Ten Deckathalon Tips
to Beat the Towers

Wizard101’s Test Realm offers a new event: The Deckathalon. This event is packed with unique mechanics including preset stats and spell use limited to treasure cards! This article will focus on 10 tips to help you succeed in this event. Head on over to Wizard City’s Library and test your wits against the creatures lurking within the Deckathalon towers!

Deckathalon Tips Featured

1) Use a deck with a tear or square socket to start

In the deckathalon, no gear stats are allowed with one exception: Decks. All deck stats including jewels will be applied to your character. Unfortunately, the ancillary benefits of a triangle slot such as power pips are so small they make little to no impact. Accuracy can make an impact however we have a base universal accuracy boost of 20% in the ice deckathalon making even Storm spells 85%-90% accurate. In the Death Deckathalon we only receive 5% life accuracy but even that is enough to make life spells 95% accurate. As such it is best to equip a deck with either a tear or square socket. Once equipped with said jewel-this will increase your base health or grant you flat resist. If you are a high enough level- make sure you equip a deck that gives an extra pip AND a tear or square socket as this extra pip is applied in battle. Luckily, you can easily find these types of decks in the bazaar and they will serve you well until you can craft the deckathalon decks.

2) Use a pet with “may cast” talents

In the deckathalon, none of your pet’s talents are applied with one exception: may casts. Using a pet with may cast heals or may cast auras can help make your run a lot easier. As such it is really recommended you create one of these pets for use in this event. May cast pets are readily available in the hatchmaking kiosk so get hatching today! If you happen to have the Kroger pet jewels then the may casts on those jewels can also be triggered so be sure to equip said jewel if you have access to it.

3) OUTDATED Use pre-enchanted treasure cards

While this tip may come across as a no brainer to more veteran players, it is still a very important one. You can make pre-enchanted treasure cards of your trained spells by using a treasure card enchant (such as gargantuan or monstrous) on a trained spell and then discarding or not using said spell. This will make an enchanted treasure card copy of your trained spell which will be in the sideboard of your deck after battle. Using pre-enchanted TCs is very important for the deckathalon as it allows you to deal a lot of damage with low pip spells. Best of all gargantuan and monstrous TC can be easily bought from the Archivist in Celestia’s District of the Stars.

4) Focus on one enemy at a time

This may seem counter-intuitive especially since the rest of the game essentially teaches us to buff to an AoE. However, with our low base health and no resist, leaving 2 enemies on the board for any significant amount of time can easily lead to your defeat. As such it is often better to take out one enemy at a time. This will reduce the damage you will be taking and give you time to recover if your health is low. Unless you are storm with pre-enchanted tempest on the lower stages – it is almost always better to hit one enemy at a time.

5) Craft the Deckathalon decks and use themDeckathalon Tips Deck

As you complete the deckathalon stages a vendor will appear once you have beaten the final boss on the third floor of each stage. This vendor will offer you deck recipes which are very helpful for the event. I recommend crafting these decks as soon as possible and to keep crafting the improved versions (better recipes are on higher stages) until you have the final stage deck. This deck will greatly increase your base health and flat resist and will even give you a little extra attack. The Ice/Death Deckathlete’s Deck 4 is currently the best deck to use in the event but even the lower tier decks are handy. Look out for higher tier decks in Live Realm as KI developer Ratbeard has confirmed that 10 Stages are planned for each Deckathalon!

6) Use Fortify as a defensive spell

Fortify is a star aura spell that reduces damage by 20% for 4 rounds. This is essentially a 4 round weakness on your enemy that is particularly effective against DoTs especially when combined with flat resist. A Fortify aura with a deckathletes deck equipped will reduce Frostbite to less than 100 damage a round and against most mobs you wont even take damage from the initial hit of said DoT. Fortify can often be found in the bazaar. However, if none are available visit our old friend the Archivist in Celestia’s District of Stars.

7) Use specific shields instead of tower shields

As it currently stands, monsters in the tower will only use spells corresponding to their schools. Thus, there is no reason to use a tower shield over a school specific shield. Compare Snow Shield to Tower Shield. A Snow Shield TC provides 85% worth of defense while a Tower Shield TC provides 55% of defense; it’s a real no brainer. Of course, this might change as harder towers are added but for now use school specific shields instead of tower shields. School specific shield TCs are available from Harold right there in the Wizard City Library.

8) Use sprite as a heal and fairy as an emergency heal

Using the low pip heals are an essential part of keeping your health up in this tower. While we have been trained by the game to favor higher cost heals such as Pigsie or Satyr, we simply won’t be able to survive long enough to cast these 4 pip spells. Even if we do survive to cast the spells, by the time we build back the pips to attack after casting satyr, we would probably be at low health again.

As such Fairy and Sprite are ideal. Sprite is a great low cost heal giving us almost 400 health for 1 pip. Combine it with fortify and you can completely negate a Frostbite. Fairy (or Pixie) acts as your emergency heal, bringing you back from the brink of defeat or helping you to maintain your health in preparation for the following floors. Both Sprite and Fairy can be bought at the Library from Harold.

