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Khrysalis Tymen Whiteflame

While seeking the Moon’s Crown, Zaltanna sends you to see the thorny Tymen Whiteflame. Enter Whiteflame’s Study in Bastion for the “Lair of the White Worm” quest. Whiteflame inquires about the spy Cornelius then threatens to release your endtrails. Yuck. After you give him a good beating, he gives up the information that Alyssa StarGazer fled to the Winter Halo Caverns with the Moon’s Crown.


The Battle – Cheater!!

Tymen Whiteflame is a Rank 13 Ice Boss at 23,000 health. He has Leaf Shield minions which are Rank 13 Life at 4,600 health.

His main cheat is a Manaburn every 3rd turn. He attacks the player with the most pips. Use Unbalancer to stop them.

Leaf Shield minions will use heals and Gnomes! which may cause issues for Life wizards choosing to solo this battle.

If you plan to heal, shield yourself! He will offer a 2 round stun. Bring Stun Shield, Conviction, or Stun Resist to prevent it.  He ignores pet heals.  You can also prevent the stun with a Vaporize. I chose to avoid healing and wear resistant gear with a healing pet.

Beware Ice Wizards! He resists Ice attacks so bring an Ice Prism. Since he uses Volcanic Shield, get it on early. Still pack Shatter, Pierce, or Steal Ward just in case.

Tymen will also use Fortify, Volcanic Shield and a Legion Shield that is -35%. I solve this by planning overkill or bringing Shatter, Pierce or Steal Wards.  He will also use Frost Giant and Lord of Winter to try and stop you, er um, slow you down. Volcanic Shield is most annoying for Ice, Storm and Fire Wizards trying to stack Feints.

He does drop level 95 decks and wands. Tymen also drops level 7 and 8 pet snacks.


This video contains the quest and the steps I took to beat Tymen Whiteflame.  Also, I encountered a minor connection issues during the battle. I show you how I handled it during the battle and at the end when the interactive did not show.


Do you have any additional tips? Leave them in the comments.  Have you seen any changes in the quest? Let us know!

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