Final Bastion’s Spellmaker Guide

The Spellwrighting Contest that introduced the Spellmaker tool for our site is over, but the tool didn’t really get a proper introduction. That’s why I’ve decided to create a guide to explain some of the features that Final Bastion’s Spellmaker tool is capable of. In addition to making your own spell, you can also use the Spell Balancer to make your spell’s damage on par with in-game spells. But more on that later!

The original idea of a Card Maker comes from another official fansite-  Legends of the Spiral, and you can check out their tool here.

The Basics: Title, Accuracy, and Pip Cost

The first thing that we’re gonna do is give our spell a name. Click on the (TITLE) box and type in your spell’s name or title. For accuracy (ACC%) choose a number from 10 to 100. Pip cost (PIPS) can be any whole number from 0 to 14 or X.

If your spell is shadow-enhanced, you’ll also want to enable shadow pip cost in the top right corner. After that, you will be able to type your spell’s Shadow Pip cost into the (SHAD) box.

School, Card, and Spell Type

Next, let’s choose our spell’s school! You can choose a school by clicking on one of these 11 buttons:

The same goes for the spell type:

In case you want to change your spell’s card color (if it’s enchanted by Sun Enchantment spell for example), you can use these color buttons:

The first 11 buttons represent each school of magic (7 schools, shadow, and astral) while the 2 last ones stand for item card and treasure card, respectively.

Spell Description and Icons

Now it’s time to decide on what your spell will do. Click on the (Description) box and type in your spell’s description. You can add any of the icons into the description by clicking on them. Each icon gets added at the end of your description, so use keyboard shortcuts (PC: Ctrl + X and Ctrl + V / MAC: Command + X and Command + V) to put everything in place, or simply add them as you type your spell.

Artwork Selection

When selecting artwork, you can choose from the list of artwork, a random piece of artwork from the list, or custom artwork of your own choice.

List of Artworks

Random Artwork

Custom Artwork

If you want to add your own artwork:

  • First Upload it to
  • Next right click on the image and click Open image in new tab
  • Make sure the link starts like this:…
  • Copy the whole link and paste it in the IMAGE LINK box
  • Now click the upload button above the box

Additional Features

If you want to restrict your spell’s use you can use one of these buttons to make the spell either NO PVP – not allow the spell in Player VS Player duels, or to make it NO RESHUFFLE  if you don’t want your spell to be Reshuffle-able.

Spell Balancing

Another part of the SpellMaker is a Spell Balancer tool. This tool can help you make your spells more balanced according to already existing standards. You can read about spell balancing in this article and dev diary by Kingsisle. Please note that this tool isn’t 100% accurate- it’s only based off of current information!


First is a dropdrown box where you can choose the school of the spell. You can also select Heal and Drain which represent Life Heals and Death Drains. Next is pip cost (PIP) – anything between 0 and 14 and Shadow Pip Cost (SHAD).

Additionaly there are four toggles which affect the final value:


  • Area of effect or a spell that hits multiple targets, -25%


  • Damage over time, spell that applies a DOT that hits or heals target for multiple rounds, +25%

Advanced DPP

  • This button allows you to change the base DPP, when enabled the Shadow / Lore spell DPP is used instead of the normal one (see tables below)

Secondary Effect

  • In case your spell does more than one thing, you can enable the Secondary Effect button

In case you enable the Secondary Effect button, two more boxes will appear:

  • Effect cost is the actual cost of the pip cost of the secondary effect that you spell will do
    • For example if your spell casts -25% negative damage charm, the effect cost will be 0 – since it’s the same value as the spell Weakness, if you choose Spirit Trap instead, the Effect cost will be 1 (note that you must input an integer, decimals will not be read properly)


  • Tempo cost is usually 1, but spells like Rusalka’s Wrath where the effect may or may not occur has a lower Tempo cost. Rusalka has 0.3 (input non-whole numbers in as decimals rather than fractions)

The SpellMaker uses following DPP values shown in these two tables. First is the official DPP chart released in a dev diary by Kingsisle, the second one was researched and calculated for the SpellMaker using various sources (mostly the article mentioned above).


The calculated values will appear in the boxes below, first is the still value and second is the ranged value.

Range calculation example:

Base dmg is 475, so 475 – 40 = 435 and 475 + 40 = 515

These ranges apply only to most original non-shadow spells. The newly balanced spells (like Sirens) have different range.

More Features?

This concludes the guide for our SpellMaker tool. If you have any questions or found some inconsistencies make sure to let us know in the comments. We’re also working on adding some new features in the future! Here are two custom spell examples: Moon Strike and Dyvim’s Revenge.


Do you have any ideas how we could expand Final Bastion’s Spellmaker?
Comment down below!

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