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Huge Heal

What is the biggest heal you have ever seen?  How about 1,000,000! Duelist101’s Roslyn Roseheart was up for the challenge!

The Spells

Dryad Treasure Card

Dryad at full pips will give the highest heal.  The Treasure Card version offers 225 health per pip.  That will start you at a base of 3150.  If you can get your hands on a Flowering Dryad from the Keepers Lore Pack, they heal for 240 per pip. You can see one below in the comments from Mauver Sartori.  Next, multiply!!!

 There are many versions of Guiding Light and Brilliant Light in the game, several of them will stack.  They are Life school spells, but anyone can use the Treasure Card versions and geared versions. Roslyn set up the heal with 5 different Guiding Lights and 4 different Brilliant Lights.  She used a TC Mend 25%, TC Sanctuary 60%, Shadow Seraph, and a Vengeful Elixir from playing Grub Guardian to boost her Critical.

The Gear

Roslyn-IconJ's-IconThere are several gear options available in Wizard101. Today, we will show what we learned.  Roslyn, the healer, wore gear to boost her Outgoing Health to 140%.  She also looked for gear to boost her Critical thus doubling her heal to reach one million.  Jon, the one receiving the heal, wore gear to boost his incoming heal to 101%.  Roslyn’s and Jon’s gear is listed below.

Healer’s Gear

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Overall Traits & Advanced Traits

traits Advanced Traits

  • Pips +72%
  • Outgoing +140%
  • Life Accuracy +5%
  • Life Critical +213
Poseidon’s Brim of Ardor

Posiedon's Brim of Ardor

  • Pips +10%
  • Outgoing +10%
  • Life Accuracy +2%
  • Life Critical +105
Zeus’ War Eagle Raiment

Zeus War Eagle Rainment

  • Pips +10%
  • Outgoing +20%
  • Life Accuracy +3%
  • Life Critical +77
Greenwarden’s Peaceful Boots

Greenwarden's Peaceful Boots

  • Outgoing +27%
Wolf’s Emerald Talon

Wolf's Emerald Talon

  • Outgoing +25%
Stone of the Other Side

Stone from the other Side

  • Pips +12%
  • Outgoing +33%
Valkrie’s Light Pendant

Valkaries light pendant

  • Brilliant Light 40%
Sword of Kings

Sword of Kings

  • Pips +1%
  • Outgoing +25%
  • Critical +31

Healed’s Gear

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Overall Traits & Advanced Traits

J's Traits J's Advanced Traits

  • Incoming Heal +101%
Queen’s Color Guard Shako

J's Hat

  • Incoming Heal +10%
Queen’s Color Guard Jacket

J's Coat

  • Incoming Heal +15%
Queen’s Color Guard Boots

J's Boots

  • Incoming Heal +14%
Emerald Bear Claw

J's Athame

  • Incoming Heal +25%
Long Count Ring

J's Ring

  • Incoming Heal +25%
Life Mastery Amulet

J's Amulet

  • Allows Power Pips with Life Spells
Crescent Axe of the Astrals

J's Wand

  • Incoming Heal +12%
Leaf Foot

J's Pet

  • Guiding Light 30%
  • Brilliant Light 40%


H's AmuletIn the battle, I wore two pieces of gear to help out, one being the Troll’s Ear Pendant with a 40% guiding Light.  The Watchtower Boots’ Guiding Light, we later learned, no longer stacks with the Life trained Guiding Light. Good to know! You will see it stay on Roslyn when she heals Jon.

Merciless Jean Percy brought up in the comments below that it would be best to remove your healing pet before attempting this.  If your pet went off, it would take your boosts!

Additional Duelist101 staff helped too. Jewel Shadowcaster was a big help with research and Nora misthead helped with testing.  It was fun to watch this come together.  Roslyn did a fantastic job!

The Complete List

The following are the exact spells Roslyn set up for this heal:

  • Life Trained 30% Guiding Light & 30% Brilliant Light
  • TC 40% Guiding Light & 40% Brilliant Light
  • TC Eye Of Bartleby Pack 45% Guiding Light
  • TC 60% Sanctuary
  • TC Mend 25% Aura
  • Leaf Foot Pet  30% Guiding Light & 40% Brilliant Light
  • Valkyrie’s Light Pendant 40% Brilliant Light
  • Troll Ear Pendant 40% Guiding Light
  • Shadow Seraph
  • Critical TC 225 heal per pip Dryad with full Power Pips
  • Vengeful Elixir


See Roslyn’s heal!

Our video shows how she did it and even shows off how fabulous she is at the Bee Dance. Bonus footage! We had a random pet heal with 4 Brilliant Lights.  Imagine that in a 4v4 PvP. Oh brother! No, no, no!

The Badge

To commemorate this event, Wizard101 gave Roslyn this nifty badge for her collection.Elixir-Vitae


Please help me congratulate Roslyn on her fantastic heal and thank her for sharing all the details of her work to reach this goal.

Have you received Elixir Vitae? Do you have other gear choices or suggestions for others reaching for the badge? Let everyone know in the comments below.


Happy Badge Hunting!


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