Abyssal Cave in TyrianGorge, Khrysalis

As you get deeper into Tyrian Gorge, you reach Abyssal Cave while searching for the Moon’s Tear. First, you must gain entry by defeating the material remains of the mantis who stole it. (Defeating the dead? Sure no problem!)

The ancient and dangerous Atlach-Leng hides the jewel. He sees you as a dream, a child of light in the dark. Atlach-Leng tells how he arrived at the Abyssal Cave before the First World was broken and Grandmother Raven locked the Shadows away. This ghost spider has plans to drink the light out of you and stretch his web to the world above. As cold chills run down your spine, you find he possesses Shadow Magic.

ambrose“Skreeeeeeeee” he screams as we burn him with our light.

Of course we prevail, we’re wizards! Read on for battle details. We find the magical Moon Tear in the spider’s web, glowing blue and radiant with Moon Magic.

Merle Ambrose congratulates us for overcoming the ancient spirit of darkness and hunger. He explains how the fragment holds nearly perfect Moon Magic.


Mantis Mania

Mantis-IconDefeat a Grey Mantis Rank 12 Ice, a Grey Mantis Captain Rank 12 Balance and a First Scythe Rank 12 Death, all at 3,520 health. This is a simple battle, blade up and use any all enemy attack spell.

The First Scythe will use Scarecrow.  I did notice that it drains enough to mess up a current DoT damage to make you hit again.

Ancient Dangeratlach-leng-icon

Atlach-leng Rank 13 Ice Boss at 23,650 heath with Shadow Magic. He will use Shadow Sentinel to intercept damage to his minions. He will also use Tower Shield, Volcanic Shield, -35 Legion Shield and Fortify.  This nasty old spider uses a -25 Plague & Doom and Gloom too.

atlach-leng-ice-spellAtlach-leng will resist Ice damage so converts will be necessary for Ice Wizards.

Due to the use of the Volcanic Shield, Ice/Fire/Storm Wizards should consider having a Fire/Storm wand or Shatter/Shatter TC on their teams.

His minions are Crypt Spiders Rank 12 Death at 3520 health. Prepare for all of them to show up if you solo the battle.  They also use Fortify.  Expect a myriad of drain spells and a bit of Death resist from them.


If you defeat the minons before defeating Atlach-leng, he will summon them to return with “Fear the children of Leng!” It can get a bit annoying. If you are debating between a damage over time spell or not, you may wish to choose the one hit wonder.


Watch what happened when I went after the Moon’s Tear.

Happy Questing!


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