildred Farseer on Colossus Blvd.)  Triage is another option to removing the damage over time if you so desire. (Wyrven’s Hoard Pack or Bazaar)


Galleries battle-2Battle Two


  • Santa Muerte Rank 14 Death Boss at 20,975 health, has Shadow Magic
  • Balor the Broken Fang Rank 14 Storm Boss at 19,770 health, has Shadow Magic
  • Ashen Maneater Rank 14 Death at 3,280 health
  • Blackback Thrall Rank 13 Storm Elite at 2,730 health

Cheats & Interrupts

  • “Thralls of Shadow, obey me!” At the end of Round 1, Balor summons 2 minions
  • “Prepare for battle!” Every second Round, Balor casts a 70% Tower Shield on himself or someone on his team
  • Every 3 rounds, Balor casts a Storm damage over time on the most threatening
  • Blackback Thrall casts a Balance Blade on Balor every other round
  • Ashen Maneater casts a Stormblade on Balor every other round

Additional Strategy Tips

Use Armor Pierce, Shadow Shrike, spears or remove the Towers with Pierce/Steal Ward/Shatter.  You could also stack another Feint to boost damage.

This may be the most difficult of the three battles. Balor’s Storm spells can hurt and the Sirens/Storm Lord may steal a round from you.  With the extra blades and Towers, you have no time to mess around in this battle. Think super speedy/effective rounds.


battle-3Battle Three


  • Archmagus Lorcan Rank 14 Balance Boss at 17,665 health with Shadow Magic
  • Lord Ombra Rank 14 Balance Boss at 21,575 health with Shadow Magic
  • Two Lorcan Initiate Rank 14 Fire Elite at 3,835 health

Cheats & Interrupts

  • “Serve your Archmagus!” At the end of Round 1, Lorcan summons 2 minions
  • “Your power belongs to me!” Every 4 rounds, Lord Ombra steals pips with a modified Mana Burn to the wizard with the most pips
  • Once he gains a Shadow pip, Lorcan will cast Shadow Sentinel every 3 rounds
  • “Your sacrifice feeds the Shadow Web!” After the Shadow Sentinel is cast, the Lorcan Initiates use Sacrifice to heal Lorcan for 1,500 health

Additional Strategy Tips

You may deal with Power Nova, Weakness, and Efreets here, bring Cleanse Charms. Because of the Minions Sacrifice and Lorcan’s resummoning, try to hit by the fourth round or you may end up waiting for them to re-enter/hit twice.



Make sure you have plenty of room in your backpack before you begin. The drops are numerous with the double bosses each round.

There are many treasure cards and reagents. Expect the rare treasure cards like Legendary Treant and those you need to craft spells such as Luminous Weaver. Rare reagents include Astral Shard. Expect to find Level 8 pet snacks such as King Parsley Soup & Snow Apple Pie.

The bosses bring great gear rewards. This is a prime farming spot for the level 95 decks and weapons including the new Level 95+ +1 pip decks. Level 98 school specific and universal no auction gear will drop in this dungeon too.



Happy Farming!

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