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May Cast Pet Talents

Wizard101’s Deckathalon is fast approaching live realm. Sporting a unique approach to battle including the disabling of gear stats- previously staple pet talents have become virtually useless in this event. Spell Proof and Defy? Doesn’t count. Dealer? Nope. Wards? No luck. Thankfully, one type of pet talent is enabled in this event- may casts. This article will summarize the may casts you should be aiming for to help you make the most of your deckathalon runs. At the time of publishing – there is a 2x pet experience member benefit so be sure to take advantage so you can craft your perfect pet! Additionally, don’t forget to check out our may cast talents list!


May Cast Auras


deckathalon may cast pet talents Auras

May cast auras are some of the most reliable may casts you can ask for in the Deckathalon. Easily triggered by virtually anything (even passing) and lasting a whopping 5 rounds- these auras are the gift that keeps on giving. Below are my top 2 may cast aura pet talents for the event.

  • Fearless Fortifier (May Cast Fortify) – This pet talent provides you with 15% resist for 5 rounds. This can help to stave off the effects of powerful attacks in the later stages and is especially effective against DoTs when combined with the flat resist inherent in Deckathalon crafted decks.
  • Ardent Amplifier (May Cast Amplify) – This pet talent provides you with 15% damage for 5 rounds. This damage can be helpful in ensuring kills against high health enemies in the higher stages especially when combined with relatively high base damage 3 pip spells.


May Cast Heals


deckathalon may cast pet talents Heals

May cast heals are some of the best talents in the Deckathalon. While the trigger rate is unreliable- when they do trigger they can bring you back from the brink of defeat or leave you with a comfortable health buffer going into another floor. Below are my top 2 may cast heal pet talents for the event.

  • Fairy Friend (May Cast Fairy) – A defining talent since it’s release, mc fairy offers the biggest reliable spike heal in the Deckathalon outside of Kroger jewels. As such it can be really helpful to recover after a big hit or when your health is low.
  • Sprite Queen (May Cast Sprite Queen) – May cast sprite’s big sister- this pet talent casts a stronger sprite than spritely. Sprite Queen is a great heal in the deckathalon, providing a consistent source of health recovery over a number of rounds and completely negating most DoTs when combined with flat resist.


May Cast Shields


deckathalon may cast pet talents Shields

As many have found in test realm, 500 base health is very easy to defeat even with rank 4 and 5 spells. As such, defensive spells such as may cast shields can make or break a tough run. Below are my top 2 may cast shield pet talents for the event.

  • Guardian Wall (May Cast Tower Shield) – Universal shields are the name of the game when it comes to may casts. While a school specific shield may cast can be more useful on a particular deckathalon – may cast tower shield will be useful in all of them.
  • Defenders Rampart (May Cast Legion Shield) – The next strongest universal shield, the reasons to use this are the same as may cast tower shield. While weaker than tower shield it does offer the potential to protect a minion.


May Cast Blades


deckathalon may cast pet talents Blades

Blades can make the difference between easily killing an enemy or leaving them alive for several additional rounds after a hit that’s fallen short. Below are my top 2 may cast blade pet talents for the event.

  • Dragonblade (May Cast Dragonblade) – This talent gives the chance of casting a 35% universal blade. Universal blades are better than school specific blades as a may cast since they will be useful in every deckathalon regardless of school.
  • Balanceblade (May Cast Balanceblade) – This talent gives the chance of casting a 25% universal blade. Weaker than Dragonblade it is still the second strongest universal blade maycast (excluding Kroger jewels) and as such is a worthy investment.


May Cast Removals


deckathalon may cast pet talents Removals

May cast removals are another useful talent for the deckathalon. Those who participated in the Ice Deckathalon fondly remember (heh heh) their love of tower shields. Below are my top 2 may cast removal pet talents for the event.