9) OUTDATED Consider using the moon shift spells

Deckathalon Tips Moon MagicAh yes the moon shift spells. Remember those? While they do see a niche use by the PvP community and by our very own moon advocate Timid_Angel (who has written a great guide to moon school spells here), these spells have largely been forgotten. They offer great damage per pip with awesome effects but are too inefficient to use in regular play. Being moon spells, no one can utilize power pips with them, as such they effectively cost 3 power pips (6 pips) to play.

However, power pips are disabled in the deckathalon making these spells absolute powerhouses. Shift Piscean is of particular note. This spell deals more damage on average than Storm Shark and steals a pip from the enemy. Go give Arkyn Moonblade in Khrysalis’ Eclipse Tower (located in the Moon Cliffs) a visit to train any of these awesome spells. (P.S-don’t forget to create pre-enchanted tcs of these spells in order to use them in the deckathalon). These spells are still expensive at 3 pips so save them for Stage 4 and beyond where the enemies have more health.

10) Maintain your health between floors

The Deckathalon Stages are composed of a Stage with 3 floors. While traversing the Stage your health will not regenerate. This makes maintaining your health between floors extremely important. If you beat floor 2 but have only 1 health left it will be much harder to beat floor 3. As such, be sure to time your heals and attacks wisely. I always recommend only moving on to the next floor when your health is at or close to 500.

Deckathalon Tips in Action

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Eric Stormbringer

A Wizard101 player since 2009, Eric has always enjoyed PvP at the level cap. Known for his contributions to Storm PvP, Eric is nonetheless knowledgeable about all max level schools, tactics and gameplay styles. Eric loves analyzing the nitty gritty of spell and game mechanics, particularly as they apply to 1v1 PvP and can often be found offering feedback and suggestions on a variety of platforms.


  • I have 2 questions please…
    1. regarding Use pre-enchanted treasure cards. Is that function completely gone from the game? I used to create tons of treasure cards using that method. Took a 3 year break from Wizard and haven’t been able to re-create what I used to do. Either it’s gone or I can’t remember how to create my own treasure cards…
    2. Did my first Decathalon and used my deck with the largest Treasure Card slots 37. But in Decathalon match it says 30 of 37 cards. Is there a limit on Deck TC Size for Decathalons?

  • It would be really helpful to know the resist rules for the deckathlon tower monsters. For example, in the regular game, most balance mobs have a resist to balance, but in the Balance deckathlon, they have a *boost* to balance, which surprised me, and was highly non-obvious.

  • I learned a quick little helpful tip. If low health between the rounds. Go to crown shop visit a house heal and add cards if running low then exit and ull be right back with fill health and cards.

    • what does “visit a house heal” mean?

      • I believe they mean to open the Crown Shop and click on a castle. There should be the ability to preview that castle (your wizard ports to it) and at the same time heal. However, we cannot confirm whether this works and it sounds dangerously close to an exploit.

  • I used Conviction, and it seemed to help. But I never have understood these spells. So, is Fortify better than Conviction?

    • Apples and oranges… Fortify increases a wizard’s resist. Conviction increases stun block and critical block.

  • I think Kingsisle has disabled us from using cards enchanted by gargantuan and monstrous now so we can only use the attcak cards we buy in the deckathalon

    • Indeed! Sadly that has made 2 of the above tips irrelevant, but perhaps its for the best. The tips have been marked with ‘outdated’ next to the title.

  • Moon spells are not allowed as the TC versions are created by enchantment only. You can exit after each stage, so health is automatically reset to max value prior to going on to next stage. Pet with may-cast can be useful (mine casts sprite, but only rarely). Deck recipes given at each stage are good — use them.

  • For anyone reading this during the May deckathalon as I have. Please remember that tip #3 is no longer valid as Pre-Enchanted cards will now be excluded from your deck during this event.

    • We will update our tips to reflect the new changes,thanks for the reminder!

    • For the complete noob (like me) let me state the obvious: use the opposite school. Since power pups aren’t a thing, school doesn’t matter so go with whatever gets a boost. Duh! Although, what is up with ash bats? (235ish 1pip spell)

  • I think Kingsisle removed the jewel sockets from the new decks. I was looking at the decks and didn’t see any, so I’m assuming the jewel sockets may have been removed.

  • I got an idea for fast damage spikes in decathalon

    empower tc -> shift piscean (+250 enchanted) -> shift piscean (+250 enchanted) -> tc empowerment or set shield tc

    since empower gives 3 pips and shift piscean steals a pip this is very handy to spam

    • yeah after trying the decathalon I wouldnt reccomend this strat unless you get a really good all maycast healing pet and also wouldnt use a tc empowerment, but use fortify tc instead

  • great tips. thanks eric. but please note, fortify is 15% resist aura. brace is 20% resist aura. the article says fortify is 20%.

    • I believe Eric is correct as the only Fortify spell that can be used in the Deckathalon is the treasure card version of it. Fortify TC grants 20% resist.

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