Pirate101 Skeleton Key Event System- June 2022 Update

Feeling the heat? No you’re not being cooked like poor Criado, this is the heat of 2 things, Summertime AND, Pirate101’s FIRST update of 2022! In this article I’ll go over the new Skeleton Key event! It’s been a long time since I last wrote something for Pirate101. Without any further adieu.. Let’s get into the core of this..

Where it all began…

We’ve known for months that Kingsisle is working on an update for Pirate101. However, the Pirate101 account on Twitter began to tease some sort of “New gearset” that was pretty vague. We weren’t sure what it had or where it could be obtained.

Later on.. and after a month of more mysterious teasers, a more revealing teaser dropped for what seemingly was a new set of Skeleton Key bosses:

By the end of the month, we were told it was indeed a “Dark Pirate” Gearset that drops from a set of weekly Skeleton key boss fights. You’ll need to do a quest each day on each pirate to collect the skeleton keys needed to farm for this new gear, dropped rarely by the bosses. The overarching villain for this challenge is someone quite.. Interesting… and familiar…

Concept Art Credit goes to @MiaSmith on Twitter!

The Ultimate Challenge

The boss/event for the week rotates on Tuesday mornings, Central Time.  Reginald will be awaiting for you in Avery’s court near Miracle Mitch’s area to provide you with a daily quest, the overarching story is basically is that Moo Manchu is up to a new scheme by coordinating evil forces in certain worlds in the Spiral, plotting a surprise attack using Magical evil relics that he has smuggled.

The quests and their requirements and goals change weekly. We have 4 quests rotating in and out on a weekly basis. The first one will be out for slightly over a week, rotating on July 12th at 10:30 AM Central Time.

Never mind that one, I was beating Kane to get the Relic Key..

Once you do the quest that Reginald gave you, he will rewards you with the week’s key. For the first week, it was the “Relic Key.”  You can hoard these keys across rotations, so if you have extras at the end of the week, they won’t go to waste. Furthermore, each pirate on your account can earn one key per day, allowing you to get 6 cracks at the boss per day, without accounting for friends.

How it Works- A Brief Primer

  • Every day, Reginald will give you a quest to do. That quest stays the same all week. Once the quest is done, you’ll get a Key.
    • Editor’s Note: There is currently a glitch that may prevent you from getting the quest again
  • There’s a total of 4 fights, 4 bosses and 4 locations that rotate weekly. Each week it’ll be a different boss, that drops a different gear piece from the Dark Pirate gear with hundreds of different variations. The source of variation is mostly from stats, so you won’t have to worry too much about farming forever, unless you deeply care about your pirate’s stats.
  • Each boss will have its own unique key, leaving Pirate101 with a total of 8 Skeleton Key types.
  • For each boss, there are 6 level/difficulty tiers that can be found in each room’s description before you enter it. Note that the person using the key can only unlock tiers at or below their level. A level 10 pirate cannot unlock the max level door. Furthermore, this means that if you want the max level gear, you must  have a max level pirate unlock the door. Level 70 is its own tier.
  • Gear is dropped according to the level of the door you enter, not the level of the pirate.

The Weekly Quests

Here are the quests for each week:

  • Manchu’s Mysterious Relics – Boss fight quest. Rare drop: new weapons
  • Manchu’s Curious Coins – Collection quest. Rare drop: new boots
  • Manchu’s Royal Jelly Jam – Non-boss fight quest. Rare drop: new hats
  • Manchu’s Skyway Chicanery – Ship battle quest. Rare drop: new robes

The current quest is the Mysterious Relics, where you need to fight 3 bosses in a level appropriate world. For max level pirates this is Valencia (Kane is probably the quickest source).

Are you enjoying these fights so far? Let us know  in the comments below!

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