Spring Spellwrighting Contest 2023: The Winners

Another Spellwrighting Contest has come to an end and after carefully reviewing each one, the winners have been decided. We’ve selected the eight best spells as the winners! Congratulations to the winners, and we look forward to seeing more awesome spellwrighting ideas in future contests!

First Place

Submitted By: Grant

Winning Characteristics: Nice combination of fire’s DoTs and life’s HoTs! You can either choose damage or healing path.

Second Place

Submitted By: Beurre

Winning Characteristics: Interesting combination of myth’s minions and defensive spells the minion casts.

Beurre 's Explanation

I decided to keep the secondary school that KI chose for Myth, which is Ice, and play with it to bring back the minion side of Myth, as well as make it useful with the Ice. How it works, basically, is that I follow the Minotaur spellement path and instead of getting rid of shields, it’ll be weaknesses, cuz Myth and Ice counter Death. It’ll then summon a dual-school minion (Ice&Myth) with a rank depending on the number of negative charms consumed (rank 2 to 6). These minions will never attack, only use utility spells, as precised below :

  • The tier 3 minion (rank 2) has 150 HP, can use Tower Shield and Myth Trap and Ice Trap, though it just passes most of the time
  • The tier 2 minion (rank 4) has 350 HP, can use Tower Shield, Legion Shield, Myth Trap and Ice Trap. It will also pass semi-often, so don’t rely on him too much.
  • The tier 1 minion (rank 6) has 750 HP, can use Tower Shield, Legion Shield, Myth Trap, Ice Trap, Balance Blade, Cleanse Ward, Pierce and very occasionally the 2 pip Shatter (the one that only breaks 3 shields, though it’s really rare). It will pass pretty rarely, about every 3 to 4 turns only.

Third Place

Submitted By: Mayonnaisinator

Winning Characteristics: Combination of storm’s high damage and life’s healing + storm drain on the bottom path. Love the change of name on the bottom path.

Fourth Place

Submitted By: Lucas

Winning Characteristics: Death’s self damage and balance’s universal blades for all allies!

Runner-up #1

Submitted By: Christopher

Christopher's Explanation

Wanyudo: A Drain D.O.T.

Top Path: Sacrifices 1 Negative Charm to extend most recent D.O.T. by 1 Round

Bottom Path: Reduces most recent D.O.T. by 1 round for a -20% Negative Piercing Charm

Runner-up #2

Submitted By: Marco

Marco 's Explanation

Here is my Spell “Fear of Emu”. Its a Death spell combinded with a Storm Pip. For the Upcoming World Wallaru this year which should be Australian Themed i think this Spell fits perfect (Emu War). Its an AoE mixed with an Storm/Death utility. It clears an DoT on the Player like Oni’s Attrition but mixed with the effect of Putrefaction in additon the debuff is protected. The Top path is clearly just to buff the damage and the bottom path is to buff the utility for AoE fights. Clearly there is no group PvP at the moment but maybe if tournaments coming back sometime this Spell would fit perfect for matches with multiple enemies. The debuff is (60% single path and -45% AoE path).

Runner-up #3

Submitted By: Licious

Runner-up #4

Submitted By: Tyler

Tyler's Explanation

Life School has healing and armor and Storm School has big damage, charms, and Heal over Time. The combination of these two is converting a HoT(both Storm and Life identity) into a charm (i.e., Storm Identity) that flat boost armor (i.e., Life Identity).
Why covert HoT? One of the most annoying events is during a HoT round the wizard is healed for full health and the remaining rounds the wizard is full health. It feels like a waste of a heal and could be used for something else. This spell is supposed to answer that problem. This can also synergize life’s HoT spells like Wings of Fate or Regenerate or Scion of Life or Hungry Caterpillar to convert healing into a way to boost armor. This can help Life’s heals into a damage mitigation mechanic.

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