Khrysalis’ Banyan Tower 


Kravenly-IconBanyan Tower in Tyrian Gorge is home to Kravenly the Hunter who has a few goodies to randomly drop for you, but first you must complete two other battles.  There are no wisps, so bring Mana and Potions. The video below demonstrates completing the tower.


1st Battle

This is a typical Myth battle, blade up and hit them with an all enemy attack. You will see in the video below that I use a very limited deck.  I carry only the spells that I will need to defeat them.  Although this dungeon can be completed solo, it is much faster (and more fun) to do with a team. In this instance, I used an Ice, Life and Storm team.

Red-Razor-StatsThe Red Razor are Rank 13 Myth at 3,670 health. Since it is Myth with plenty of pips, it may behoove you to put your tank in alone first round to draw the Medusas and Basilisks. Be sure to bring reshuffle in the event of an Earthquake. Don’t hesitate to use a helper wizard to cast a Blinding Light or Choke to stop them for a round. If you wish to defeat with a Myth wizard, they do have a little Myth resist so a Mass Myth Prism or an extra blade should cover it.


2nd Battle


Defeat 4 Sky Terrors Rank 12 Elite Ice at 3,980 heath. They will go down easily with your all enemy attack. Expect to be stunned by Frost Giants and plan for Tower Shields. They also use Fortify so throw on an extra blade. If you wish to defeat with an Ice wizard, know they do have a little Ice resist, so a Mass Ice Prism or an additional blade will be helpful.


3rd Battle: Kravenly the Hunter

Kravenly-StatsKravenly the Hunter is a Rank 12 Life Boss at 18,800 health and he is a Cheater!

Life wizards beware. He will resist Life Attacks so bring a Life Prism. Additionally, he will use Gnomes!. Send in a tank first round alone to avoid the double Entangle on yourself.

Kravenly-Natural-AttackAt the beginning of every round, Kravenly will use a DoT attack on one player of your team that will last three rounds. You can pack triage if you want, but I recommend making sure you have decent Life resist so you can ignore it. The amount of damage does seem to change, but again, if you have resist you can ignore it. Most likely your pet will heal off any damage it does.

Kravenly will use a variety of bolt/blast type hits if you do not defeat him when you hit.  The attack is based on the amount of his health that you leave: 75%, 50% or 25%. He also has heals in his deck. Take him out in one shot and these issues are completely eliminated.


Kravenly also drops the Black Cloud Carnage Storm School wand which offers increases to critical and pierce. 

Black-Cloud-CarnageBlack Cloud Carnage

  • +5% Armor Pierce
  • +20 Critical Block
  • +1% Incoming Health
  • +55 Storm Critical
  • +1 Power Pip
  • Storm School Only
  • Level 95+ Only
  • No Auction
  • Gives 4 Ultra Jolt cards with 140 Storm Damage



If you find any other goodies dropped by Kravenly or find any changes to the quest, let us know!


Happy Questing!

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