A Pirate’s Life For Me
A Spotlight on the Best Ships

Upon starting your Pirate’s life in your journey, what is something essential you need? A compass? Fancy gear to look stylish? An arsenal of faithful companions? None of the above. It’s definitely a Ship! A Pirate’s pride lies within their ship! Welcome to the first Ships spotlight article. Wondering which ships are the best choice for you? Want a ship based on your personality whether you were the spooky, funny or even the serious type, ships come in all sizes and sorts of appearance. Let’s be off!

Before we start, I’ll be giving an intro to the ships system for the new players, if you do have enough knowledge about the system and how it works, you can respectfully skip to this part!

Types of Ships and Origins

Before we start our article, if you’re new to Pirate101, Ships and Ship Combat system are an important element of the Pirate101 gameplay experience. A ship has it’s own equipment, levels, experience system and even has a near level cap as your Pirate. Think of it as another character inside your Pirate Character. Also, its importance is no less than your Pirate Character.

Ships come in the following types:

  • Raft the ship you start with at level 3, and it’s one of the smallest in size and lowest in stats;
  • Skiff – regular sized ship, can be bought from Ship Vendors and one will be given to you upon questing around level 9 or so;
  • Frigate – medium sized ship that is bigger in size, way improved in stats and definitely cozy enough to cover your crew and friends;
  • Galleon – heavy sized ship and the biggest when it comes to space, the best in stats as well. Galleons are the most recommended when it comes to combat due to the cozy space it provides when getting boarded in Ship fights.

Equipment for each ship is not a problem. However, it varies on the origin of the ship. Some ships are origin based. Therefore, some equipment can’t work on some ships that have a different origin. Here’s an example:

As you see, these are 2 galleon ships I have, Screaming Skull’s Origin is “Haunted Galleon”, Shining Gladiator is an Aquila Galleon, and it’s origin is “Eagle”. You need equipment that has the “Eagle Origin” or “Haunted Galleon Origin” labels in order to equip some pieces on them. You can’t equip an Eagle origin labeled equipment pieces on a Haunted Galleon origin ship.

So make sure to look at the origin of your ship before buying any equipment pieces for your ship when you’re at a ship parts vendor or at Bazaar!

Nautical Level

As stated before, your character does have a Nautical Level and Nautical Experience bar for your Ship! The higher your Nautical Level is, the better high level ship equipment you can use to equip on your ships! Your Character’s main level also matters to equip higher level ships. So keep these in mind!

There are ways to gain Nautical Levels, it could be by fighting ships in the skyways in your free time, or by sending your idle companions on Nautical XP gain orders, or simply participate in one of our Nautical Farming Events that we occasionally do!

Ships Spotlight
The Best Ships for Combat

Time to take a look at the arsenal of the great ships we have in the game, no?

A great arsenal of ships, don’t you think? In fact, I do have quite the collection. Let’s start with what you can buy as a Free-to-Play player, with just a monthly subscription..

Spiral Galleon
Level 70 (Aquila)

The most popular, powerful and if not, the most efficient and best galleon in the Spiral. It’s to be found at the Ship Vendor of Florenza, in Calabria Skyway. Pirates from all over the skies prefer this galleon mostly due to the popularity of it’s ship equipment in Bazaar. So, if you want something efficient, fancy looking, free to play, strong in terms of stats and finding it’s origin equipment pieces isn’t as painful, Aquila Galleon from the Florenza Ship Vendor is the best choice for you!

Spiral Galleon – Level 70
(Marleybone Galleon)

Second most popular and arguably one of the biggest when it comes to space for a Galleon. Her Majesty’s Galleon is the dearest to my heart. Thanks to the fact it has an outstanding design as well as the better firing rate it has. The ship equipment isn’t as super popular as Aquila’s Eagle equipment is, but you’ll definitely find equipment for it in bazaar as well as other ship equipment vendors across the spiral. Keep in mind it comes equal in stats like the Aquila Galleon above, so the difference is just appearance.

Let’s move into something more… pricy, shall we?

Haunted Galleon
Level 65

A Galleon for one of the best times of the year. Usually arrives to the Crown Shop during Halloween time in October. This Galleon used to be one of the best galleons in game stats wise, even surpassing the Level 65 tier of Aquila Galleon back in 2013 – 2015. If you’re the Pirate with the spooky type that loves to have a scary looking type of a ship and in love with Fall times like me, this galleon is calling for you! The 65 tier costs 5,000 Crowns and it is the max tier available right now.

Ghostly Galleon
Level 65

Another Galleon to look spooky in theme all the time. The stats aren’t that great; however, it is still a decent galleon to use for your Ship battles and to look fancy for a scary ship. Make sure not to give the cabin of it a visit unless you want to face the undead! One step wrong and you’ll fall off of it! This wonder Ship that looks as close as Boochbeard’s Ship Galleon is included as a part of the $29 Hoodoo Bundle upon purchasing and redeeming the bundle.

Seaspray Belluga Galleon
Level 65

Perfect for your jingle personality and spirit if you’re the Pirate type that is in love with Christmas and Winter times. This is one of my favorites when it comes to appearance as the variety of colors it provides, as well as the name combinations you can give to it are some of the best. However, 2 big downfalls about this galleon appears clearly when it comes to combat. The ship comes with no sort of Armor Equipment piece, Which leaves it vulnerable to attacks easily, leaving it as well with low base health at such level.



The permanently retired set of AMD ships given back in 2012 are something I’d recommend for you to take a look at… For the sake of curiosity and to see how fancy they are! If you’re wondering for ways to obtain them, unfortunately, you can’t anymore. These are some of the excellent choices you can rock for your journey and fights around the Spiral!

Which ship will you commandeer for your Adventures?
Let us know in the comments below. See you in the Skyways!

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