  • Ward Wrecker (May Cast Shatter) – This may cast has the potential to remove multiple stacked shields. While the Ice Deckathalon is the only one where we have seen shield spam, it is likely that once higher floors are added shields will become more common.
  • Charm Chopper (May Cast Enfeeble) – This may cast has the ability to remove blades from the opponent. Damage mitigation is very important in this event especially with our low base health and this talent is one more way to do it.


deckathalon may cast pet talents Kroger

Note on Kroger Jewels

You will notice that none of my top talents included Kroger jewels. That isn’t because they aren’t good, on the contrary they are extremely good. However, Kroger jewels are not readily accessible and as such were excluded from consideration. If you have access to them, by all means use them as they have some of the best may cast talents in the game.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a pet with some may casts mixed with other talents, should I use it?

A: Some may casts are better than no may casts. If you have a pet with 2 may casts and a bunch of other talents it is still a good idea to use said pet in the Deckathalon.

Q: I have a pet with all may casts but they aren’t on this list, should I use it?

A: Yes! This list is a list of ideals. Even I don’t have a pet that meets all these parameters. However, in most cases having different may casts is better than going in without them. Exceptions to this rule are things such as may cast berserk or may cast mass feint which do more harm than good in the Deckathalon.

Q: Where can I find a pet with all may casts?

A: The hatchmaking kiosk is a great tool for finding a variety of pets including may cast pets. I currently have 2 all may cast Rotting Dryads in the kiosk. Other may cast pets I have found include Dragons and Dryad variants.

Q: What would be your ideal pet for the Deckathalon?

A: My ideal pet would be MC Fairy, MC Sprite Queen, MC Tower Shield, MC Shatter, MC Dragonblade with a Kroger jewel MC Brace.

Will you be making a May Cast Pet for the Deckathalon?
Have other talents we didn’t highlight?
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Eric Stormbringer

A Wizard101 player since 2009, Eric has always enjoyed PvP at the level cap. Known for his contributions to Storm PvP, Eric is nonetheless knowledgeable about all max level schools, tactics and gameplay styles. Eric loves analyzing the nitty gritty of spell and game mechanics, particularly as they apply to 1v1 PvP and can often be found offering feedback and suggestions on a variety of platforms.


  • I’m an older player with a family, and I want to thank you for having these resources.

  • Still working on my ideal pet (MC Amplify, Dragonblade, Sprite, Sprite Queen, Fairy) but in the meantime I put several pets with an all may-cast talent pool in the kiosk, in case they are helpful to someone.

    The pet type is Tiger (Balance).

    The talent pool is:
    3 Dragonblade (MC Dragonblade)
    4 Guardian Wall (MC Tower Shield)
    4 Balanceblade (MC Balanceblade)
    2 Spritely (MC Sprite)
    1 Fairy Friend (MC Fairy)
    3 Sprite Queen (MC Sprite Queen)
    4 Ward Wrecker (MC Shatter)
    4 Fearless Fortifier (MC Fortify)
    4 Ardent Amplifier (MC Amplify)
    4 Charm Chopper (MC Enfeeble)

    • Finally got some to Mega. Will try to keep them in the Kiosk for a few weeks in case anybody feels like making a may cast pet for the next Deckathalon.

      All of these pets are Tigers (under Balance school) and have the pool listed above.

      Governor Harry – MC Sprite Queen, MC Sprite, MC Fairy, MC Dragonblade, MC Amplify
      Young Gracie – MC Fairy, MC Sprite, MC Tower Shield, MC Dragonblade, MC Amplify
      Happy Zoey – MC Sprite Queen, MC Sprite, MC Fairy, MC Dragonblade, MC Fortify
      Mighty Gigi – MC Sprite Queen, MC Sprite, MC Fairy, MC Dragonblade, MC Fortify
      Scruffy Boomer – MC Sprite Queen, MC Sprite, MC Fairy, MC Dragonblade, MC Fortify

  • What about dispels?

    • Since power pip chances are low, I don’t think they would be that affective 😛

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