Summer Spellwrighting Contest 2021: The Winners

The Summer 2021 Spellwrighting Contest has come to an end and the winners have been decided. We have reviewed all of your spell entries and selected the seven best spells as the winners! Congratulations to the winners, and we look forward to seeing more awesome spellwrighting ideas in future contests!

First Place

Submitted By: Stand User Oreo

Winning Characteristics: This spell presents new unique way of calculating a secondary effect blade’s value. Similar to the old Sound of Musicology (whose value depended on number of enemies defeated), this spell gives you a blade based on the target’s pip count! 

Second Place

Submitted By: Monica

Winning Characteristics: Alternative AOE for Myth wizards that can push up to two traps at target enemy. This spell might be most useful when going against Feint spammers.

Third Place

Submitted By: Anton

Winning Characteristics: What would happen if you could hide or display fake stats in PVP? This spell would certainly make some matches really interesting!

Anton's Explanation

Runner-up #1

Submitted By: Shadow

Winning Characteristics: This spell offers you a choice between Shatter and Subdue spamming shadow creature ‘minion’. Great spell for countering shield spammers.  

Shadow's Explanation

Runner-up #2

Submitted By: Keira SeaBright

Winning Characteristics: Interesting new Blink concept, which Keira explained below:

Keira's Explanation

Runner-up #3

Submitted By: David LionSword

Winning Characteristics: This spell gives Myth wizards more control over their minions, you can either summon a healer, shielder or trap spamming minion. The last tier also offers a 10% buff to the minion’s stats!

David's Explanation

Runner-up #4

Submitted By: Blaze RavenCaller

Winning Characteristics: Interesting concept of redirecting damage spells to enemies. You can either choose to redirect one full hit or a portion of the damage of multiple hits.

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