Spring Spellwrighting Contest 2022: The Winners

The Spring 2022 Spellwrighting Contest has come to an end and the winners have been decided. We have reviewed all of your spell entries and selected the seven best spells as the winners! Congratulations to the winners, and we look forward to seeing more awesome spellwrighting ideas in future contests!

First Place

Submitted By: Alex 

Winning Characteristics: Interesting twist on shift spells – the base spell will punish passing, while tiers 3 and 4 will get triggered either by a shield / trap, blade / weakness or any form of healing.

Alex's Explanation

This is my submission for the cheat Spellwrighting contest! Attached is the base spell and its Spellwrighting variations.

Phrase: “What a nice spell!”

Trigger: Depends on tier (see description)

Description: The base version of the spell waits for the player to pass, then takes a spell from that player’s hand and cheat-casts it for 0 pips. The second version reduces the rank by 1, so that any wizards using Empowerment receive no extra pips. The next following tiers 3 and 4 change the trigger based on what kind of spell the player casts.

Boss: This spell is supposed to act like a shift spell, but instead of a shifting into a creature, it shifts into you instead! I think this spell would be cool to see from a boss that looks like a shadowy version of a regular, playable wizard, similar in a way to how Shadow Mario looks from Super Mario Sunshine.

Second Place

Submitted By: Trevor 

Winning Characteristics: This cheat will force players to act quickly and pay attention to the boss’ pip count! 

Trevor's Explanation


(1) Boss has 4 or more total pips

(2) Boss has 8 or more total pips

(3) Boss has 10 or more total pips

(3B) Boss has 2 or more total shadow pips (This cheat can only trigger once per battle)


(1) “A sample of my power!”

(2) “A taste of my power!”

(3, 3B) “A feast of my power!”

Boss: A skeleton key boss. Some sort of powerful balance wizard, with difficulties corresponding to each key. (and having a second shadow phase for golden keys)

Third Place

Submitted By: Michael Stormheart

Winning Characteristics: If you’re not able to one-shot this boss, it’s gonna punish you by swapping its hp percentage with you!

Michael's Explanation

Upon getting attacked and surviving, the boss (Perhaps a voodoo artist or Reaper-like wraith!) swaps its health percentage value with the attacker’s health percentage! Each branch copes differently with the new health value: “Enervate” makes sure that attacker is not getting healed and isn’t going to be attacking a second time any time soon. “Revitalize” adds some sustainability to the health pool. “Soul Veil” grants a grace period where the boss won’t be crit on.
Depending on how large of a health pool the boss has, and what minions are accompanying them, I think this cheat spell is super interesting.

Runner-up #1

Submitted By: Christopher 

Winning Characteristics: This boss really doesn’t like blades! First branch will both hit and stun you per removed blade, while the second one can stun for multiple rounds. 

Christopher's Explanation

Paralyze, This spell is used by a custom Skeleton Key Boss in Mirage i created called Dark Viper Rank 18 Shadow Boss

Trigger: Positive charms (e.g. Blades, Guiding Light and Precision/Lightning Strike)

Phrase: “I’ll Control Your Fears for You!”

Runner-up #2

Submitted By: Wizard Man

Winning Characteristics: This cheat will put a negative enchant in your hand every round. You’re forced to enchant any hit with this spell or else you’re unable to deal any damage to the boss!

Runner-up #3

Submitted By: Sloan

Winning Characteristics: Interesting way to implement the confuse mechanic with minions! Each minion has a set ‘lifetime’, after which there’s a 50% chance that you get confused.

Sloan's Explanation

Hi! I’ve attached a picture that shows my boss’ design alongside the cheat. I did wanna say, I added his natural attack card as a visual. Though not a cheat, it works in conjunction with his cheat (you’ll get it when you see the cheat).

Runner-up #4

Submitted By: Juan SoulTalon

Winning Characteristics: This cheat spell will force you to use a shadow creature to defeat the boss. As Juan said, the shadow creatures are underutilized and this cheat might help them get some use!

Juan's Explanation

I imagined a modified version of the Shadow Trickster would use this cheat. One where it wouldn’t be a solo fight. He would say “Shadow Only! Reset!” then the cheat would fully heal both teams and remove all Charms, Wards, etc. like Earthquake. The trigger is when you kill the boss. The way to win is for a shadow creature to kill the boss. This cheat forces you to use shadow creatures which are very underutilized in my opinion.

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