teleporter Azteca Teleporters

Azteca Teleporters

The teleporters in the Wizard101 world of Azteca aren’t placed neatly together like the ones in other worlds. They’re spread all over two areas: Zocalo and Three Points. In total, there are 7 locations you can go to from these areas. Teleporters become activated through questing: once you do a certain quest in the area, they will light up and become useable.


1. Zocalo Teleporters

1. Saltmeadow Swamp teleporter: located next to the Mangove Marsh entrance
2. Cloudburst Forest teleporter: located next to the magic raft to Zultun Dock
3. Tierra de Brea teleporter: located near Zeke and Eloise


2. Three Points Teleporters

4. Alto Alto teleporter: located at the base of the Jura Palace stairs (go right from Zocalo)
5. Pitch Black Lake teleporter: located between Lateka Cocoa Leaf and Poteka White Ash (go left from Zocalo)
6. Floating Mountains teleporter: located next to Old Man Huehue (straight in front of you when you come from Zocalo)
7. Twin Giants teleporter: located halfway up the stairs to the Black Sun Pyramid, on the left

teleporters_three_points Azteca Teleporters


Good luck questing!

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