Crafting and reagents

Reagents! They’re not as simple of a subject as they may seem. This article will guide you through the many things related to reagents. They’re worth picking up when you see them, that’s for sure!


What are Reagents?

Reagents are things like Mist Wood, Cat Tail and Lava Lily. They are used as ingredients in crafting recipes. You can find different reagents throughout the Spiral, either by harvesting them, defeating monsters, or purchasing them. Reagents go in your reagent bag, which you can access by selecting the Crafting tab in your spell book, or by pressing “J” on your keyboard.


Tip from our experts:

Do not sell your reagents! Ever! It may seem tempting to sell those Cat Tails once you’ve gotten a few of them, but you are likely to regret this later on, when you need them. No matter how much you need gold right now, your future self will thank you for not selling them. Also: pick up all the reagents you see while questing. You never know when you will need them.


Where can I find Reagents?

Certain reagents will be found in certain places: they all have their favorite environment. Mist Wood will generally be found in grassy areas next to some trees and Cat Tail will always be near water. Because Lava Lily is generally found in lava, it is most common in Dragonspyre. You can purchase reagents in the Bazaar as well, but not all reagents are readily available. Finding Fossils in the Bazaar, for example, can be really difficult. Some reagents are more rare than others.


There are also reagents that you can’t find by just running around in the Spiral and looking for things to pick up. Ingredients like Citrine, Ruby, Black Coal and Simple Vial need to be acquired in a different way. You can buy these from Reagent Vendors. Often, you can find a Reagent Vendor standing right next to the NPC that gives you your crafting quest. These reagents are also given to you occasionally when you feed items from your backpack to your pet.

Some reagents are harvested as rare drops when you harvest other reagents. Like Black Pearl is sometimes harvested when you pick up a Black Lotus. Those rare reagents can usually also be crafted out of regular reagents.

Tip from our experts:

If you have multiple characters, it makes sense to collect your reagents in your shared bank. That way, all of your characters can use them without you needing to go check every time who has what. Just move all your reagents once a week/month to your shared bank for storage until later use.


What are Reagent Vendors?

Reagent vendors are NPCs (non-player characters) that stand around in the Spiral waiting for you to purchase reagents from them. They only sell certain reagents: the ones that are not found laying around in the Spiral naturally, like Citrine and Black Coal. There are Reagent Vendors in the following places:

  • Wizard City — Olde Town: Elmer Meadowgrass, situated next to Eudora Tangletree
  • Krokotopia — Oasis: Al Saf’wan, situated next to Wul’yahm
  • Marleybone — Regent’s Square: Campbell Hodgson, situated next to Felicia Worthington
  • Mooshu — Jade Palace: Yuji Hamada, situated next to Toshio
  • Dragonspyre — Atheneum: Zoltan Nightstone, situated next to Balthazar Dragonthorn
  • Celestia — Celestia Base Camp: Archytas
  • Zafaria — Boabab Market: Noxolo Fasttrack, situated next to Felicia Worthington
  • Avalon — High Road: Fianna Yellowknife
  • Azteca — Three Points: Canica Sweet Chile, situated next to Oztomeca
  • Wysteria — Reagent and Furniture Shop: Ophelia Moonreach
  • Wizard City — Unicorn Way: Diego the Duelmaster, reagents for Arena tickets
  • Wizard City — Unicorn Way: Brandon Mistborn, reagents for Arena tickets


Help! I can’t find a specific reagent!

So you’re crafting and you need Black Pearls, you say? And you can’t find them anywhere? There are multiple ways to deal with this:

  1. Go to a place where the reagent is known to be available for harvest. Switch realms regularly and collect what you find. You can switch realms by holding Ctrl+M on your keyboard and then clicking a different realm. Another way is to press “Esc” and go to “Realms”.
  2. Check whether it’s perhaps a reagent only available at a reagent vendor, like Simple Vial or Onyx.
  3. Check in the Bazaar whether the reagent is up for sale there.
  4. Ask a friend to sell them in the Bazaar.
  5. Have you considered transmuting the reagent?


What’s transmuting?

Transmuting is the process of crafting a certain reagent out of another reagent. A bit like making butter out of milk, I suppose. Stone Blocks can be transmuted into Fossils and Sandstone, both a lot more rare than Stone Blocks. You need a lot of Stone Blocks to make a decent amount of Fossils though! With 15 Stone Blocks you get 1 single Fossil.


Tip from our experts:

When you come across a recipe vendor that sells the transmutation recipes for Diamond, Fossil, Sandstone or Sunstone, buy them right away! Those are the ones people most commonly need on their journey through the crafting quests. Buying the right away saves you some running when you actually need them!


Where can I find recipes for transmuting?

Because these transmutations are the result of a crafting process, you will need a crafting recipe for them, just like you would when you craft gear or furniture. The following recipe vendors sell transmutation recipes:

  • Wizard City — Olde Town: Eudora Tangletreereagent recipe vendor
  • Krokotopia — Oasis: Wul’yahm
  • Marleybone — Regent’s Square: Felicia Worthington
  • Mooshu — Jade Palace: Toshio
  • Dragonspyre — Atheneum: Balthazar Bradonthorn
  • Celestia — Celestia Base Camp: Avery Templeton
  • Celestia — Crustacean Empire: Carcinos
  • Celestia — Floating Land: Kimba Kalla
  • Avalon — The Wild: Shane MacGobhann
  • Azteca — Alto Alto: Popol Vuh Whitepaper
  • Grizzleheim — Northguard: Torald Wayfinder


How do you farm for reagents?

Reagent farming is what you do when you walk around the Spiral with the sole purpose of finding a specific reagent. Usually it involves staying in one area and switching realms to find more reagents. Reagents always spawn (=reappear) in specific spots, so when you know what spots those are, you can just run from one spot to the next. Switching realms is done by pressing Ctrl+M on your keyboard and picking a different realm. You can also get to the Realm tab by pressing “Esc” and picking the “Realms” tab under Options.


Tip from our experts:

Gardening can be a great source of reagents as well! Fickle Pickles drop a whole bunch of reagents, including Stone Blocks, Fossils, Aether, Blood Moss and many others. They’re not Crowns plants, so you don’t even need to spend real money on them! Evil Magma Pea farmers are never in need of Sandstone, Sunstone or Pearls! If you don’t have access to Aquila, King Parsley are a popular choice to get Amber for crafting the much-coveted Spells like Deer Knight and Ninja Pigs.


That’s all I have to say about reagents today!
Do you have any tidbits of information or tips left for fellow wizards?

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