Spring Spellwrighting Contest: Spring 2020 Winners

Another Spellwrighting contest has come and gone and it is once again time to announce the winners. Let’s see whose creativity bloomed into awesome prizes on this first day of spring! The results were decided by yours truly with input from the rest of Final Bastion’s Staff! Winners, your prizes have been sent out and can be found in your email inboxes.

Grand Prize

Submitted By: Charles Crow


Winning Characteristics: This spell breathes creativity with distinctive effects for each branch. Do you want a solid AoE debuff/shield or do you want a great 4 pip AoE that adds some offensive presence? This spell offers Myth Wizards that option.

Second Place

Submitted By: Toxicgleek


Winning Characteristics: Another creative spell, this one offers the choice between team utility and heal or AoE utility and damage. A solid upgrade sequence that gives life a taste of Myth’s niche.

Third Place

Submitted By: Erijan


Winning Characteristics: A solid heal that has unique functional differences on each tier. This offers all schools a great way to heal teammates while also still remaining balanced.

Runner Up #1

Submitted By: Thomas


Winning Characteristics: Simplicity is often underrated and this spell made the list for it’s simple yet useful effect.

Runner Up #2

Submitted By: Brian


Winning Characteristics: Giving Life wizards the option of a solid hit with a bit of heal over time or a long sought after mid pip DoT, this spell fills a unique niche.

Runner Up #3

Submitted By: Kane Wildthief


Winning Characteristics: A spell that offers a 4 pip AoE to Storm on one end or a spell that’s competitive with Pigsie on the other. Solid choices and an excellent play on the Spring theme.

Runner Up #4

Submitted By: Joan


Winning Characteristics: Another 4 pip AoE variant, this spell offers a team heal as well. A combination of Rat’s spin and Pigsie with values that remain balanced.

What do you think of the winning spells? Let us know in the Comments below!

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